Bank Accounting

And the newly established firms and even more the already existing on the wound is clear that without accounting now can not live. Gone are the days when accountants were invited only to prepare a report to the tax. And now here in front of the head of the question is: take the staff accountant or apply for accounting support to the audit company? Let’s examine each of the options. A good chief accountant at roar of Labor asks no less than 45,000 rubles, a private accountant with experience in the area not less than 20,000 rubles a month, the courier is not less than 12000 per month, while you pay UST on payroll 26%, personal income tax of 13%. Equipment of one workplace accountant including the cost of computers, furniture, accounting software, reference and legal programs, the Office no less than 60,000 rubles per job. Rental of office space in Moscow for one job a rate of 5 m2 per person will be from 6000 to 20000 rubles to the workplace. Monthly cost of office supplies, maintenance copiers and computers, updating accounting and consulting programs, one-time consultation and Seen accounting seminars.

Total cost of the bookkeeping for small businesses can range from 300,000 to 1 million rubles per year. The cost of errors of the chief accountant is not always possible to estimate the money, and in some cases, it can cost the business itself or freedom.

In Russia

For the first time this technology has been developed and applied in Russia in the mid-80's on defense enterprise 'Wheels'. In this regard, we generally lucky. In Russia, the idle weight high-tech defense plants ready to produce anything, just would not completely fail. We are at a relatively lowest prices available wheel mass production, which in the West consider it appropriate to use for sports and racing cars (production technology there is somewhat different). Forged obtained by gradual deformation of the workpiece is processed and rendered entirely on the machines with a cutting tool. As a result, very many of the metal burns and goes to the chips – lost more than half of expendable material. For implementing these actions requires an expensive, complex and powerful equipment (force from the press is 20 tons). However, the benefits of full machining products is obvious: strength higher than steel wheels in 2,5 times and excess of 2 times the level required by gost plastic properties.

This is explained by the conservation of metal fibrillation. Therefore, under the influence of extreme dynamic loads are the wheel does not prick, and crushed, and no cracks does not occur – you can try to align. Also decreases mass compared to cast wheels of 15-20% (steel-stamped – by 40-55%), very high damping capacity, lack of foundry shells and harmful internal stresses, the maximum geometrical precision of execution and the absence of imbalances, high corrosion resistance for aluminum wheels (no protective coating). In this regard, maximum gain performance we get when used as a material of magnesium. Its density is 4,5 times less than steel and 1.5 times – than that of aluminum.

Forged magnesium wheels are called 'the wheels of the future. Their damping capacity of several tens of times higher and the weight to 35% lower than that of forged aluminum. The only drawback forged wheels – that is their price (although it is significantly lower than that of the cast of famous foreign counterparts). Yes also, perhaps, the fact that for some vehicles, they are perhaps 'too good': a serious accident, they will remain intact, but the suspension will come to a common denominator (though such a view of the problem is very debatable).

The Right

Write to the console alias-bjskutt '-jump' will not explain, since you will be hard to understand that if without entering into the console-specific commands, then jumps to be like vice versa (right is left, left is right) – and will be impeded, but with this console command, everything is done right! 3.bind 'your jump button' (usually fathers raspryg – the second mouse button, and I have for example a space bar) 'name' that is, line roughly looks like: bind 'space' 'name' That's all the console commands are over and we move on to the section on technology jump! how jump? The most interesting is that the button to press forward completely not necessary (you can just click once at the beginning raspryg). The very same raspryg done only at the expense of the buttons to the left, right (streyfy), jump button, and of course a mouse. Here's how: you harvest a little bit ahead – move your mouse to the right, at the same time as pushing right on keyboard (right streyf) then jump and harvest at the time of landing behaving mouse to the left, vetot same time pressing on the keyboard to the left (left streyf), and so in turn – left mouse-streyf left and jump, mouse to the right-streyf right jump and so before you do not realize that already fly and like it had not touched the floor :))))) That is, you have to catch the moment of landing, and at this moment to change direction and jump again, that is, the trajectory is obtained zigzag. Exercise is often necessary to achieve any tangible results. We practiced somewhere in week 2 and then were already professionals, who could jump on assaulte with terrorovskoy roof of the bridge and on dedaste Appliances (Balcony at controlled) to the entrance to the tunnel and back! Certainly, you will learn much faster, but here is to hone this art takes time! "If something is unclear, then you can ask me about this in the forum or anywhere else!