Christoph Losch

“” The range of the possible presence of available or busy “to more accurate information for example, absent in the date” with the appropriate subject from the Outlook calendar. “The advantages of this solution are obvious: by the virtual back together” individual contacts – even in different locations the communication processes become overall simpler and more agile, which leads to an increase of efficiency and productivity in the company. “When comparing the concepts of public social networks” with Federation networks “three essential differences. Seen from the perspective of users at first glance: the Federation users to use addresses that show their company affiliation for their communication and read the rule as their corporate E-mail address. ESTOS assumes that a similar label will arise, as today is of course e-mail. In the e-commerce is expected to today, that the E-Mail address shows the corresponding company affiliation, while individuals typically communicate with an email address of a public service provider. In second place, and especially for the individual companies of great importance: communication runs directly between the company and not a third-party server.

Right here is the weak point of the public service provider: you analyze the content for the implementation of their business models. Thirdly, the Federation is based on open standards and also – if desired – to public networks enables networking of various systems in subsequent steps. The Federation allows an autonomous and direct networking of friendly”companies and their staff, making unnecessary Facebook & co. for this purpose. For communication with members, moving only in these communities, in the future there interfaces. In a business environment, public services, but will play a supporting role, which is comparable to the AOL or CompuServe status with respect to the current E-Mail communication. Christoph Losch, Managing Director of ESTOS: A company can have no interest in that confidential information which replace employees with others, represent the basis for the business models of other companies.

Unified Communications Solutions With Federation – Facebook Killer?

Federationfahige unified will assume in the future the role of social networks in enterprise communications solutions such as ProCall 4.0 Enterprise Starnberg, April 27, 2011 the independent software vendors ESTOS introduces for the first time a unified communications solution with the so-called Federation technology enterprise with ProCall 4.0. The Federation is based on a Web 2.0 networking concept: it offers companies the Foundation to provide performance characteristics to their employees, as they are offered mainly by the well known social networks such as Facebook, ICQ or Skype. Many reasons, that unified communications solutions with Federation function, such as the new ProCall 4.0 in the future the important role in the context of social networks will take enterprise company. The unified communications solution ProCall 4.0 was in their latest version extends the so-called Federation enterprise with computer telephony integration, Office integration, presence management and Instant Messaging. This is an Internet networking concept for enterprises according to the principle of social networks. Company manages on the basis of open standards (z.B.SIP/SIMPLE) and secure protocols (z.B.TLS) a confidential framework for the communication between the staff befreundeter”, with the aim to improve the collaboration (collaboration). Similar to social networks the user decides he befriended who”wants to be, and Exchange presence information and instant messages (chat).

In contrast to the well-known public services, the company with the Federation-enabled UC solution has its own flexible networked platform. This enables the respective administrator in accordance with company policy to define with which other companies trust networks must be made. Also the quality of the information, as well as the respective usable services are laid down. Is this first handshake for a network – for example, with a customer, supplier or business partner – done, the employees themselves can network in the second step. This will be decided then by the individual in the form of permission levels, what information for friendly”contacts will be visible.

Expanding Fast Lane Courses: “VMware VSphere: Automation Fast Track (AUTOFT)

Virtualization platforms install, configure, and manage Hamburg/Berlin, April 28, 2011, now IT training expert has fast lane ( the intensive course VMware vSphere: Automation fast track (AUTOFT) in the program. He deals components with the installation, configuration and management of ESX/ESXi and vCenter server. The target group includes system administrators and technicians, managers, and responsible for VMware ESX, ESXi and VMware vCenter server. Participants will receive a voucher for the certification to the VMware certified professional (VCP). The new intensive course with extended duration per day includes the content of the training VMware vSphere 4.1: install, configure, manage (VICM) “as well as vSphere 4: Automation with vSphere PowerCLI (car)”. The focus is on the vSphere 4 virtualization, as well as the scripting interface solution vSphere PowerCLI, that lets users manages virtual machines and configured.

