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Flag of San cristobal
It consists of a rectangle of three bands out of a home, from the point closest to the pole, with the apex to the right embedded in the central belt. This will be white triangle on which the figure of anger as San Cristobal eponym of the city, which was chosen by the founder, in homage to the place where he spent his youth in his hometown of Salamanca, Spain. The bands that complement the rectangle are: the Higher yellow, red and green the Central Bottom. The actions of the flag will be in proportion lengthwise Two (2) One (1) and the latitude, the upper and lower bands, are of equal measure, to be the Central Band, slightly wider than both, to indicate their wavy lines at both ends.
White Color: Allows background at home, which contains the figure of Saint Kitts and symbolizes the color of the Peace, and the Pro Union go well, closer to the pole, integration and the Christian Faith are indelible feature of our people . The three sides of the triangle means the three main directions of the roads or converge in our city: the East and Central Plains, the Central West and neighboring Colombia, according to the national and international legitimacy Integration prescribed by the Liberator.
Yellow: Banda means higher and the brightest of our climate and space, mineral wealth that surrounds us, apart from being in any way the significant Gualda the Spanish flag that brought the founding captain of the city at that time of the commission actual hearing in Santa Fe Real Provision to Pamplona.
Red: Located in the central band rectangle symbolizes the sacrifice of our brave and early settlers, the Tororo, Kinimaries, Zorcas, Etc. In the hands of the Pathfinder, also means the color of our logo Rio, the primitive people of Torbes founder and now historical and poetic sung by our poets, musicians and historians, like all of which Torbes’ Brisas’ metaphors and inspired the great Luis Felipe Ramon y Rivera to create our state and spiritual anthem. And that course and direction are the meanings in the wavy lines containing the Banda Central and white sides of the triangle is embedded in the band direction from north to south or left to right symbolizes the movement of the evolution and progress of city. In the center of the Central Band of red or red are placed inside the five Sotuer lily silver, symbolizing the surname Maldonado Cap. Founder of the city. Here the honor accorded to both the defense and the bravo bravo conqueror of the region, but not the significance of the value of both races today and then merged knew that represent their respective areas.
Green symbolizes hope, which is always our young people and the greenery and the freshness of the vegetation and climate as our people.
San Cristobal: Its primary significance representation eponym of the city. The patron of travelers and that our town was founded as a station between Merida and Pamplona for those who had traveled to this point or a crossroad, where a rest or break time. The figure of the eponymous (San Cristobal) is in silhouette or in their natural colors (flesh). Himno Nacional de Venezuela. From Wikisource. Jump to: navigation, search … Flag of Venezuela. CHOIR. Glory to the brave people. that …
href “ ‘ v Hcq8LePMk9Yandfeature related”> YouTube – Himno Nacional de Venezuela LSV
Himno Nacional de Venezuela (official letter) … Anthem of Venezuela. Link to this page … Declared the national anthem of Venezuela May 25, 1881. …

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How To Choose A Dog To Live With Children

The choice of dog for a family with children need some research, mainly if you have never had a dog. Families with children need to pay attention to certain qualities such as temperament, size and energy level before you adopt or buy a dog. Children like to play with dogs. So it is necessary to choose a dog that has a certain tolerance with children if they pull his tail or his hair. Size is another important factor: this is for the safety of the children, as well as for the dog.

There are breeds of dogs that are suitable for children, but other very large breeds can be clumsy movements causing accidental or falls children’s footsteps. Some breeds of dogs that are good with children have high levels of activity or energy. If dogs receive no physical exercise that require, they are more likely to develop behavior such as chewing or excessive barking problems. Select a breed of dog that loves children, but requires less exercise if his family is not so active. The topic of dogs and babies is something which comes to be for many people something stressful, because as we all know the dog recognized us as part of the herd, and identifies what the movement or our tone of voice, however when you have a baby at home things tend to become different with the arrival of the baby. Remember that the dog by nature is a carnivorous animal, that is why we must assess the situation of having a dog when we have perfectly a baby at home. At the end of the day, this situation may very well be amended, you want to know as?, I invite you to visit how to choose a dog that you live together with children and so be able to obtain a very good alternative. Original author and source of the article

