Installation of windows in the modern world is gaining popularity and it does not matter, wooden box or plastic. A growing number of companies can offer their services in the field of installation of windows. Installation of wooden windows do not lose popularity because of environmental material. The most significant disadvantage of wooden windows is a low resistance to adverse weather conditions. The means used to protect wood from decay, really work exclusively indoors. Replacing wood windows is justified in applying the well-dried wood of high quality. When buying wooden windows with double-glazed windows should not strive for cheap and worth paying attention to the existence of guarantees. Installation of plastic windows, thanks to a completely sealed design effectively keeps the heat in the room.

Prolonged operation of modern life plastic windows with a relatively low price – makes an attractive plastic box purchase. In this regard, it is not a part of the renovation, which should save. Plastic windows in the apartment at the beginning of repair vary. When you remove the old window designs have the opportunity to spoil svezhesdelanny repair. When installing plastic windows using swing-out mechanism that allows you to open the windows in the horizontal and vertical planes. Such a system is effective, simple to use, convenient, reliable, and allows substantial savings available space with the windows open.

Generally, installation of windows – a very important moment in During installation, inappropriate location of spacers may sag doors, which prevents the window seal. Typically, when a window is no longer a problem in its core functions properly. In older homes during removal of old windows can suddenly change dimension collapsing wall construction, due to different depths of the old and the new windows can deteriorate insulation properties glass. In implementing the installation of the window block in the frame must be accurately set the window frame vertically and horizontally, and run the anchor plates. Clearances Intermedia window frame and wall opening should be in the range of 20-50 mm. In the gaps Intermedia frame and wall injected polyurethane foam that provides thermal insulation assembly of the joint. Subsequent work on finishing and adjusting window slopes fittings must be carried out only after complete solidification of the foam. The pledge of long work of the new window, regardless of the materials of its manufacture – is well-executed installation of windows.

Working with Glass

Then the resulting mass is charged in pastry syringe or tube used out of toothpaste, and even squeezed in a roller shape of stained glass. It is important to avoid intersections between lines, as the rollers do not have to run into each other. We recommend that all actions with nitro lacquer in well-ventilated room or open-air, and the epoxy to work in rubber gloves. Solvent for epoxy is gasoline. We proceed to the next, best-known, method of manufacturing psevdovitrazhey. This stained glass from broken glass and silicate glue. Necessary to prepare colored glass size.

Prepare a sketch to full size, are attached to the back side of the glass. Defatted surface with ammonia and cause contour drawing dark marker or paint. Cover the glass layer silicate glue (liquid glass) and the mosaic of colored glass shards in the figure below. 4-6 hours the surface of stained glass is filled with a continuous layer of glue so that it covers all exposed pieces. The adhesive does not flow along the edges you can set time-frame of wooden slats. In addition to silicate glue is used epoxy or polyester resin / You can make stained glass from colored glass Tselikov the following technologies. Prepare a sketch and fasten it with the back of the transparent flogged, as in previous cases.

Cut out entire sections of stained glass image of a necessary configuration. On the basis of transparent glass-making 'dry' collection of stained glass. The space between the pieces of colored glass filled with a solution of the following composition: cement – 1 part sand – 3 parts, glue (like PVA) – Part 1. For convenience, this operation can take even the plastic containers of shampoo, in which the plug is inserted into a glass or plastic tube with a diameter of 4-5 mm. Before filling the edges of color glasses at the joints with the silicate glass thoroughly lubricated with a solution with a wooden stick. After drying is the main filling. This treatment solution does not seep under the stained glass, and stained obtained accurate. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right color for the glass timber window. However, due to any deadlock is always possible to find two exits. Clear glass can be painted tsapon varnish. As dye use and aniline dyes: Yellow – auramine, rivanola; Blue – Methylene blue, green – brilliant greens (available at pharmacies), red – rhodamine. To finish was uniform, the surface of the glass pour paint, giving the surplus to drain. If the glass is exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to use for coloring glass gliftalievy varnish. It is a synthetic resin solution (gliftalya) and aniline paint a particular color in a wine alcohol. If tsaponovogo glyptal or no polish, alcohol can be prepared colored lacquer of the following composition: 500 ml ethanol (wine) of alcohol, 1 g of aniline dye, 1 g of shellac.