PowerCLI allows the administrator to reducing IT spending as well as an improvement in terms of efficiency, availability and flexibility. The graduates are training in the location, the architecture of ESX or ESXi as well as individual components vCenter server to install and to configure manually. The instructor going up also on the integration and migration of virtual machines. Also, the participants will learn how using vCenter server monitor resource consumption, increase the scalability and implement high availability and data protection measures. In addition the IT trainer impart basic knowledge to automate ESX/ESXi machines and cluster configurations, virtual. More training sequences confront the granting of access rights to the VMware infrastructure as well as the usage of the vCenter Update Manager, to play ESX/ESXi patches. Curriculum at a glance – introduction to virtualization with VMware – VMware ESX and ESXi – VMware vCenter Server – networking – storage – virtual machines – access control resources monitoring – data protection – scalability – high availability – patch management -.

Installation of VMware ESX and ESXi upcoming Hamburg 06.06 10.06.2011 Frankfurt 27.06 01.07.2011 Berlin 25.07 29.07.2011 price: 4.390,-+ VAT Learn more about the intensive course in course/vm-autoft. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the Companies. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

So, The Entire Company Is Mobile

Software from United planet launches customer data on iPhone, BlackBerry and co. One software, which not only desktop applications, but also apps for any mobile devices can be created: The Freiburg software producer promises United planet with Intrexx. Whether iPhone, BlackBerry, or iPad the platform-independent software brings enterprise data with the mouse on the mobile devices of employees. Freiburg, April 28th 2011 BYOD is a new term that haunts for several months in the IT world. “It is the abbreviation for bring your own device” and means nothing other than that the staff also for business use their private mobile devices. Companies benefit from this in several ways: not only that acquisition and maintenance costs accounts for, the use of mobile devices has also the advantage that employees outside the Office, E.g., in the hotel or on the train, at any time so that work can.

The colorful variety of different mobile devices but also brings Problems: so the company therefore faced with the task to provide business applications like customer management, are that it can be accessed with each major device type. Because your own software solution is required, typically for each device type to it to make available company data, this can be very expensive. “The platform-independent software Intrexx” to solve this problem of United planet: according to manufacturer, it is thus possible to create Web-based apps not only for desktop PCs, but it more or less as a waste product “-also mobile apps for all mobile end devices on the market to generate. Even applications to be accessed with an older Internet-enabled device can be created with Intrexx. There are for this special page wizards, which allow you to create mobile Applikationsseiten without programming.

Click to select the device, the data to be displayed as well as the desired Navigation items. Then, the page is automatically generated. So visually appealing Web applications – are created within a few minutes optimized for the specific device and with the typical buttons and logics. Looks like a complete enterprise portal with different mobile applications for business users can see when they enter the following URL in the address bar of any mobile browser:. More information about Intrexx under. Heard about United planet United planet with over 3,000 installations, more than 450,000 users and more than 100,000 successfully implemented Web applications of its portal software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administrations and organisations. With its award-winning, industry-neutral standard software, Web applications, intranets and enterprise can be much faster create portals with advanced functionalities as with comparable programs. All applications can use a few mouse clicks for Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.) will be made available. Even the most complex corporate portals can precisely calculate with Intrexx thanks to many prefabricated components and lead to a very quick return on investment. United planet runs from Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf and among the technology leaders in the field of enterprise portals with Intrexx. Various business provide the platform-independent software for the integration of various ERP solutions (E.g. SAP) or data from Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange adapter. A Microsoft Office adapter also allows to organize documents, without having to use the Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS). Many ready available solutions to the quality, document and process management, as well as hundreds of completed applications are available in the Intrexx application store. For more information,

Martin Schaarschmidt

Tickets for the open air waving the sender and the Finder of the winning post card concert extra tour with Peter Maffay and band on June 28 in Dresden. “Peter Maffay was patron of this year’s CI day: for over 40 years is the music of one of the most important areas in my life and I can not imagine how I would cope without the sense of hearing”, as the prominent rock singer in his greeting. But for many people, it is to be able to listen to daily reality, the conversations of others, nor the sounds of everyday life or nature. It is an incredible challenge for people with hearing impairment in a world to come to terms, which is met by sounds and noises. Before that I respect.” Learn more about the 8th German CI day as well as the complete greeting by Peter Maffay, see Editorial Note: the Cochlear implant (CI), a prosthesis, which is inserted under the skin of the patient and extends in the inner ear, transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. Each CI also include the language processor that is worn like a hearing aid behind the ear, as well as the emitter.