Cold Play

No matter, tells him I’m willing to go to see. Excited, both fixing the date, will be a June 28, missing a couple of weeks. The, the following early day runs an airline and acquires the ticket, he observes: date: 28 June; Departure time: 7: 50 in the morning; Flight 625; Return: Same date at 9: 50 on the night: flight: 680. The days pass, the talks continue, have promised that they will not be known until that day. They have previously described how are physically and want that all those words will materialize on the expected date, and to see in person, all of which it is said has been true, they yearn to check that the lie was never present on their previous conversations. Arrive the night of June 27, he prepares his clothes, not deciding what to wear could be shirt brand that bought last month? Or better the shirt’s sleeve long that much like you to use? And what this Pant dress? Or is better one denim? The final is decided by the latter. Also he has bought him a few small gifts: the last disk of Cold Play; an engraved Crystal with a poetic phrase that alludes to his imminent meeting; a gold ring with a small radiant and Crystal stone. That night she cannot sleep, afraid to be done late and missed the flight.

The alarm clock rings at 5: 30, startle because the dream had invaded their eyes. Stands hurrying, bathes and has a moment of indecision to doubt what lotion use, wondering what will be containing the elixir that captivate the woman who is about to meet. They are 6: 15, leaving his house turns to see the Saint for his devotion and guine an eye and asks please you throw a hand so that everything goes well. Leaves home and hurrying out the car and embarks on a career not only to the airport, but the sentimental and emotional encounter with the person who has absorbed the thought fast and steep.

Orchid 3 Secrets To Decorate The Spaces More Dry Your House With Them

Orchids are ideal to decorate any space in your House or garden, by more dry this is, however, not all adapted to these adverse conditions, unless you spend to learn the secrets today to decorate the less humid in your House or garden spaces, without that your orchids suffer for it. You know as well as I, that orchids are ideal to decorate practically any space of our House or garden. However, although this is true, not all orchids are adapted to every room of our House or garden. Depending on the species, each one of them requires certain conditions of light, temperature and humidity to give you its flowers constantly, without dying in the attempt. Not satisfied with this, pretend to put them anywhere in your home! Right Yes? You understand now well how could, for example, garnish with orchids spaces of your House that have very low humidity, which are very dry? There place orchids for decorating is an art. You have high likely to suffer if you don’t maintain them the moisture they need and if you do not select orchids that can withstand such adverse conditions that you’ve imposed on it how do it regardless of the unfavorable conditions of the space in your House or garden you want to garnish with orchids? For this you can use several methods you describe below: 1. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Thiel.

place a tray with water under your Orchid: placed a tray or container with water under your Orchid, near her but without that water is in direct contact with your plant. With this technique, you’re making that evaporate the water from the Pan and that steam wrap, surrounds your Orchid in a way such that not much feel the lack of humidity. 2 Observe the colour of the medium of cultivation: review daily culture medium, Flowerpot where your orchid is growing when you notice pale, means has been resected much by what would do you no harm that you regaras it to moisten it fairly.

What Are The Advantages Of Studying A Distance

Technologies significantly clashed some years ago in our society. These technologies Internet had an important place and quickly became an area full of opportunities for many sectors. The possibilities which makes the Internet are important and it seems to not be to never end. And it is created every day, thousands of tools new to make this to be a means rather than effective in our lives. Therefore, in the past few years Internet has inserted in the life of each one d us providing us with access to information, be able to share this information, communication between people who are in education elsewhere is one of the aspects where all of this is assuming a prominent forward and is doing the work of users easier.

Study on the Internet (whether of courses online, racing, or masters online, or specific activities for students in different grades) is taking important steps. There are many benefits that entails training over the Internet. It offers to study at home or from the place that is most comfortable. So he favors comfort for the student, who has no need to go daily in order to attend class. Not be Presential also favors in a same course can participate students of several cities and even countries, which is a benefit for those who want to pursue studies that are not made in its population. On the other hand, studying online also makes communication between students and teachers more comfortable, as it is the fact of sharing documents and files that facilitate the study. Therefore the importance of online education increases by moments. Original author and source of the article.

