Robot Replaced Person

The race race, in which people need to stay one step ahead of robots: an international team of scientists going to publish a 'code of ethics "for machines that are becoming harder and harder. While the nightmarish picture of the world ruled by Terminators, it may seem fantastic, scientists believe that it is time to establish a framework of interaction between humans and robots right now, until the development of robots sverhumnyh not out of control. 'There two levels of priorities – said Gianmarco Verrudzho, robotics at the Institute of Systems Intelligence in Genoa and the main creator of leadership, which will publish in July. – We need to manage the ethics of scientists creating robots, and ethics of artificial robots themselves. " Verrudzho and his colleagues have identified key areas: ensuring human control over robots, preventing illegal use, protecting data acquired by robots; clear identification and the ability to track vehicles. "Scientists must start the analysis of these issues and to understand whether for laws and regulations to protect citizens – said Verrudzho. – The robot will be a powerful intellect, and in some respects it will be perfect the human intellect.

" 'But the UTB is strange culmination of analysis was the conference held in Genoa, the European research network on Robotics (EURON), to discuss issues that may occur to the extent that, as robots become smarter, faster, stronger and more widespread. 'Serious concern is the safety and sex' – said a member of the ethics of EURON Henrik Christensen. The extent to which robots allowed affect people's lives? How to avoid accidents? Is it possible to prevent the intentional infliction of harm? What happens if the robot will be capable of sexual activity? 'The question is how much power we delegate machines – said Robert Arkin, professor of robotics at Georgia Tech. – Are we going to, for example, to give robots the ability to use deadly force or any force such as crowd control? " Future code – is a sign that reality has caught up with science fiction. .

Natural Timber

High-quality and natural materials are valued at all times. For example what could be better than the wooden floor, no other floor can not give warmth, beauty and value of wood. Wooden flooring enhances any decor premises, as well as the provider of timeless beauty that will increase in value over the years. Wooden floors are environmentally friendly. Because they are the natural resource. Many timber ships warehouses, barns and other structures from the past often find a second life-as recyclable. And, because wood does not collect dust and other allergens, many leading health associations agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthy home.

Wooden houses, cozy, beautiful. Wooden housing construction in Russia is 40% (Goskomstat). The growing demand for kits wooden houses speaks of his promotion, plus their relatively low cost from 15 to 30 rubles per m2. Meter depending on the technology. Wooden houses are popular all over the world.

For example, in the U.S. each year to buy 500 000 wood houses in Japan 300 000 100 000 in Europe. In the Nordic countries 90% of all houses made of wood. Tree a unique new resource! In addition, for the production of houses from this material do not require high energy. On the Saite company A wide selection of different types of timber: timber, brick, edged board, board unedged, floor board, planed boards, Europol, and more. Here you can buy a timber with delivery in Moscow and the region. You can always contact us to ask any of our qualified professionals boprosy or make a reservation. The company "Ogroles" offers timber: timber, Lining, block-house, board and edging untrimmed. We are pleased to offer you a wide selection of our products! – Rod, bar, edged board, board unedged, floor board, planed boards, Europol, etc.

