Main Selection Criteria

In everyone's life there are dreams come true, which seeks to fulfill each. So vovzesti your house, one of them. Live away from the noise pollution of the dream of many. Some umudretsya make this dream a reality. Lucky for you, and you will soon be the owner of the suburban area in the future and a country cottage? Of course, you may initially pay more attention to the election of the future contractor for construction work. But first you should know and take into account the many nuances that would be your future life it does not turn into disappointment.

And so. Specify more precisely meet your requirements. In many ways, you push on your needs and capabilities. Also think about your goals for the country house. You want to live there permanently or wish to use as a summer cottage? Let's define the criteria for selecting such a house: 10 minutes by public transport to the nearest metro station a well-developed infrastructure within 1-2 km (pharmacy, shop, etc.) distance road runs and busy residential areas and the presence of tree-planting strip of forest neighbors, it is desirable to stewardship of the surrounding area (Lack of production, radiation, nitrate) the minimum lot size of at least 10sotok. The process of finding the site.

If the neighborhood of the city where you live you do not know much, do not worry! And do not rush to first caught a beautiful site. Before the next exit with friends or family in nature, try to choose a new location. Keep an eye carefully to the terrain. It is worth paying attention to every detail. Secrets and nuances site selection. Or something that is always hidden. – Groundwater level. Before you buy land, check with the owner about the ground water. In summer and fall area can be dry. Construction work will be very difficult to conduct. In the spring you find your site is waterlogged ground water. Rubbish and waste. Tschyatelno spend your study area for hidden debris. Remove it from the territory will cost you a pretty penny. Distance from high-voltage lines and high-power radio relays. Also inquire about the availability of gas and water. If not done, check how far the motorway. Carrying out further construction and installation of heating and Water, gas pipes wiring can cost you thousands of dollars. There are many nuances to buy suburban area. The main thing to know the most important and desirable to all. Let your dream become reality!

Flame Retardants

Materials for tissue has its own standard, under which the test results flammable textile materials are subdivided into flammable and inflammable. Impregnation Flame retardant BATH-1, developed and manufactured since 1993 JSC "Neohim." Originally produced as part of an aqueous solution, which, of course, was not effective, since the objects are processed composition, had to carry plenty of water. Recently BATH-1 is produced as a dry powder that is diluted on-site. When the superficial impregnation of wood allows you to transfer to the second group of flame retardant efficiency. Initially membership was created to handle the attics, which are just and should have such a group. And if we put the wood in the 20% solution of antiseptic tree, then within two hours of deep impregnation occurs, which translates the material in the first group of fire-resistance rating.

Impregnation under pressure – the most promising way to protect wooden structures. Wood "canned" impregnation solution penetrates it deep enough. When a surface impregnation, after rassushivaniya layer is destroyed, the protection disappears. And when the pressure impregnation is guaranteed "the integrity" in the cracks of up to 1.5 cm. At the same time – and this is important – on the mechanical properties of structures does not affect treatment. It is known that the first group of fire-resistance rating when using the impregnation depth is achieved only by means of an autoclave. If you make the surface impregnation – the tree will receive only the second group of fire-resistance rating. However, in most cases, a deep soaking to just impossible, not every design can be disassembled to such components to each could be loaded into a special bath. The firm "Antiseptic" offers impregnating compositions – Flame Retardants "PP", "MS" and "MC 1-1." All three are dry soluble products, the first two are for surface, and the third – for deep soaking. JSC "MORNING" produces impregnation of the "Old Elm" is also intended for surface impregnation.

Research Institute Properties

Only a very few industrial complex filtering units (consisting of three or more different filters) have a universal power – simultaneously purify waste water from the anions, cations and organic matter. HRCM cleans water from the undissolved impurities and bad – of solute. If HRCM well removed from the water and true solutions, it can not be used for drinking water: the result would have distillate. The bottom line is that the water held HRCM filtration, stored natural salts and minerals. HRCM filters provide a new level of purification in which water is not only crystal clear, but also acquires the healing properties. HRCM has a therapeutic effect not only when applied to wounds, burns, ulcers, and if swallowed. Investigations were carried out, scientists of the Military Medical Academy (St. Petersburg), Institute of Emergency Care.

Janelidze (St. Petersburg) Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Center for Extreme Medicine (Moscow). In the Russian Cardiological Center of the Ministry of Health have tested the sorption properties of HRCM in the process of cleaning the blood plasma. The efficiency HRCM in sorption of plasma uric acid (to reduce the level of performance – more than 50%). There was a trend to lower serum creatinine (metabolite of nitrogen metabolism).

Wound-healing effect of the powder leads to HRCM significant reduction in deaths, to reduce the period of acute inflammation, the creation of the wound environment unfavorable to the active growing season of the microbial flora. There is every reason to believe, and research in this direction is continuing that has a similar effect and the water that passes through a filter HRCM. HRCM filtering water partially breaks down water intermolecular bonds, or, one might say, breaks the water clusters. By This dramatically increases the surface and, consequently, the biological activity of oral water. Special studies at the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical culture, showed that the water from filtering through HRCM ordinary tap water, acquires a "nechislyaschiesya" as a tap and bottled water for the properties: to improve efficiency, facilitate the processes of effective recovery of energy the body after exercise, increase the body's immunity. People who regularly take ordinary tap water after filtration HRCM, practically cease to be ill with influenza and other infectious diseases (a consequence of increasing immunity).

The Culture

The Institute FTIMS NAS based on scientific principles developed under the guidance of prof. Shinsky OI constantly improving the process of LGM, confirming the continuing flow of inventions in technology and equipment 1,2, the world novelty which is confirmed by patents in different countries, which number close to one hundred pieces, and, of course, speaks of the leadership positions of the Institute on the topic. FTIMS supplies "in metal" technology to customers foundry equipment and parts for the unit, serial and mass production of castings of ferrous and nonferrous metals output method LGM 100 – 5000 tons of castings per year. At the current development foundry industry Institute workshop, based on the LGM-process and employee demonstration database, where the equipment is to debug and upgrade to the level of the best foreign analogues, produced up to 50 tons a month of castings of ferrous and nonferrous metals. In the design of casting sections and shops in the planning of the designers of the Institute premises in accordance to investment opportunities, customer operates the plant equipment and layout of the balance in his different production options, from a single casting and repair to the serial production of castings. Often the production of lightweight models with a density of 25 kg/m3 bring to the second floor of the premises the shop, and the system working transportation, preparation and storage of dry sand shall be made in the open air on the outside of the foundry (sand, "not afraid" of frost) and consists mainly of the passage of equipment and systems bins, pipes, made of sheet metal, as shown in Fig. 1. This imposition of equipment saves space peskooborota shop, and in combination with exhaust gases from the forms that are connected to a vacuum pump to during the fill-solidification, enhances the hygienic conditions of labor (eliminating the noise and dust emission), and generally promotes the culture of production.