European Furniture

Bathroom furniture bathroom furniture, bathroom plumbing shop VODOPAROFF.RU represents a wide range of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. On the internet shop window is represented as bathroom furniture foreign and domestic manufacturers. The Internet hardware store to buy you can as a complete set of bathroom furniture and separate components: the stone for the bathroom cabinet under the sink, cabinets with sink or a sink, closet in the bathroom, closets pencil boxes, cabinets column, cabinets with laundry basket, podstolya under the sink, mirrors and accessories. Also, in a shop window is presented bathroom furniture made of wood, furniture made of solid natural wood. Presented to the entire furniture warranty, guarantee and service and all the necessary documentation. Here is the: Furniture Bathroom AQUARIUS A +.

The Russian factory producing furniture for bathrooms, which reached a low cost of production, without affecting the quality of materials and workmanship. Italian bathroom furniture Berloni Bagno. Living with a huge selection of collections, style, performance and design. The highest quality materials, assemblies, and accessories. Bathroom furniture buyers and time-tested, winning positive reviews throughout the world. Bathroom Furniture BRIKLAER – Make Russia. Furniture under the brand name BRICKLAER in sets and individual items were voluntary and mandatory product certification in the GOST R certification is obtained conclusion of the SEA.

The warranty period for all furniture – 24 months. NOVITA – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer of advanced German technology and standards. An interesting modern design, quality materials, the latest high-quality supplies and equipment, durable coating. LAVACO. Polish furniture for the bathroom, European quality, flexible, affordable prices, availability of stock. Bathroom Furniture from the Polish factory LAVACO is a comprehensive solution for arrangement of your bathroom. SP & A Design – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer. Complex decisions on arrangement of bathroom. You can appreciate, like furniture sets SP & A Design, and some of its items: pencil, tables, cabinets and mirrors. Bathroom Furniture CAPRIGO, producer Russia. Furniture performed in the old classical style, the strict English design. Wide choice of finishes with gilding bronze, the effect of artificial aging. High-quality fabrics and an array of natural precious wood. ORIO – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer. The original design and color options create a unique style to your bathroom. Bathroom furniture "LCFAR" can be placed in the bathroom of any size. A huge number of cabinets, shelves and drawers will hold all the necessary items.

The Spring Has Come: Time To Protect The Wood

Remmers firm offers a wide range of products for protection, conservation, and wood trim. Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1 protects the wood from exposure to harmful microorganisms for her, which in large quantities contained in the wood with the very first moments of her life. Immediately after felling tree fungi can lead to the formation of the wood blue or even black areas, which inevitably entails the reduction of its cost. In addition, as a result of the activity of harmful micro-organisms can increase the capillary properties of wood, its gidropronitsaemost. The consequence of this are the increased water absorption, slow drying and subsequent uneven staining wood. When ostrozhek affected layer is sometimes lost 5-10% of the volume of useful timber.

But even on the planed board spot lesions can be seen in color. Blue fungus does not affect the durability of wood. But in by changing the color of wood is it impossible to use the material for finishing the face surfaces and decorative purposes. Fungal spores are everywhere, where trees grow. In this sense, the infection can not be avoided. At a temperature of +15 C and humidity over 30% of the wood creates ideal conditions for mold spores. Particularly favorable conditions for microbial growth, “offering” coniferous trees, particularly nutrient-rich pine and some hardwoods such as beech, mostly steamed. Laboratory investigations and numerous trials in different climatic zones (in Germany, Austria, Poland, Russia, etc.) have confirmed the superior efficacy of the product Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1.

