The Right

Write to the console alias-bjskutt '-jump' will not explain, since you will be hard to understand that if without entering into the console-specific commands, then jumps to be like vice versa (right is left, left is right) – and will be impeded, but with this console command, everything is done right! 3.bind 'your jump button' (usually fathers raspryg – the second mouse button, and I have for example a space bar) 'name' that is, line roughly looks like: bind 'space' 'name' That's all the console commands are over and we move on to the section on technology jump! how jump? The most interesting is that the button to press forward completely not necessary (you can just click once at the beginning raspryg). The very same raspryg done only at the expense of the buttons to the left, right (streyfy), jump button, and of course a mouse. Here's how: you harvest a little bit ahead – move your mouse to the right, at the same time as pushing right on keyboard (right streyf) then jump and harvest at the time of landing behaving mouse to the left, vetot same time pressing on the keyboard to the left (left streyf), and so in turn – left mouse-streyf left and jump, mouse to the right-streyf right jump and so before you do not realize that already fly and like it had not touched the floor :))))) That is, you have to catch the moment of landing, and at this moment to change direction and jump again, that is, the trajectory is obtained zigzag. Exercise is often necessary to achieve any tangible results. We practiced somewhere in week 2 and then were already professionals, who could jump on assaulte with terrorovskoy roof of the bridge and on dedaste Appliances (Balcony at controlled) to the entrance to the tunnel and back! Certainly, you will learn much faster, but here is to hone this art takes time! "If something is unclear, then you can ask me about this in the forum or anywhere else!