Victor Hugo Cardenas

The third candidate is an Aymara, Victor Hugo Cardenas, just as the previous was Vice-President of Bolivia and began to gain popularity before overflowing indigenism that became fashionable with the current regime. Cardenas was an indigenous Marxist line of Fausto Reynaga, furious author of the Indian revolution, a lush book in which proposed the annihilation of whites and mestizos. Cardenas apparently turned moderate and today enjoys greater popularity than at any other time of her life. Many are betting his candidacy assuming that being lawyer unlike Morales can complement with the urban classes and appease the indigenous hordes. For when this article is published, perhaps the opposition has accepted the implementation of the biometric census bargaining proposal that raised moral which is perfect deception to consummate the infallible electoral fraud, given that centralizes all the information in accessible computers only to the Government, who can modify the results at his whim, as it happened in Venezuela. (If this is not a trap, bid not had been raised).

As events unfold, it is likely that ridiculous President still on hunger strike, which come with some kilograms others, as happened frequently in Bolivia with these caricatures of Gandhi. In recent decades, despite the fact that there were work stoppages which lasted several weeks defying odds dietary never there was a Bolivian striker who died by starvation. Bolivia does not have a leader committed, brave and experience to contend against the ruler neocomunista plot. Unfortunately the cards are once again in the hands of the unreliable opposition, that will decide at your convenience on the freedom of 10 million people.

Vahrenwalder Strasse

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Royal Mail

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This margin levels can be generated but only within an own network, which represents a high barrier to entry for investors due to significant initial investment. For even more opinions, read materials from Naveen Selvadurai. Even the large integrators are historical primarily organic in geographical markets grew into, since no networks of sufficient size were available and an integration after acquisition in this group and in particular IT structures is extremely complex. So, who are the main reasons that financial investors, especially on smaller niche players focus in express – and courier the size decades grown, dominant players and the cyclical nature of the sector. Even when the potential target company TNT Express is due to the expected transaction volume of > 5 billion above all strategic interest probably, all ahead of UPS. Distribution when compared to these market segments, can be observed, also multiple secondary buyouts in the distribution segment for a long time transactions with participation of financial investors. Motives vary depending on the industry focus. In the food segment, the relative independence of economic cycles is highly appreciated, while especially in chemical and electrical distributors EBITDA margins ensure appropriate demand up to 18%. A cross-industry argument is fragmented supplier structure, which is the main reason for the interest of financial investors in the distribution segment. The target companies were historically seen as platforms for market consolidation and hence growth and expanded through acquisitions in the following years and partly internationalised.