Of this option depends on the life of a sectional door. Best option for the garage door with a frequency open and close 2 times per day, this is a torsion spring for 25,000 cycles. I would like to clarify that not all manufacturers of the base install safety features such as the device of a broken spring or a broken cable. Security should be an essential condition for the operation of the structure. Therefore, when ordering a gate to specify information about the composition of a set goal. On this depends whether you, your family and your the car will be safe to use the garage with automatic gates. If you have high humidity in the garage or in the technical area, you must purchase "anti-corrosion package." The standard package assembly is not included, this additional option is to completely protect against rust and corrosion, extends the life of the gate will provide security. Very popular in our time has become a system of gate automation! Now is not the to forty degrees in the winter cold out of the car to open the gate, just click on the button on the remote control and an electric gate open yourself, or you can specify the time at which the gates should be opened and closed.

The choice of automatic activation in our region is not an easy task, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. At present, leaders in production automation are the Italians, most of the installers to reduce the cost of selling Chinese gate drive for our harsh climate conditions, they are not suitable. Incyte follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. German automation, as well as German cars are very high quality, but expensive. In any case, the choice is yours!

Your Guide

And, finally, was indicative of an increase orders for the manufacture of home textile items. Customers have become increasingly ordered covers for chairs and upholstered furniture, tablecloths, and even such rare things as screens for radiators and wall hangings and ceilings. In the catalog of all these elements of textile design presented in conjunction with curtains, on this the customer is born a natural desire to formalize the textile interiors from A to Z ". Why catalog, "Your Guide to Style" love designers? If you have at least a little work on the catalogs, you have probably noted that the vast majority of them are pictures of curtains are classified under the heading "Kitchen", "Bedroom", "Children", etc., while the division is rather arbitrary, since clear rules and criteria that can be attributed specifically to the curtains every room, there is simply no. Therefore, often have to dig around the directory to find the desired customer model, and then another and explain why to his bedroom fit model from the "Dining". In the catalog, "Your style guide" material is classified as belonging to a particular style solution interior.

This significantly simplifies and speeds up the design choice. Check with the customer, what it represents its interior, just open the partition and select the model. For novice designers will be helpful article that accompanies each section of the catalog. Articles contain a brief description of each style of interior decoration and design features of curtains and home textiles in the interior. Based on this information, correctly select the model of curtains is not difficult even a man, far removed from the design. Catalog curtains "Your Guide to Style" is available in two formats – for work in the salon and for outreach.

Catalog for work in the salon consists of a booklet on evropruzhine, a 297 x 297 mm printed on glossy paper, the density of 130, in the hard laminated cover. Evropruzhina in a soft shell prevents rupture and sheets. Due to this directory is not only easy to use, but also durable. Option directory for the exit is printed on glossy paper, with a density of 130 and stitched on the bracket. Size 210 x 210 mm. The content of both versions is absolutely identical: 10 feature articles and more than 400 unique pictures of curtains and items textile decor.

Residential Construction

Alexis allocated to work the land. To read more click here: Brad Pitt. He decided to grasp the fundamentals of individual building itself, without resorting to the services of firms specializing in housing construction. What's so hard, he thought, a little to learn subject: design construction, since nature has endowed talent – quickly throughout the study. Construction economics stuff is not complicated, when you study it in a comfortable chair, sitting before the TV. Even more so when the weekend leave the city, here they are, all modern facilities under construction in the face, so to speak clearly – his soul rejoiced.

In presenting their fantasy future housing construction, as he himself, with his own hands, will be create their "patrimony," he felt like a real man – a man the builder of your future! Materials of construction are not sold only in a grocery store – the choice is huge: for repair apartment for decoration, then you and waterproofing materials, and insulation materials and roofing materials to suit every taste, color and budget. But to build a house, it will not make repairs in the apartment. Looking new magazine about residential construction, he saw an announcement: building materials – timber house construction – timber construction – wood processing. The idea to build your house out as it is now fashionable to say, environmentally pure raw materials, has been firmly lodged in his head. And what are the most environmentally friendly building materials – of course, it's wood – timber, round timber. We only need to choose the right tree species, which are used directly for housing.