The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults. Founded the Deutsche cochlear implant society e. V. (DCIG) wurde1987 of sufferers, doctors, technicians and educators together. Target the DCIG is the health and social needs of deaf and ertaubter children and ertaubter adult to protect and promote, which supplied a cochlear implant (CI) or a similar tool were or are. The scope of activities of the non-profit association extends to the entire German-speaking world. Since 1998 the DCIG acts as an umbrella for currently has ten regional associations: Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hessen-Rhein-Main, “Little eavesdropper” – parents initiative promoting loud language impaired children, Central, North, North Rhine-Westphalia, society for integrative hearing rehabilitation Association of parents and friends of deaf children in southern Lower Saxony, Germany. Since 2005 the DCIG in cooperation with the affiliated regional associations organised the Germans CI day, nationwide that tells about life with cochlear implant, as well as on the CI subjects. The Office of DCIG is headquartered in Illertissen.

Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark

Until the summer of next year, the initiative will support a whole range of different activities in several German cities or even organize. Support is also another workshop in Frankfurt, which also will be held mid-June at the initiative of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Otology at the Hospital of the University of Frankfurt. It aims to help adult CI straps as well as children and youth CI carriers to new experiences in dealing with music. A particular challenge is listening to and the experience of music for many hearing impaired people with a cochlear implant”, so Frederec LAU of cochlear Germany. There are however already many CI carrier, which have found their individual approach to the music, experience the music and enjoy can dance, learn to play an instrument, learn much joy of life through music.

With our series of projects we want to show, which offers diverse people with hearing loss can open a participation in the world of music.” More information about cochlear Germany, see. “Editorial Note: I want to hear!” which is the name of an initiative that information about the possibility improving listening with profound hearing loss to complete deafness, both can listen implants that help those people, where hearing aids offer no sufficient understanding. In part he initiative ICH want to hear”information events are regularly organised for sufferers, family members and friends in various regions. For more information, see. This initiative was started by cochlear Germany. The company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI).

The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows children and adults with profound To hear hearing loss to complete deafness. In addition develops and markets the company more implantable hearing solutions for different types of hearing loss. For over 30 years, continues the cochlear that research work of Australian Medicine Professor Graeme Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, and now offers CI systems in more than 100 countries. Cochlear hearing solutions to date have over a quarter of a million people reconnecting introduced brought to their families and friends. In cochlear guarantees all users of its products a lifetime partnership with updates and developments of the technologies. Cochlear secures its leading position in the science of listening to the industry’s largest investments in research and development and continuous collaboration with leading researchers and experts. The company employs currently over 2,500 people. The German branch of cochlear is Hanover. More information under. the cochlear implant is inserted under the skin of the patients, ranging in the inner ear. It transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. Each CI also includes a sound processor with emitter, which is worn like a hearing aid behind the ear. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults.

Therapeutic Measures

Definitions, frequencies and causes, as well as therapeutic interventions for stuttering stuttering is defined as a disruption of the flow of speech. Learn more on the subject from Peter Thiel. It begins in childhood (at about 5% of all children) and becomes chronic, if she’s not gone until young adulthood (at 1% of all adults). Mostly, the children speak first liquid and often causes a significant child event such as z.B the birth of siblings the sudden occurrence of Unflussigkeiten. Boys are affected far more frequently than girls and lose the problems even worse, so that 80% of all affected adult of male sex. The reasons for this difference are not ultimately resolved. A biological cause is very likely, because on the one hand the difference cross-culturally valid and boys also in other language-related disorders (articulation disorders and reading legal writing disabilities) are statistically at a disadvantage. Want to meet the difficulties of Stotterern, recommends It is, three sets of issues to talk about: the core symptoms, secondary symptoms and the subsequent symptoms. The core symptoms are already with the onset of the disorder in childhood and are made of three different forms of speech flow-break, where they are accompanied by spasms of the speech organs.