Depending on the wood type, intensity and impact of micro-organisms required duration of protection is applied Different concentrations of Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1. It is a complex designed product. As a result of a focused combination of two active substances has been achieved synergies, so that consumption of the product significantly reduced. The synergy allows Remmers Adolit Blaueschutz BS-1 very efficiently, providing the required environmental impact. The concentration of the product used for wood processing, is only 2-4%. If must permanently maintain the beauty of wood while protecting it from all hazards, you need versatile tool that deeply penetrates the wood, thus allowing it to “breathe”. Remmers firm for these purpose designed product Aidol HK-Lasur. Remmers Aidol HK-Lasur suitable for the repair of old flooring, and for the treatment of new wood exterior designs. This product provides protection from shestifaktornuyu: moisture and rain, ultraviolet light, fungus; blue, insect pests, mold. Unique is the chemical composition of the active ingredients. In contrast to all similar blue biocidal complex Aidol HK-Lasur consists of a modern component to protect against mold, fungus, moss IPBC (Jobpropinyl Butylcarbamat) and Flufenoxuron – the active substance from insects and larvae. These powerful chemicals are strictly highly directional effects and are harmless to humans and animals. Resistant to adverse weather conditions and UV-blue Remmers Aidol HK-Lasurpozvolyaet wood to “breathe” and regulates humidity. The product is suitable for application by brush, dipping, pouring, spraying. Post-processing is possible without grinding. Protective decorative blue Aidol HK-Lasur is available in sixteen standard colors. There may be other colors.

Store Curtains

Since in modern apartments at the window is usually radiator, curtains inside the room and put forward to fall sex, so they do not touch the radiator grille. At the same time in the kitchen and children's dispense with short, light and practical materials, often entirely without a pattern. A good selection of fabrics for curtains and upholstery can be found in Store. There is always a wide range of materials for upholstery and curtains that will look great in any interior. Very often in modern apartments one room at different times is used for different purposes. Thus, in the kitchen preparing meals and at the same time having lunch, often in a room arrange a sliding bed or a niche for the bed, or vice versa, in a bedroom arrange a work area, such as computer work.

It can arrange partitions in the form of blinds or curtains that are just the right time to share the room into two functional areas. What curtain fabric to choose it and what does it depend? Perhaps, in the first place must be blind opaque, dense. Their coloring should be selected in accordance with the rest of the interior space. The easiest way to choose, of course monophonic material, its selection is not difficult, while for example, colorful fabrics visually reduce your room. If, however, the preferred fabric with a pattern, psychologists advise to pick up his humble, simple geometric or uniform, radiating calmness and poise. It's desirable install them from floor to ceiling.

On top with curtains made from curtain fabrics from Laura Ashley, it is possible to correct some of the disadvantages of an apartment or a room and bring harmony in the room. For example, if room is too high, we can choose the fabric to pattern or stripes on them were in the horizontal direction, and the assembly and form of curtains to organize so that they supported the movement in width. If the room Conversely, too low, it would be nice make curtains from curtain fabrics with vertical stripes to create the assembly in the same direction. If the wall is a series of small windows, it is appropriate to make the entire wall solid curtains, closing all windows at once. The door in the wall that is not used, you can close the curtains as a drapery, which will serve the same and as a decorative element. Color of the fabric for curtains best pick up one tone with the wall, or a semitone differ, depending on the tasks performed in an interior room in this element. In the offices and common rooms, where it is desirable to create an impression of restraint and austerity made plain curtains preferably from the same fabric as the upholstery. To do this, are ideal materials so-called dual-use items that are perfectly suitable for both upholstery and curtain. To revitalize interior design, some items like a small sofa, we can upholster patterned cloth. Laura Ashley specialists developed a number of different fabrics with lots of variety images that can be chosen almost any developed interior designers.

Suspended Ceilings In Universities

The ceilings are aesthetic, durable, easy to install and care, so they are increasingly being used to process a variety of areas. And if in residential homes and apartments they are used mainly in the hallways and bathrooms, then in public buildings, suspended ceilings found throughout. Airports and railway stations, shopping centers and restaurants, swimming pools and water parks are taking a modern and more attractive thanks largely to the suspended ceiling systems. At present, special attention is paid to design of facilities of universities: the institutions, where every day thousands of students are trained, have their own requirements for finishing materials. The walls are painted light-resistant cleaning paints, flooring choice, taking into account cross-country men. The ceilings also have to meet certain conditions, first and foremost we are talking about the possibility of rapid installation and replacement of individual elements of the suspension systems. It is very important when it comes to repair large areas, especially if this process is combined with the period of the university. Suspension Systems Geipel could not be better satisfy the aforesaid requirements above.