Dreadlocks – For Those Who Are Not Afraid To Experiment

Dreadlocks and modern technology Modern dreadlocks looks quite different from their 'ancestors', but their essence remains the same. Thanks to modern technology to make dreadlocks became much easier – now it may even Europeans. No need to wait until the hair naturally begin to turn into dreadlocks: You can just come into the salon, and the wizard will make the necessary hair. Dreads can be of several types (depending on the materials woven into them): Dreads from their own hair. Long hair should be significant, because in the process of making dreadlocks shorten the hair a few times.

This method, however, has many drawbacks. For example, will have to wait a long time until hair grow back to the desired length, but if you want to change her hair should be completely shaved off all her hair from her head. Caring for those dreadlocks is a lot of hassle: you want every day to handle them with wax. Sew-on (accrued) dreadlocks. In this case, my hair kept (their length should be no smaller than 9 cm). The process of manufacturing Sew dreadlocks as follows: artificial dreadlocks attached with special resins or beads on the strand natural hair. The downside of this method is that such dreadlocks often look somewhat unnatural. In addition, the process of their production takes a long time – about 7-8 hours.

Safe dreadlocks. This option is preferable, as the technology of their production does not harm your own hair, and care for them does not require much effort. In contrast to Sew dreadlocks, which are fitted with a resin or bead technology production of safe dreadlocks is much simpler: the hair rattling dreadlocks made from synthetic materials. The color and length of the safe dreadlocks can be different. Caring for them is very simple: it is necessary to wash your hair about once a week. 'Lifetime' safe dreadlocks – about three months. If you get bored of this hairstyle, you can easily untwist and remove the fixing dreadlocks. In this case, your own hair will not suffer. Remember that when twisting dreadlocks at home you may lose your hair. It is better to consult a specialized salon. Dreadlocks – a protest against the boredom and routine Despite a long history, dreadlocks are still considered avant-garde hairstyles for special people who do not want 'to be like everybody. " Dreadlocks emphasize individuality and express protest against all the ordinary and boring. That's why this hair preferred representatives of the various subcultures such as reggae or hip-hop. Dreadlocks are suitable for those who want to stand out from the crowd, for those who are young in body and soul, for those who went out to meet the new time and is not afraid of change.


Strollers – The most common transportation for kids. In the cradle a child to hold about six months, and in the stroller models – a few years of early childhood. Therefore, the right choice to ensure the child stroller necessary comfort. Baby strollers, Inglesina Zippy – one of the recognized leaders in the market. On other parameters without yielding Italian wheelchairs, strollers, Inglesina Zippy have a lower price.

The system of folding them is simple and convenient, these strollers can also install child car seat. Comfortable seat with horizontal position of the back allows you to use strollers, Inglesina Zippy, even for babies. The seat is equipped with a soft sides and armrests, its dimensions – 87 by 33 cm by 25 cm width of the backrest backrest, adjustable with one hand to the position of "lying" (all 4 positions). In the horizontal position of the hood creates an enclosed space. Footrest has 2 position. The seat is situated at a height of 46 cm from the ground. Inglesina Zippy strollers are safe: the bumper is removed entirely or with one of the parties. Bumper unfastened by pressing a button.

There are also 5-point safety belts, which have soft linings, and shoulder straps – removable. Hood of the model large, its a minus – it produces a noise that you want to get used to. At the top of the hood is equipped with oilcloth window. Lower part of the hood can be unfasten, while leaving the summer peak. Separate handle stroller is very handy, it can be adjusted in height from 98 to 104 cm wheels with strollers Inglesina Zippy double their diameter – 19 cm This is convenient for our roads and sidewalks. The front wheels turn and locked, the rear brakes are paired. To remove the brake, just click on the far side of the brake pedal. The width of the chassis in strollers Inglesina Zippy is 52 cm – it allows you to enter the elevator doors and any door. Cart durable, it is open for access in any position of the back. On the hood stroller has a pocket for the most essential details. The model is composed with one hand and folded, can stand independently. Wheelchair can be carried by the handle or carry along, like a suitcase. Case stroller removed, it can be easily washed. All frame parts, as well as fixing reliable and well-adjusted. In addition, there are accessories: warm cover for your child's feet, a raincoat, a convenient cup holder. Inglesina Zippy strollers are maneuverable, comfortable and safe. This is a good option for daily walks with the baby. Original Source: Review of child stroller Inglesina Zippy