Paulo Ramirez

57.8% Of rejection, the highest since it began to measure opinion citizen on the subject, present Aysen hydroelectric projects, currently as it revealed the news article the battle of HidroAysen, journalist Paulo Ramirez, which was issued in the Thursday night in the central channel 13 news. The Chronicle explained the latest Ipsos poll, September 2010 data but that just this week met en masse, giving account that only 31.1% of the national population supports the initiatives of HidroAysen and southern energy. It is the last national poll known on the subject. This peak represents a historical level since he knew the intentions of building 2 dams on the Baker River and 3 in the Easter part of society of Endesa and Colbun, and 3 in Raven, Condor, by Xstrata and white rivers. Since 2008 Ipsos comes by measuring the level of support and rejection of these initiatives, starting in April of that year with a 54.7% of backrest and a 37.4% of opposition, which has given a total turnaround and relationship that today makes it clear that the great majority of Chileans opposed the Aysen hydroelectric. The study was quantitative telephone interviews by applying semi structured questionnaires from 20 minutes to a total of 1,009 men and women older than 18 years from Arica to Punta Arenas. It was developed between 4 and August 22 this year in more than 50 municipalities across the country.

Director Payment

It is no secret that current customers are more concerned about the security of their information when they pay online. For this reason, virtual merchants must do its utmost to protect the data of its customers credit cards. Use a payment processing provider that complies with the PCI-DSS standard is an additional security measure that can bring tranquillity both merchants and their customers. Since June 2008, U.S. law obliges all the providers of payment processing by Internet (IPSP) to comply with the PCI-DSS standard. As the security of the data, credit card fraud and identity theft are hot topics around the world, European legislation will undoubtedly continue the steps of the American. In the very near future, all European payment gateways will have to comply with the standard PCI DSS, so virtual merchants currently accept credit cards on line or who are looking for a payment processing provider They must ensure that it has received the corresponding certified PCI-DSS (level 1).

Carl Buchalet, Director-General of Cashtronics payment gateway explains: our customers do not have to worry about the security of their accounts because they enjoy the protection of our PCI-DSS certificate level 1, with the highest level of security sector. PCI DSS level 1 is without exception the only standard of acceptable authorization by providers of online payment gateways to legally operate with maximum security. ( Asking the following questions to a provider of Internet payment systems, a company can save you serious problems: 1) do have the Certified PCI-DSS 1 for PSP? (Asegure_se de pedir la documentacion de soporte) 2) each individual merchant receives an own account? (3) What the merchant a contract directly with the Bank? (4) What indicated in the description of the bank receipt of the customer’s credit card? (The name of the company or the PSPI? In ((this case, could be adding traders illegally) 5) who performs the transfer of funds, the PSPI or the Bank? (Who move funds must have a good financial health) Traders should pay close attention to the details to look for a possible provider of online payment processing to avoid the serious consequences that may involve work with suppliers of processing of payment on the Internet who have not received the PCI certificate. This certificate will soon be mandatory across Europe. That is why merchants should check that your payment processing provider already available or will do so in the near future. About Cashtronics Cashtronics is an important Virtual TPV based in Europe. Specializes in the treatment of payments for merchants with high volume of business with a secure payment solution (complies with standard PCI, level 1), flexible and cost-effective. It offers individual accounts to merchants, gateway payment and virtual terminal with very competitive rates.

Rent Accommodation

Rent accommodation for weeks in Spain provides up to more than 45,000 euros a year rental of accommodations to individuals during holiday seasons resulted in 2010 annual revenues of up to 45,000 euros for the 89.4% of owners with property in Spain that uses, the Spanish portal of the HomeAway group. The remaining 10.6% has seen how these revenues exceeded the ceiling of 45,000 euros, as evidenced by a recent survey conducted by the group to 2,000 of those owners. In addition, 81.1% of surveyed owners says that it can give international visibility to its property through the Internet has allowed them increase their incomes and 81.9% of them declared that the portal has been a key tool for being able to rent their accommodations more than 27 weeks a year. As explained by Laura Rivera Casares, responsible for, with more than one million empty homes in Spain, great difficulties to sell properties and a growing number of foreclosures, in these moments, the rental of accommodations by holiday seasons is a superb option for revenue and helped homeowners keep their property and prevent defaults. On the other hand, international visibility that manage Spanish property thanks to our Internet platform breaks the seasonality that suffers from tourism in Spain, still very linked to the summer season. The majority owner’s profile that uses is a person, aged 41-65, not necessarily very familiar with the use of new technologies. The use of the portal by gender difference is not significant since 50.4% are males and 49.6% women. Source: Press release sent by homeaway.

State Mind

Inspiration is a great emotional moment in which we can get magnificent results, when someone is inspired is able to do incredible feats and overcoming the unimaginable, now make us question how was that State encouraged?, the emotional part has a great relationship with this fact, if we find the work that excites us it will happen that our energy will be huge and we will be given the possibility of making greater efforts every day to achieve the result that we so crave. The constant work plays a very important role because as we do more activities sends a clear and powerful message to mind about our desire and then happens that our idea begins to implant in our subconscious mind and there exists a great power and there is a huge possibility that inspirations begin arriving, our State of mind will be the butt from that momenthours will be flying since the State of joy will be huge, this is the right time to bring about real change of life, when you reach the high motivation is time modify our perception of things, now feel that the power is in our hands and that we are no longer at the mercy of events, coincidences, circumstances, etc. Everything is in our control because we have started a process of extraordinary faith, believing in what they profess, in what we do and overcome our own limiting beliefs. Reaching the point of a great inspiration can take some time, but if we stand firm on the path we have set surely that will manifest itself, repetition is a foolproof method to achieve success in any area of life, never gives up, not of step backwards, at all times feel that he has already made things even though you may not see the results, that will cause the mind to assume as true the State which you transmitted to the universe, the success is in your hands, deciding to take it.