Black Box Germany GmbH

Black Box provides Wizard multimedia Extender LP for digital signage now available as a 4-port version before the “Wizard multimedia Extender LP” of the IT and telecommunications specialists Black Box is now also available in a 4-port version to display digital content such as advertising and information at the point-of-sale (POS) and information (POI) on up to four displays TFT LCD/led and plasma TV available (+ multimedia + Extender + lp). The new 4-port-video Extender is ideal for digital signage in public buildings and digital signage installations in smaller shops or premises: the power supply of the receiver (receiver) via CAT wiring with this low space requirement, short installation time and high mobility. The digital-signage Extender sends lossless video information over a distance of 150 meters in a resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 full HD (1080 p) via a CATx cable solution, i.e. cheaper compared to the signal distribution and transmission via VGA cable. The new 4-port-broadcaster the customer gives the flexibility to distribute identical content across digital signage player on four different displays, advertising and eye-catching.

“We are seeing a growing demand now also for smaller outlets in the market for digital signage solutions that go beyond a single screen. “With our Wizard multimedia we address exactly this market Extender LP”, explains Axel Burger, Managing Director of Black Box Germany GmbH. “the installation costs as well as the footprint of the unit are extremely low, so that each sales-promoting effects can take advantage of digital advertising and information systems.” With digital advertising displays and information systems (digital signage) from Black Box company and users of their target audience deliver up-to-date and dynamically controllable content locally and at the right time. The customized digital signage solutions from Black Box are suitable for Visual Merchandising and disseminating current information on the POI (point of) Interest) or advertising at the POS (point of sale) on LCD/TFT/plasma displays.

Family Orientation Program

It encourages the subject to be active depending on the particularities of it. Plurimotivado assumes a character because it is aimed at satisfying human needs. Thus, the Cuban education system is supported by the cultural historical school represented LS Vygotsky and his followers who attribute invaluable to socialization, and laid the foundations for understanding the psychological role of the family in social reproduction. If While many aspects of the preparation of the families that are listed in the bibliographies, research and educational practice show that this is one of the most necessary and complex. Consistent with this, in Holguin have conducted research related to this subject, among which is the investigative study of G. Sanchez.

(2000) which concentrates on theoretical aspects – practical and it offers a method to characterize the personality of adolescents in technical and vocational education Holguin municipality by professional teaching tasks, the teacher serving as a model for characterizing students, as an essential element from the knowledge of students on which also aims to stimulate research conducted by A. Garcia (2001) who proposes a Family Orientation Program for the education of adolescent sexuality in Holguin. Similarly, E. Ortiz. (1996), offers indicators for the teacher of secondary education improve their communication style that will facilitate better integrated in their students, no doubt these research studies can be taken into account by the professor of Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) and would foster better communication style with students and family. Also in a study by M, Torres (1987) in aggressive and hyperactive children with communication problems and a tendency toward aggression and irritability, considers it one of the causes that produce the divorce, stress in family life and social, thus stresses that communication is one of the most common problems of the modern world.