From the pages it looked great beauty items ready to construction, they were attracted his eye. His charmed the idea that soon he will be their home. You can certainly do more simply: do not spend time for housing individual building, and buy a ready-made object, repair materials, ie, finishing materials, repair facilities, good finishing facilities will not take as much time as an individual building from scratch. Here, as on the order page with ads caught: materials for repairs – decoration materials – repair facilities – interior decoration – repairs in the apartment and all the fast-quality! Alex did not know what to do. And you, what would he recommend?

Ukrainian Paints

Such paints Kohler, forming thousands of colors and shades. Each manufacturer – tinting their systems, so the shades of color in different systems can not match. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts might disagree with that approach. Even while under constant exposure to sunlight, acrylic paints retain their color well. The climate and the paint when spraying paint onto the surface to monitor the climatic characteristics of the room. With low humidity dries out the colorful cover quickly, but when applying water-based coatings on the surface of the porous low humidity can cause problems, which will help to avoid pre-wetting the ground. However, too high humidity slows evaporation of solvents in alkyd paints, and the result is a coating with an uneven sheen.

Temperatures above 32-35 C lowers the viscosity, especially in the case of paints to solvents, which adversely affects the opacity, leads to sag and sag. Drying time is reduced latex paints, but the paint layer is leveled enough. Low temperatures and a cold surface, causing a thickening of paints on solvents complicate their feather brush and spray application. Increases and the drying time. The choice of paint for painting the walls and wallpaper Ukrainian market of paint on our market a huge range of colors for interior. This was made possible thanks to dozens of factories that manufacture domestic products and foreign material under the TM, and hundreds of operators that sell various colors production and providing a wide range of building supermarkets.

It is worth noting that the share of Ukrainian colors are low at around 10-15%. Domestic product to market supply: DLKZ (TM "Bright"), "Composite-Service" (TM "COMPOSITE") "Lakme", "Olympic Farba", "Tim-Color", "Zebra". In addition, there is a joint venture of paint – "Polyfarb" (Holland-Ukraine), Triora (Italy-Ukraine). Their production in Ukraine was opened and TM SNIEZKA JOBI. A large proportion of exports probably due to the fact that many domestic enterprises for a long time only produced oil products, while the market demanded of modern water-dispersion paints clean.

The Best

This is achieved by pure zinc (not less than 92% zinc or crushed at least 88% atomized) and particle size of zinc (not more than 12-15 microns (um) minced or 3-5 micron atomized). Brad Pitt understood the implications. In the dry layer ZINGA contained 96% (!) Atomized zinc purity 99.995%! This provides the most effective cathodic protection, comparable only with the best of traditional – hot dip galvanized. It should be noted that the hot galvanizing product does not protect a layer of pure zinc, but only a non-uniform alloy "zinc-iron" with a maximum zinc content – 98%. Any cathodic protection works as long as there is not consumed (oxidized), the entire zinc. Membrane protection should protect the surface from contact with moisture and oxygen atmosphere, which successfully makes ZINGA. The mechanism of formation of such the film is simple – ZINGA (thick fluid) immediately after application to the steel and the evaporation of volatile substances becomes porous (loose) structure. After 48 hours of zinc particles in contact with oxygen to oxidize and turn into salt zinc, which fill the pores and with the polymer formed on the surface of the dry layer is very strong film. This film protects the steel even when cathodic protection is not working.

The process of forming a protective film (Oxidation) begins with the surface and penetrates to a certain depth. The more moisture during drying – the thicker layer. Under the film is a layer of pure zinc. Adhesion (adhesion of the coating with the protected surface) have always ZINGA has a high score due to the small size of zinc particles, and their oval shape and a binder. Even if mechanical damage does not peel off a layer of zinc and steel in this place does not rust – oxidized zinc, which surrounds damage. This effect is called the "penetrating defense." Validity of the protective coating ZINGAkolebletsya from 20 to 50 years, depending on the aggressiveness of the medium and the thickness of the zinc layer.

