Working with Glass

Then the resulting mass is charged in pastry syringe or tube used out of toothpaste, and even squeezed in a roller shape of stained glass. It is important to avoid intersections between lines, as the rollers do not have to run into each other. We recommend that all actions with nitro lacquer in well-ventilated room or open-air, and the epoxy to work in rubber gloves. Solvent for epoxy is gasoline. We proceed to the next, best-known, method of manufacturing psevdovitrazhey. This stained glass from broken glass and silicate glue. Necessary to prepare colored glass size.

Prepare a sketch to full size, are attached to the back side of the glass. Defatted surface with ammonia and cause contour drawing dark marker or paint. Cover the glass layer silicate glue (liquid glass) and the mosaic of colored glass shards in the figure below. 4-6 hours the surface of stained glass is filled with a continuous layer of glue so that it covers all exposed pieces. The adhesive does not flow along the edges you can set time-frame of wooden slats. In addition to silicate glue is used epoxy or polyester resin / You can make stained glass from colored glass Tselikov the following technologies. Prepare a sketch and fasten it with the back of the transparent flogged, as in previous cases.

Cut out entire sections of stained glass image of a necessary configuration. On the basis of transparent glass-making 'dry' collection of stained glass. The space between the pieces of colored glass filled with a solution of the following composition: cement – 1 part sand – 3 parts, glue (like PVA) – Part 1. For convenience, this operation can take even the plastic containers of shampoo, in which the plug is inserted into a glass or plastic tube with a diameter of 4-5 mm. Before filling the edges of color glasses at the joints with the silicate glass thoroughly lubricated with a solution with a wooden stick. After drying is the main filling. This treatment solution does not seep under the stained glass, and stained obtained accurate. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right color for the glass timber window. However, due to any deadlock is always possible to find two exits. Clear glass can be painted tsapon varnish. As dye use and aniline dyes: Yellow – auramine, rivanola; Blue – Methylene blue, green – brilliant greens (available at pharmacies), red – rhodamine. To finish was uniform, the surface of the glass pour paint, giving the surplus to drain. If the glass is exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to use for coloring glass gliftalievy varnish. It is a synthetic resin solution (gliftalya) and aniline paint a particular color in a wine alcohol. If tsaponovogo glyptal or no polish, alcohol can be prepared colored lacquer of the following composition: 500 ml ethanol (wine) of alcohol, 1 g of aniline dye, 1 g of shellac.