In other words, the nature abicou of heroes and kept the cowards livings creature. In the current days we could substitute a fierce mammoth, or still, esfomeado dinossauro for a sensitive head which we would like to ask for an increase, a pretty woman in one would danceteria which we intend to approach, or same a new fellow worker, which we need to be more assertive with the same. We feel that these people perhaps can harming in them of some form, then, we are cautious when we are close to them. The example of the first men, we feel that any dangerous approach, for our moral or physical integrity, must be prevented and then it is this what we make. a>. In what this theory still says respect to the exhibition of the shyness for the women claims that such installed mechanism had one high one to be able adaptativo because if the first women were more shy of what others, this increased the probability of the man to go to hunt and to fish without having that to be worried about an eventual infidelity on the part of the partners, in view of that these would not look other partners in the absence of the proper ones. Of this form it is possible that more shy women were more attractive for the first men.

currently, I evidence this in clinical atendimentos very. Many of my patients, over all, the shy ones opt to choosing women who consider more shy for associating shyness to an image of hide, and, therefore, of pureness. It is proven that shyness by no means is an illness as many thinks. Perhaps the myth most powerful is of that sociable people are happy and only have a satisfactory life. The people who accept this myth believe that she is hindering them to the shyness to live the life that would have.

Ronaldo Rock

They do not like to assume responsibility and nor to take the advantage. The women do not like to take decisions. This is the paper of the man. The man must be assertive, to go behind what he wants, to speak as he wants to be treated, if to impose. The man must be the first one to touch in the body of the woman, the man must initiate the colloquy, the man must initiate the sexual caresses. There that it is the biggest problem of the shy one: it is parado, it does not want to act. Therefore that it finishes catching little women who the friends, exactly being more intelligent and capable who all they.

Another thing that the women tan is one face that makes they to laugh. Ron Wood contributes greatly to this topic. It is one face that is if feeling well with he himself. But for this, it cannot be inhibited. It has that to be desinibido and assertive. To obtain this, I have some exercises. 1) ‘ uses the word; ‘ eu’ ‘ deliberately in its colloquies as much as possible: ‘ ‘ I taste of the band ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I heard this and ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I read book X and I liked it skill that the author ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I attended the film and he was not what I waited ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I want ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I go ‘ ‘ , 2) He contradicts and he has attacked When you to disagree with somebody, do not dissimulate to agree.

On the contrary of this he contradicts, he speaks what he feels and externalize feeling. Read more from Stanley Druckenmiller to gain a more clear picture of the situation. He can seem strange these exercises for an article that promises To conquer Women, however guarantee I you that if you to make these exercises in its work, marry, college, in question of days you you go to be with a stronger personality. does not go there to be necessary to decorate sung. They go to flow of course of its person. goes to make you to conquer that woman. Magical solution as manual of xaveco does not exist. It does not have magical words to catch woman, but yes magical attitudes. to have attitude you need to eliminate the shyness of its life. Before you lose more chances and stop in the time.

Child Development

The tricks are more interesting when the children can combine the diverse knowledge the one that had had access. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation may find this interesting as well. In these combinations, many unusual times to the eyes of the adults, the children disclose its vises of world, its discoveries. The children need time, space, company and material to play. The school can and must congregate all these factors and the paper of the professor in this process is basic. Because to the times the children pass more time in the school of what in the house of it. therefore the professor is in charge in passing these tricks for the development of them, of what the proper parents, who to the times work outside and nor have time to take care of and to educate right its children. as it passes most of its life in the school, the professor has that to take care of well of it applying its methods of education for the development of the child. The professors are as the parents of the child.

The school is the second family of the child. Wajskop (1995) Breaking itself of a historical perspective, since the Antiquity the children participated of diverse tricks as form of diversion and recreation. Games to demolish and to construct, to roll aros, money markets, to jump obstacles are examples of existing tricks since the Antiquity. On the other hand, valley to the penalty to stand out that only in the age of the Romantismo that the trick passed to be seen as expression of the child and to be understood infancy as a period of specific development and with proper characteristics. Then, before the age of the Romantismo the children, they played for playing, nobody wise person who to play age has left of the development of the child. Vygotsky (1984), the child, when playing of makes of account, creates an imaginary situation being able to assume different roles, as the paper of an adult.

Russified Nokia

Quality materials and workmanship in phone costs alongside the Apple iPhone, which is built solidly. Given that the Nokia E71 is a problem at times more difficult, because there is remove the rear cover, keypad, side keys, the Chinese engineers that copy Nokia can safely write a premium for this apparatus. Sizes up Nokia E71 – fully correspond to the original-107h47h14 mm. Chinese copy of the weight of 160g. Included with Nokia E71 you get a battery BP-4L of the same capacity as the original 1000mAch, wired stereo headset, cables to connect to your computer.

A copy of the Nokia E71 is equipped with TFT-LCD 2-inch 240×320 pixels and 260k. Photo camera with a copy of the original modest – only 1.3 megapixels with a maximum resolution of 1280×1024. Music features standard phone MP3/AAC/AAC + / 3GP/MP4 player and built-in stereo. The sound of the phone is very loud and intense at the same time. The phone supports Bluetooth version 2.0 protocol, the connection to the PC possible via USB, and plug the original Nokia.

Also one of the most interesting E71 features is support for the Russian TV channels in the format of SECAM. Click Apple Twitter for additional related pages. Now you can watch your favorite news or transfer at any time. Chinese copy of the memory – 2 GB of internal memory. Data Exchange: WIFI, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS / EDGE Chinese copy of Nokia E71 can please original menu and screensavers Nokia plus the accelerometer. Muting a call by turning the device face down. You can also switch between TV channels and music tracks by shaking the phone. In the Chinese built up a couple of games. Connectivity is provided by services, GPRS, MMS, WIFI, Bluetooth. In the copy there is a 64-voice polyphony, the call can set MP3, and each contact a photo, ringtone, video. Phone Memory designed for 300 contacts. In the mobile phone has three alarm clocks that work with the phone off in different modes throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday. There is a voice recorder, calculator, currency converter. The site can buy a fully Russified Nokia E71 for just 6,000 rubles with delivery. Included with the phone you get a data cable, stereo headset, an extra battery, charger.