Advantages Of Welding

Compared with other methods of welding compound provides the following advantages: 1. Savings of metal owing to the full use of the working sections of the elements in the connecting nodes of welded structures, giving structures more appropriate form in accordance with applicable loads, a sharp decrease in weight of fasteners in the welded units, use a thin-walled structures, lack of material consumption in profit and gates, reducing the marriage and allowances for machining castings for replacement welding. Brad Pitt insists that this is the case. Weight of the metal of welds in welded structures is generally from 1 to 2%, while in the weight of the rivets and riveted kerchiefs – not less than 4% the weight of the product. Welding produces up to 25% savings compared to metal riveting, as compared with cast metal saving up: the replacement of steel castings welded to 25-30% when replacing the cast iron welding of rolled steel, up to 50-60%. The use of welding in building construction makes it possible to reduce the weight of steel by 15% and facilitates production and increases the rigidity of the assembly.

In the construction of blast furnaces used in place of welding riveting saves from 12 to 15% of the metal in the construction of roof trusses-10-20%, in construction cranes -15-20%. 2. Shortening of work and reducing manufacturing cost structures by reducing the consumption of metal and reducing the burden of work. For example, the construction of large blast furnaces at steel mills welding furnace casing of sheet steel, electroslag method is carried out for half a month. Welding of the casing manual method takes more than a month, and riveting – 7-9 months.

Advantageous to use welding for individual and small-scale production, as this can do more simple and inexpensive devices and industrial equipment. 3. The possibility of manufacturing products of complex shape by welding them separate from the cast or stamped items instead of forging or casting the product in general.


Installation of windows in the modern world is gaining popularity and it does not matter, wooden box or plastic. A growing number of companies can offer their services in the field of installation of windows. Installation of wooden windows do not lose popularity because of environmental material. The most significant disadvantage of wooden windows is a low resistance to adverse weather conditions. The means used to protect wood from decay, really work exclusively indoors. Replacing wood windows is justified in applying the well-dried wood of high quality. When buying wooden windows with double-glazed windows should not strive for cheap and worth paying attention to the existence of guarantees. Installation of plastic windows, thanks to a completely sealed design effectively keeps the heat in the room.

Prolonged operation of modern life plastic windows with a relatively low price – makes an attractive plastic box purchase. In this regard, it is not a part of the renovation, which should save. Plastic windows in the apartment at the beginning of repair vary. When you remove the old window designs have the opportunity to spoil svezhesdelanny repair. When installing plastic windows using swing-out mechanism that allows you to open the windows in the horizontal and vertical planes. Such a system is effective, simple to use, convenient, reliable, and allows substantial savings available space with the windows open.

Generally, installation of windows – a very important moment in During installation, inappropriate location of spacers may sag doors, which prevents the window seal. Typically, when a window is no longer a problem in its core functions properly. In older homes during removal of old windows can suddenly change dimension collapsing wall construction, due to different depths of the old and the new windows can deteriorate insulation properties glass. In implementing the installation of the window block in the frame must be accurately set the window frame vertically and horizontally, and run the anchor plates. Clearances Intermedia window frame and wall opening should be in the range of 20-50 mm. In the gaps Intermedia frame and wall injected polyurethane foam that provides thermal insulation assembly of the joint. Subsequent work on finishing and adjusting window slopes fittings must be carried out only after complete solidification of the foam. The pledge of long work of the new window, regardless of the materials of its manufacture – is well-executed installation of windows.

Popular Water

Deserve a separate story water and coastal plants. It will take some time, and you want to update the look of your pond. And here come to the aid of a variety of designs of fountains, decorative lighting, arbors photo. Only once have to take into account that fish living in the pond, and also profiled the nymph is not very fond of noise and splashing fountains. In general, plan on at once, for which you are building a pond: just how effective decorative element; to grow beautiful aquatic plants, for breeding of ornamental fish, or maybe you want all together? In any case, you need expert advice. For example, for breeding koi pond need a depth of not less than 90 cm, to keep most aquatic plants for the winter, we need not freeze to the bottom of the pond. (Source: technology investor).