No matter what type of ceilings is chosen – cluster, rack, mesh or tile, installation carried out by experts in just a few hours, with virtually no dirt or dust. If necessary, any panel, cassette or plate may be replaced without dismantling the entire new construction. In addition, if you want to change the color of the ceiling can be installed on new elements already existing fixture. Another condition for the regeneration of areas in the universities is the fire resistance of materials used and do not release them at high temperatures, toxic substances. Many people know that most people affected by fire, goes to hospital with burns not, namely, the poisoning of pairs of synthetic products. Through the use of natural materials and the production of high-quality coatings, Ceilings Geipel demonstrate excellent performance on fire safety, which allows their use even in children's hospitals.

Design Of Power Supply Systems

To date, it is difficult to imagine a modern renovation without disturbing the wiring issue. Technology does not stand still, and each day offers new solutions to the consumer for a comfortable stay and work. Whether it's air conditioning system, the technology of "smart home", various household appliances, etc. Do you make repairs to a new home or simply upgrading their homes. Sure, everyone wants to see this process completed as soon as possible faster and better. If you do not want to go back to the question of restructuring in the coming years should not neglect the design of power supply systems.

You do not have to re-do repairs in a few years to to lay new wire to the wall for additional equipment. The project takes into account all the power of desire and dreams of the landlord. Design with a look at the future. For example, today, smart home system for you too dear thing. A few years later you will get it without hesitation.

The project has incorporated all and you can only connect the equipment. Thus, you eliminate the headaches. Maybe you already can see how things should work in your home or office? And you have no desire to use ready-made solutions. Your imagination and experience of the designer can avoid spending huge money, but become the owner of the "smart home". You can set separate sub-systems and tie them together. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Intrusion alarms, access control system in the room control water leaks, gas leaks video surveillance network communication system of lighting power Cistemu buildings (industrial UPS, diesel generators) Tooling building (opening / closing gates, barriers, electric heating stages, etc.) from one place to control audio, video, home theater remote monitoring and control systems for the network's in your hands, and depends only on your imagination. If this article has convinced you need to develop the project supply. It is worth to mention one more important detail is not enough. Electroproject must agree in AIE PTO "ITC" MGEN ". Matching Electroproject not trust us carrying out project work. Let me explain why. Justify and comment on design decisions can only designer who runs the project supply. Receiving project inspector easier due to professional language and to work constructively on the issues. This substantially saves time for both parties. Time required for approval of the project designer in instances, at least in five times less than the layman matching Electroproject. Fact repeatedly tested in practice. Special factor – is well-established relationship between the project organization and the matching instance. Perhaps this is the most compelling argument to instruct the work of a professional.

Flame Retardants

Materials for tissue has its own standard, under which the test results flammable textile materials are subdivided into flammable and inflammable. Impregnation Flame retardant BATH-1, developed and manufactured since 1993 JSC "Neohim." Originally produced as part of an aqueous solution, which, of course, was not effective, since the objects are processed composition, had to carry plenty of water. Recently BATH-1 is produced as a dry powder that is diluted on-site. When the superficial impregnation of wood allows you to transfer to the second group of flame retardant efficiency. Initially membership was created to handle the attics, which are just and should have such a group. And if we put the wood in the 20% solution of antiseptic tree, then within two hours of deep impregnation occurs, which translates the material in the first group of fire-resistance rating.

Impregnation under pressure – the most promising way to protect wooden structures. Wood "canned" impregnation solution penetrates it deep enough. When a surface impregnation, after rassushivaniya layer is destroyed, the protection disappears. And when the pressure impregnation is guaranteed "the integrity" in the cracks of up to 1.5 cm. At the same time – and this is important – on the mechanical properties of structures does not affect treatment. It is known that the first group of fire-resistance rating when using the impregnation depth is achieved only by means of an autoclave. If you make the surface impregnation – the tree will receive only the second group of fire-resistance rating. However, in most cases, a deep soaking to just impossible, not every design can be disassembled to such components to each could be loaded into a special bath. The firm "Antiseptic" offers impregnating compositions – Flame Retardants "PP", "MS" and "MC 1-1." All three are dry soluble products, the first two are for surface, and the third – for deep soaking. JSC "MORNING" produces impregnation of the "Old Elm" is also intended for surface impregnation.