Wage Injustice In Germany Is Still A Subject Of

CDA women’s flying visit in Tubingen and the exchange of ideas in the health policy spokesperson of the CDU Bundestag group Annette Widmann-MauzAnnette Widmann-Mauz TuBINGEN. The women of the CDU social committees Baden-Wurttemberg (CDA) stopped their traditional summer meeting, this year in Tubingen. “” You met in the Bundestag Annette Widmann Mauz and the CDA land Chairman Christian Baumler lunch conversation at the Neckar Muller with the Bundestag deputies and health spokesperson of the CDU/CSU “and discussed the topic of women in education and career”. The regional Chair of the CDA women Beate faster introduced the topic and stressed that the realization of opportunity and equal pay for women and the balanced consideration of women in leadership positions central points of the political work of the CDA were women in Baden-Wurttemberg. Annette Widmann-Mauz was clear position and stated that it was committed, that women earn as much as men. That there are today still Wage inequality exist, many wanted to not have it! The difference in Germany is even particularly large: women earn on average 23% less than men.

The causes are often hidden: time-outs and part-time play a role, lower salary demands, but also poorer promotion prospects. Could be here still no talk of equality, emphasized the Bundestag members. She look forward therefore all the more that the women’s and family policy occupies a wide area in the Government’s programme 2009-2013 of the CDU and CSU. In particular the realization of opportunities and equal pay of women is one of the 10 main demands of the CDU of government program. Annette Widmann-Mauz but also considers it necessary that it introduces Wiedereinsteigerprogramme for returners and professional returning after a period of family and new flexible working time models, which ease the transition into professional life. She advocates also, according to the Swiss model to test a voluntary wage in the economy. In the Switzerland company must regularly namely, whether the wages of women and men are equal.

The CDA Chairman Christian Baumler supported the aims and objectives of Anette Widmann-Mauz and stated that it also must be addressed in this topic of children,. He advocated strengthening the promotion of early childhood and advocated actively tackle the implementation of various measures, such as for example compulsory preschool year. CDA Baden-Wurttemberg Dr. Christian Baumler Haji Bergstrasse 49B 70176 Stuttgart

As You Successfully Demotivated Teachers – Part II

What creative teachers can do the teaching in the schools has in the last 15 years fundamentally changed, unfortunately not always to the advantage of all involved. Among the graduates of today the study branch is elected teacher always only for lack of alternatives that the teaching profession is famously not a piece of cake. Burn-out syndrome, heart attacks, strokes or plain and simply Psychiatry the terminus of a teaching experience are not uncommon. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Thiel, another great source of information. In addition to the now recognized stress of the educational work generated the policy by thoughtless actions see part I more, often unnecessary burdens. Actually it would be there to oppose unreasonable demands on the part of policy and authorities the task of the school, to protect the teacher and himself. However, many school principals and directors have neither the spine nor the necessary foresight and giving her to successfully to discourage the teachers. Again some recipes that have been proven: Uncritically for each instruction “from above” a school Conference convened.

Free the motto that exploit subordinates teachers have to work to get unpaid overtime when officials regularly full, generally reject non-bureaucratic measures, ill make the timetable of new colleagues. New teachers see so instantly, that part-time employees use the principle of the economy where you like on the resume of a candidate is more than just a work station does not apply at the school, as gap filler with many hours of spring in the timetable. So you can draw quickly in disease of a colleague on these forces. Particularly motivating effect, if you divided the 15 lessons on 4 front and 4 afternoons at a 60% power. The only free afternoon then also is the Conference and training day. As you successfully demotivated teachers – part I A.Frentzel

Stephan Eisel – Policy With Heart And Mind For Bonn

Dr. Stephan Eisel, very well: draws for Bonn in the Bundestag an interim balance sheet: Eisel has contributed to the success of Bonn in competition to the national dementia Research Center. About 300 new jobs with an annual federal funding by 35 million arising on the Venusberg. Stephan Eisel has lobbied for it, that the Committee on Budgets has released almost 50 million, to rebuild the old House of representatives high for the world climate change secretariat. Bonn University receives additional research funding by 17 million from the Federal Government. Bonn will benefit from the federal stimulus package several times: 46 million flowing into the city budget for schools and infrastructure.

In addition the Federal Government invested 40 million in Bonn federal buildings, the Deutsche Bahn financed remedial measures at five stations on Bonn and from the conservation program, there are 600,000 for the restoration of the Godesburg. For better networking of more than 400 federal associations in Bonn, Stephan Eisel invites to an annual Association reception. For the Employees of these associations he has enforced the job ticket and reached, it is maintained for the Bonn federal authorities. In the fight against railway noise, Eisel has developed a work programme and pursued the topic with targeted questions in Parliament, the Commission and the Deutsche Bahn. Stephan Eisel focuses entirely on his work as a member of the Bundestag and has no perks or supervisory board mandates. Stephan Eisel is responsible in the Committee on culture, for culture of the Federal Government in Bonn. He has reached, that the Museum ranked the Bundeskunsthalle further concerts and has brought the 1st Covenant-big band Festival in Bonn. German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to his request, to take over the patronage for the Beethoven Festival 2009.