And most importantly, you need to know exactly what mechanisms are needed to maintain the pond in a condition suitable for the cultivation of fish, for example, rare varieties of nymphs (water lilies). Attention! Any body of water can be dangerous, especially for young children. In some cases, the pond may not be safe for pets. We recommend that you consider good security and not leave children unattended near water. Pond of prefabricated forms perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to artificial ponds device – installation finished forms of frost polyethylene or fiberglass. The forms vary in size and depth. Most Popular – pond shape with curving shores. They are ideally suited to gardens in the landscape style. When you purchase the shape you need to take into account the size of the site, and remember that eventually the pond will be visually smaller than it looks to form in the store. The overall impression of the pond is heavily dependent on the presence in the form of separate zones of landing.


Reliable supplies allowed to depart from the awkward latches and sealing circuit owners delivered a new woodwork from the need to seal the windows each fall. Relatively large the distance between the wings provides an air pocket that lead to additional noise and heat insulation. Wood breathes naturally, letting the air particles, even when the sash is closed. At the same time humidity in the room stays at a comfortable level for both humans and pets and plants. Gwyneth Paltrow is likely to increase your knowledge. Install woodwork is much easier than plastic, although it requires the observance of certain technologies. Among disadvantages of such windows – the inability to fix the flap in position. This is especially noticeable when it’s the wind, and to ventilate the area. Window shutters slammed into each other, and glass at each stroke can be broken.

As a rule, woodwork made from solid wood. On the one hand, it’s good, because the material is completely harmless, on the other – very important to its quality – namely, the quality of drying. Poorly seasoned wood may cracked or change their geometry is in a product. This will lead to cracks and problems with opening and closing doors. Wash woodwork is relatively easy, but how long: it is necessary to pay attention to all the glasses on both sides. That is, one-section box will need to wash every two shutters on both sides. In mezhstvorochnom space inevitably collects dust, so in need of cleaning and internal compartments. These deficiencies deprived of wood eurowinows.

Automatic Gates

Summer is coming and start all construction work on the improvement of suburban areas, and therefore it is necessary to make estimates and calculate the potential costs and as always it turns out that the budget is extremely limited and the cost of any item of expenditure is strongly underestimated, as compared with the actual market situation in the city of Krasnoyarsk. In order to reduce the cost of installing gates to the garage company is ready to offer Krasvorota sectional garage door with springs in tension. A distinctive feature of these gates is to simplify the design of a spring-inertial mechanism than last year's models at the expense of transferring the lifting mechanism gates in the vertical direction, which can significantly reduce the consumption of materials for the construction of a sectional door, while maintaining reliability and quality of insulation. Thanks to the redesign spring-inertial mechanism sectional doors are less demanding on the parameters of the opening. (Source: Peter Thiel). The minimum size of door frame is now 100 mm. When converted to the real value of the sectional door can be said following: Sectional doors RSD02 series of parameters – width 2800 mm – Height 2200 mm – 210 mm lintel Cost sectional doors at 29 800 rubles .* The cost of sectional doors with extension springs on the same parameters will be 26 300 rubles .* * – Prices are indicative for the market of Krasnoyarsk, depending on the region's cost of the gate may change.

As seen from the approximate calculation of the cost varies considerably. The cost of automatic Sectional door with spring tension, calculated from the parameters presented above (with the purchase of an automatic drive complete with two remote controls) will be up to 35 000, including delivery to installation site. Installation Automatic sectional door with the springs in tension is significantly different from the installation of automatic sectional door regular series. Gates usual series require more effort in cocking the spring, while Installation of automatic sectional door with the springs in tension does not involve such efforts. Sectional doors with springs in tension has several limitations. We offer to contact the managers of our company, to determine suitability for your opening automatic doors with springs in tension..