Decoupage Technique

The first information about decoupage, as the technique of finishing items appear at the end of the xv century. Over time, the fashion is furniture, decorated with appliques of fabric, paper and other materials. After a time technique of decoupage acquires enormous popularity: court ladies decorated, in a manner clothing, handbags and hats, blankets, artists used this technique in the design of paintings and statues. There are special kits decoupage, which could allow myself to buy any. From now on, decoupage is becoming more popular. Decoupage – is cutting various shapes of parts and sticking them on every possible surface (fabric, glass, wood, porcelain and much more). These details may be made from a variety of materials, for example: fabric, cardboard, egg shells, leather, wood shavings. Decoupage technique consists of several stages.

It's pretty hard work, but the result is just fine, so for this we must spend our precious time. Therefore, be prepared to start the decorated surface. It must be degreased (for good adhesion of lacquer) to overwrite. If it is, for example, a tree, so it erased a linen cloth or sandpaper with fine grit. At a subsequent stage, the pattern, cut out all of its component parts.

To do this you need special scissors. With the help of adhesive application are superimposed on the surface decorate the object with a specific density (or the selected motif). If the motive is made up of small parts, which simply not possible to accurately cut, at this stage these "problematic" places you can sketch paints to match decorate the surface. After drying of the motif revealed several layers of lacquer to consolidate. Huge popularity got famous technique. That is, the application for special applications of multilayer tissues. Firstly, this material will cost much less than, for example, cloth. And secondly – with paper very easy to operate. In napkin decoupage technique applies a wide variety of effects. One of the most famous is craquelure – artificial aging of the surface of the object. This effect crafts Art is often used for decoration paintings, statuettes, boxes. Now, many designers have resorted to this method mainly for authoring interior. In order to obtain typical crack like a grown old items used krakelyurnye varnishes. Then, special structures or the same colors, these cracks will be overwritten, it is necessary to further distinguish them in the background of the main figure. Still very often used effect gilded things. For this surface applications opened using special paints on a wax base. If you are interested napkin decoupage technique, and you want yourself to do all these steps, you can buy kits for decoupage, analyze master-classes on decoupage and confidently begin to transform, for example, an ordinary flower pot in a true work of art.

The Right

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