Computer Games For Women

Computer games – one of the exciting ways to spend your time. Naturally, the game for a fine half have their own characteristics and you are not disappointed in the computer games I advise to use my experience in this area. For starters I recommend to play in the so-called mini-games. They are a fun, dynamic toys, which usually resolves within one to two days. Occupy a special place simulators farm, which you will of small and unprofitable farms to a thriving economy (Required you'll like 'Farm Frenzy', 'Ranch Rush', 'Miracle Farm', 'Green Valley Farm "and many others). Also, try to play simulators cafe (you will not disappoint 'Turbo Pizza', 'Gold Heart Cafe', 'Snowball. Diner Dash: Flo '), simulators store (' Ice Cream Shop Anna ',' Supermarket Mania ',' Yuvelirmaniya ',' Your pet shop '). In these games you have to maximize quick serve visitors to buy new equipment, make repairs at the restaurant / store.

Women will appreciate the game of the genre quest. Absolutely all advise to play 'under the yellow press Masyanya', which combines wonderful sense of humor and a fascinating plot. Two levels of difficulty and regular tooltips will pass this fascinating game even for beginners. Logic games addicted women often enough. Perhaps, it is difficult imagine someone who does not know what patience. Variations of solitaire games very much and my favorite, no doubt, 'Spider', 'Solitaire'. Do not forget also puzzles, puzzle, mahjong and marbles. For more advanced users video games suggest to discover the economic strategy.

For example, I really like these toys as the 'tropics', 'Tropiko2: Pirate Island', 'Zeus'. 'Caesar' and 'War and Peace'. For example, in the 'tropics', you'll just elected governor of the island and you have to solve the following problem – to provide food and vsoih poddanyh housing, industry and tourism to develop, establish political relations with its neighbors. One of the best games for the women is a universe with its varieties Sims University, starting a business, Night Life, House 2 'How to build a love of' Charmed … In these games you have to create virtual people (Sims) with unique characteristics (appearance, character and needs) to go to college, earn money, start dating and even organize your personal life. Hopefully, now you, dear women, no matter how nice spend their free time. If you liked this article, we recommend you go to this site, where you'll find lots of interesting information about music software.

Android Quota

Android already surpasses to Apple and it is placed in the second put between UNDER for ‘ smartphones’ in the main European markets. HTC and Samsung are the manufacturers who more ‘ smartphones’ they distribute and Spain is the second country in the zone with greater amount of users of intelligent telephones. ComScore MobiLens I realise a study that analyzes the tendencies of growth of plataformGoogle Android through the five main European markets: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, known like the EU5. According to the average of the trimester finished in 2011 July, in all the EU5 they declared to use ‘ smartphones’ 88,4 million users, a 44 percent more with respect to the previous year. Spain is the second country with greater percentage of users of ‘ smartphones’ , with a quota of the 43.2 percent, being placed in first United Kingdom position. The data show that Android has eaten to the apple, being placed in front of the company of Cupertino. The operating system of Google showed the fastest growth between platforms of ‘ smartphones’ in this period, increasing its quota of market of 6 to 22.3 percentage points. The growth of Android in the last year surpasses therefore to the one of all the other platforms by a significant margin of up to 32 points with respect to Symbian, leader of the table with a 37.8 percent of quota.

The data emphasize if the percentage of 2010 consider, when Apple surpassed with a 19 percent of quota to the 6 percent of Android. The unique platforms that lost quota were Symbian and Microsoft, that respectively diminished a 16.1 and 4.8 percent. ” Thanks to a great extent to the increasing popularity of the platform of Google, the use of ‘ smartphones’ significativo” has undergone a growth; , the vice-president of Europe for Moving body of comScore declared, Jeremy Copp. In July of 2011, 19.7 million users of ‘ smartphone’ of the five countries they used terminals of Android, obtaining the greater number in the United Kingdom (6.3 million), followed by France (4.5 million) and Germany (4 million). In these zones, HTC most of owns the market of Android with the 34.6 percent, being placed next Samsung with a 31.7 percent. On the other hand, HTC and Samsung are the main manufacturers of Android. HTC reached the greater quota of market with a 34.6 percent of all the used Android devices in all the region, followed close by Samsung with a 31.7 percent. In the United Kingdom, HTC represented more of the 50 percent of the devices Android in use, a percentage ” significantly greater than in others pases” , it explains the study.

Meanwhile, Samsung less than occupied the second place of Android in this country, representing half of the quota of HTC (21.6 percent). Nevertheless, between the other members of the EU5, Samsung was placed at the top of the Android devices with a quota of 42.3 percent in France and more of the 30 percent in Germany, Italy and Spain. The activity that less carries out the users of intelligent telephones of the five countries, between the analyzed ones, is to accede a the news (12 percent), followed of access social networks or blogs (15.3 percent).