It is repetition (repetition of sounds, syllables or words, such as K-K-K-Karlheinz “or Ka-Ka-Karlheinz), prolongations (strains of sounds, E.g.”Karrrlheinz”) and silent speech flow, so-called blocking interruptions (E.g. K-_-arlheinz). Later in the so-called secondary symptoms are added: in the awareness that many social problems arise with occurrence of the core symptoms sufferers modify their speech projects so that the core symptoms of less conspicuous. The following secondary symptoms: insert sounds and syllables (such as Hi, MoE Karlheinz “”), insert pauses (such as I am several seconds pause Karlheinz “) and finally the rewrite or replace problematic words (such as Hi, Meier mean name ‘”). ” The consequences are in an emotional burden in social situations that emerge in the form of avoidance behaviour, social anxiety, social withdrawal, and shame. Social phobias, occur as previously mentioned, as well as depression need then additional therapy. Depression therapy concepts are described elsewhere.

There is no clear Eng umschriebenes concept for the cause of stuttering. It is of a multifactorial origin, which means that different conditions that are responsible. Much speaks for a genetic basis. On the other hand also malfunctioned at the acoustic feedback of the own language must involve, as people put on a pair of headphones with loud music show virtually no stuttering symptoms. A good narrative representation of this can be found in the film “the King’s speech”, that shows how at the time of stuttering English King George VI. order was handled. Although stuttering in adults is chronic, the so-called remission rate to zero aims, through appropriate therapeutic measures reduce the burden on social emotional and make meaningful progress for the communication and quality of life. As in other chronic diseases, such as asthma bronchiale, diabetes mellitus or in chronic pain disease, turns the therapeutic goal of “Healing” to “Improve the quality of life and reduce the severity of the symptom”. Drug treatment is not in the foreground, even though there are positive reports about the treatment with atypical antipsychotics (olanzapine) and anxiolytics (Pagoclon). Most effective is a combination treatment of cognitive behavior therapy and language therapy exercise procedures.

Wrong Attitude

Targeted muscle postural are training as a preventive measure to determine often in young children. The problem is that they sit much at school and spend too much free time in sedentary activities. For example, before the PC: there is no trade-off by sport, so that the body and the weak key back and abdominal muscles for his stance, it comes subsequently to misalignment. This can affect the spine, the pelvis and the head. Postural can prevent but and also correct.

Specifically counteract on postural defects in the age group of 13 to 17 year olds and how with appropriate training can be, informed G. BREIER, General Med. osteopath DO from the MED.-vital-Milon premium health centre Dr. med. Targeted muscle training as a preventive measure of taking back and abdominal muscles an important place for a healthy and proper posture of the body. By too little sport, they are often weak and poorly trained.

Just young people spend much Time in sitting posture and moving too little. The abdominal and back muscles supporting the spine like a corset is not strengthening, weakens and a correct and healthy attitude is not possible. In addition to avoiding the improper strain, active training is the most important measure. Muscular false balances are compensated for it specifically and the underdeveloped muscles strengthened. This has a positive effect on the attitude. In the MED.-vital-Milon premium health centre according to individual training is designed that takes into account the General State of the customer. It aims to strengthen the body and his muscles and avoiding so postural or fix. Overall, the body experiences a strengthening and increasing the quality of life. For detailed information about the therapies and to terminate the MED.-vital Milon premium Health Center from 9:00 to 21:00 in Schleiden is always available.

New Therapy Options

In addition to the well-established pharmacological treatment paths, the Neurofeedback offers a valuable extension of the therapeutic spectrum when treating autism is autism a development disorder that begins in childhood and in adulthood is enough. The symptoms of such three areas: the language, motor skills and social. The social interaction disorder is that people with autism have trouble understanding other people’s feelings. This concerns also the non-verbal communication and the between the lines reading. Language is learned very late and will remain at a little mature level. A severe communication disorder results from two factors, the social awkwardness and the only immature availability using the “tool” language: they say the language is little communicative. In addition, it is impacted by Perseverationen and stereotypes, so unnecessarily frequent and onerous the social environment repetitions.