Emphatically, he committed to the new Festspielhaus in Beethoven, for the post, Telecom and Postbank assume the construction costs. The Government would promote the operation with 39 million, because Beethoven care is a national task. In the Bundestag Stephan Eisel belongs to the Europe – and Culture Committee. He was in the Board of Trustees of the in the Board of Trustees of the German Historical Museum and Research Institute CAESAR elected. The Federal Government has him in the Board of Trustees of the European network of remembrance and solidarity”sent. By the Federal President, Stephan Eisel was as Deputy. Appointed member of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Closely in regular consultations of citizens and many visits to all districts, Stephan Eisel to the Bonnerinnen and Bonner is approachable. He made it possible the participation of Berlin travel over 1,000 Bonn citizens, to become acquainted with the work of the Bundestag on the spot. It allows regular exhibitions Bonn artists in his constituency office. Independently, Stephan Eisel is known for its straight-lined course. As he voted in the Bundestag against the proposal by the Government to extend the scrapping premium. For him, the middle class is the lifeblood of the economy. Strongly he advocates human rights – even when it comes to powerful countries such as China and the case of Tibet. Of life issues are important to him. Therefore, he has opposed embryonic stem cell research and late abortions in the Bundestag.

Ludwig Erhard

Already in 1958, he warned against the evil consequences of uncontrolled economic growth for the environment. Demand theory, SPD Ludwig Erhard (1897-1977): Co-founder of the concept of the social market economy. He is regarded as representative of the Ordo liberalism… In the Ordo liberalism comes to the State the task to create a regulatory framework for free competition, in which the freedom of all economic entities is protected (even each other). Restricted free play of market forces CDU Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992): Due to voluntary saving, the demand decreases after consumer products. Decreases the relative price of consumer goods. The rate of capital formation rises, reducing the cash rate. The capital costs, the investment in richer means of production is more rewarding.

As long as this is based on voluntary savings, the economy seeks a balance against. Milton Friedman (1912-2006): Benefits of a free market and disadvantages of government intervention, monetary theory monetarism. Offer theory, CDU Capitalism models is a collective term for those in the social, political and economic sciences, particularly in the disciplines of comparative political economy and comparative industrial relations research, constructed and discussed ideal and real types of capitalist forms Economic systems. The term varieties of capitalism has in the Anglo-Saxon discussion”naturalized. Increased competition from economies in the process of globalization has created a strong interest in comparative efficiency analysis of socio economic systems by nation or geographical regions. Source: wikipedia.de, score, author note to the better understanding of the world-economy: the Nobel Prize for Economics of the Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel went to 2008 exclusively on men.

The clear majority of the winners comes from the United States (44), followed by Germany (1), Sweden (2), Norway (3), Great Britain (8). Source: wikipedia.de, score, author up here they know is still very good! You already know why Malawi is poor! But they know still don’t why Germany is rich. See article 45 for more information! See also: Capitalism: Cybernetics for the production of 80 percent poverty. (T. 2, 45) Wolfgang Schwalm ())

Thilo Reichenbach

Social projects meet on social action Germany help, the Alliance of charities, future cooperates with Germany’s largest network, to help people in need together faster. VZ networks, thousands of people support the help Alliance already after a short time. Given of the severe earthquakes in Indonesia and the typhoons in South-East Asia it is necessary to reach many people in order to raise donations for disaster relief through modern communication Berlin / Bonn, 10. This involved action Germany help and the VZ-networks with studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinVZ future together in a new cooperation. The VZ-Netzwerke shut on Thursday for the first time on the home page of advertising for the humanitarian action Germany help and drew the attention of the users on the plight of the people after the devastating earthquake on Sumatra. On the so-called noble profile of action Germany help could to inform the user about the situation on the Indonesian island and quickly spendino SMS help.

Already several thousand people supported only 15 hours on studiVZ and meinVZ action Germany help; many of them made a small donation. Action Germany will help the first point of contact in Germany for rapid, coordinated and effective emergency response is now also in Germany’s largest network worldwide. We are grateful to help with the VZ-networks together faster and forward to an open dialogue with the VZ users, Thilo Reichenbach says, which helps the online space action Germany looked after. The cooperation was inspired by the spendino, the text messages and WEB 2.0 fundraising specialist who specializes in the support of non-profit organisations: we communicate consistently on par with the young generation, with the involvement of spendino-SMS says Florian Noll, co-founder of spendino. studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinvz have more than 15 million members include. The goal of the VZ-networks and action Germany helps, is the largest group on the topic Disaster relief network to create and maintain an open dialogue with dedicated young people, to help in case of disaster with VZ users together faster.

Macdonald Prize

Can we learn at the Kita planning of the Scandinavian countries? Norbert Blum remains rather the most people as a former Federal Minister in connection with the pension in memory. Since he left the political daily business behind, Norbert Blum fight intensively for the family, for the children and the cohesion of the people in our society. Hard he enters the Court with the so-called modern people. So also in his current post in the Suddeutsche Zeitung, where he points out, that in the modern world of work time is more for love. Children are perceived more and more as an obstacle in the reconciliation of work and family.

“We are pleased that we have found a worthy Prize for the year’s Matjcek prize with Dr. Norbert Blum” as Maria Steuer, Chairman of the family network e.V. and thus organiser of the Congress what occurs when family goes? “on May 25 at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. This attitude has children opposite consequences for living together in society. The experiences from the Scandinavian countries could give us clues to solve the compatibility problems.” The Scandinavian experiences with the children’s day care are at the heart of the Congress “What happens when family comes?” with renowned speakers from northern European countries.

During the Conference, what comes when family goes”is presented 2013 price at 16:00 in a ceremony of the Macdonald Minister a.D. Dr. Norbert Blum. The prize is awarded periodically to public figures committed in particular to take account of the needs of children. The eulogy thinks Dr. Christean Wagner, Chief of the Bundestag group of the CDU in the Hessian Landtag. Information and registration for the Congress at: Tagung2013 the current Conference programme you will find under: Tagung2013/program / the family network e.V. The family network is a nationwide Federation of associations, institutions, families and scientists. The family network is composed among others for this one, that the needs of children in the reconciliation debate and financial justice for families is made.