RIIZHT Engines

For the fuel system marine diesel generators and main engines, which can systematically check the temperature and opacity of exhaust gases, combustion pressure, power and fuel consumption, there is no acute need for new methods of diagnosis. It is advisable to use photoelectric smoke produced gas meters and appliances for measuring the pressure of injection nozzles in operation (by type of device CI-562 for automotive diesel engines). Promising to use oscilloscope to check the settings and fuel equipment. This work is done by the Volga-Don River Shipping on high-speed high-power diesel engines. Attached deadlights shipping arrangements, systems and devices of diesel can be checked by the following methods: a) turbocharger – a comparison of the reference and measured zagasimostey boost pressure on the speed of rotation of the shaft with adjusted for nespetsifikatsionnye external conditions, the rate applicable for the measurement unit BSU-2 (LIVT) or vibrating tachometer KI-1308V, and b) reactive oil centrifuge – the speed of rotation depending on the pressure oil, either by stopping time, and c) an oil pump – the difference between the nominal speed diesel engine and the speed at which the pump starts to bypass absorption (which is fixed a break in the plot pressure on the velocity), a reduction of this difference indicates a reduction of pump performance stock, and d) cooling system – measuring the temperature difference between inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger under certain modes and the external environment, as well as measuring the time of the fall of pressure in the system after power cut off or pressure molding, and e) temperature controllers and speed governors – to the static and dynamic performance management (time transients, the presence and magnitude of extremes, statism, and numbness) in accordance with GOST 11479-65 methods and 12607-69. The above list of methods includes virtually the entire arsenal of well-known diagnosis of marine diesel engines in its present state. As already noted, almost all of these methods are not yet practical introduction to the courts, and many of them were mentioned only as potentially suitable for use.

The task of specialists in marine diesel engines is a dramatic extension of the front work for the creation and implementation of CIP status. The solution of this task is made easier by the fact that in transport related industries has a long experience in diagnostics engine. As seen from the above materials, all subject to diagnose the basic units of diesel engines there are real technical possibilities CIP inspections technical condition. Instability of individual elements and components of fuel systems are not identical and the variability of the basic parameters of working processes, and some other reasons lead to significant dispersion of mean indicated pressure from cycle to cycle and to uneven load cylinder internal combustion engines. It defines a number of adverse events, significantly reducing operational, durability and efficiency of engines. To solve the problem of constant composition of the test party using strain-gauge equipment RIIZHT at sea in calm water and parking courts port on the steady-state modes, with a strictly fixed load and latched rail fuel pumps was conducted oscillography workflow engine cylinders 30 of 10 types (NVD-36, NVD-48, Skoda, G60 and CHSP 18/22, etc.). Adjusting the engine at the same time was made by means of conventional permanent controls in accordance with the applicable rules of service of marine diesel engines and care for them. Engines selected for the study, have roughly the same technical conditions. The resulting graphical information is processed by a special program on the computer. The program is provided by 'Technomarine (Baltic TSPKB)'.

Good Brick House

Modern technology allows the construction to build houses using a variety of materials. Among the most common construction materials worth noting sandwich panels (Prefabricated house), wooden beams, concrete blocks and bricks. Let us dwell on the traditional and proven over the years the material – brick. You can build a brick building of any complexity and architecture. Strength and durability of this material has long been recognized throughout the world, so it is used in the construction of both residential and industrial buildings. Erection of brick houses involves as a basis for a lasting and profound foundation, which in turn requires an examination of ground space development.

Exploration space development should be made mandatory, otherwise there is a drawdown risk of future home. Despite the seemingly unpretentious, Brick offers great opportunities for creativity. Use it to build houses of various architectural shapes and configurations. If the construction of the walls was used decorative brick facing, the subsequent treatment of the facade is not required. But do not forget about the special hydrophobic compounds, which should cover the facade of the building. Despite its strength characteristics, brick – still not an ideal material. For example, its main drawback – the low heat-saving properties.

In order for the house was warm outside air temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the thickness of the walls should be 1.6 meters. Of course, to spread such thick wall makes no sense, so erect houses with thick walls just 50 centimeters, that is two bricks, insulated with the facade. In order to increase heat-saving properties of the cottage and used hollow brick. Air spaces in it does not allow heat to go beyond the walls. However, this brick less durable than, say, an ordinary red brick, so the wall thickness should be increased by 1.5 – 2 times, and it uneconomical. But the brick cottage is slowly heated and cooled slowly, that is has a thermal inertia. The most modern and practical option – the so-called efficient brick. It differs high voiding and porosity. The more there like cracks and pores, the heat will be a cottage. Construction of cottages with brick effectively – almost ideal, but such material is poorly opposed to rainfall, so you should always oblitsevat facade. Despite the fact that brick homes have a number of major drawbacks, the advantages still outweigh.