Also, the speech carries sometimes robotic and monotone trains (good performance in the film “Rain man” with Dustin Hofmann as autistic). The stereotypes are not only the language but also the motor skills, E.g. in the form of “Hand-wringing” or “Swinging motion”. But it would be an error in principle to assume an intellectual deficit. Even far above-average skills there may be in part performance areas (memory capacity for numbers or phone numbers, mathematical talents, etc). Non-specific symptoms as they are also observed in non-autistic persons, may also occur: fears, phobias, sleep disorders, eating disorders, outbursts of anger, aggression, self stimulation up to self injury.

Autism is a hereditary disease, i.e. it is inherited and is not how it was earlier thought, by an early relationship disturbance to the parental caregiver but passing genetic information with DNA. The physical correlate is a false balance of brain neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and the especially the important neuro-biochemical substances, Endorphins. At this point is also the Autism therapy: substances that are present in excess, are intercepted and those which occur in low concentrations, will be enriched. Tailwind Gets the treatment by a non-drug procedure: it’s called Neurofeedback and aims to ensure that certain brain waves, which are health-promoting increasingly be enabled through self control. Latest computer technology is used. By means of specially designed amplifier, brain waves are derived via electrodes pasted to the scalp and made visible. The signals are translated by means of complicated technology in an image, that the patient is able to understand, for example in an aircraft that fly high (corresponding to an activation of the filtered brain waves) or landing can apply (according to a deactivation of the filtered brain waves). With increasing exercise, the patient gained the ability, heading to intervene in his brain activity and brakes, for example, advancing impulses. During Procedures such as the repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) using electromagnets to stimulate the brain, assets, gives Neurofeedback the ability to enrich even electrical activity or reduce the subjects. The process has been scientifically studied at leading university hospitals and rated as highly suitable.

Defective Vision

The desire again without seeing glasses has strong relevance gained. Today offer methods such as LASIK or the inserting of special lenses, the way everyday life without glasses. The desire again without seeing glasses has strong relevance gained. Today methods offer such as LASIK or the inserting of special lenses, the way everyday life without Brille.Welche depends method that is right, the individual requirements and needs. The Bremen ophthalmologist Oraida Cardoso advises to consult exactly by an ophthalmologist in advance and to clarify the needs and ideas. Only in this way, a good visual result can be achieved. The question to the appropriate special lens depends on the discussed requirements. Today, there are a variety of lens models due to the medical progress.

Are the modern plastic intraocular lenses. They must not be exchanged, unlimited shelf life and very well tolerated. Spherical lens types: conventional lenses, is where external Beams be broken more than the Central. So not all rays on the same point be focused (spherical aberration called), which caused a lower image quality. Aspheric: Unique design, adjusted to enjoy are more clarity and better image quality after surgery to correct spherical aberration, beams. Through a special ground edge, the transition can be at dusk and at night reduces. “Blue light filter: also yellow lens” because their yellow filter protects the retina from harmful UV light and thus prevents long-term damage. These lenses mimic the natural colouring our own lens and create a natural and pleasant colour perception.

The blue filter lenses can be aspheric and multifocal, toric. Toric: strengths (astigmatism) are indicated in patients with certain corneal curvature. “Multifocal: even more strength lenses” called, can more independence (for certain distances) allow the glasses. You need, such as bifocals, for some people a longer acclimatization to the new visual impression. Add on lenses: are additional lenses that can correct certain laser treatments and rest more. Monokofale: all lenses that are not multifocal are. With these lenses, the local or distant view is balanced either, i.e. it is independent glasses in this chosen area more. The ophthalmologist Oraida Cardoso advises in your eye doctor’s Office in Bremen around the theme of cataracts and special lenses, ophthalmology and of course outpatient surgery.