Satellite Internet

The most common satellite antenna output Ulyanovsk plant, which are sold under the name 'Supral'. The antenna must be mounted converter for most services is a converter Ku band, its value within 500 rubles. To decode the satellite signal is needed dvb card. Manufacturers set but leading-Technotrend Technisat and otherwise known SkyStar2 and SkyStar3, the latter more poulyarna due to a more sensitive tuner. To connect the maps and plates used by high-frequency cable, and its length should not be bolshe70-100 meters. The total cost of the equipment set today over 3000-5000 rubles. In addition satellite dish is not only able to receive satellite internet but also provides the ability to watch satellite tv channels that are on satellite for free.

All this allow you to get maximum enjoyment when using your equipment and save a lot of your money sredstvapo compared to the cost of payment adsl. Adroll will not settle for partial explanations. After you select the equipment you need to find installers for the installation of equipment in your home. It is reasonable to buy equipment and to order the installation in one company, but ask whether there is a license for construction works on the installation of equipment and, accordingly, the master, past spetsobuchenie. Dominant position in the market operators, satellite Internet is a European telecommunications holding Teles AG-skyDSL. Software obesobespechenie Satellite Internet skyDSL installed very easily, has a clear user interface. Let us consider the prices of satellite Internet skyDSL. Conventionally divided them into three groups 'Classic', 'Premium', 'FLAT'.

Tariff Plans Classic – it's basic rates at speeds up to 1 Mbps. Classic 1 is 180 rubles at the current rate there is no pre-paid traffic, buy more bandwidth is 58 kopecks per 1 mb. Classic 2 cost 490 rubles in the monthly fee includes 1000 mb of traffic, buy additional traffic is charged from calculation of 58 kopecks per 1 mb. Premium tariffs are already allows the user to the presence of two priorities (mode) between which you can switch from the program menu skyDSL and can be an unlimited number of times. The first priority should be used for and, Internet surfing is User agrees not to download large (more than 3 MB) file. In the case of downloading files downloading speed will be cut. To download large files using the second priority, it speed does not depend on the amount of downloading. 'Premium 2' subscription fee is 1,490 rubles including 2 gigabytes on the second priority, and "Premium 3 'four gigabytes of monthly fee 1,790 rubles of additional traffic on the priority number two is 58 kopecks. per mb. Absolutely unlimited calling-FLAT 250/500 – high-speed performance at a rate of up to 256 kbps. This rate also includes two high-speed priority, but the second priority is extremely expensive, its use is inappropriate. Therefore, the fees flat only the first priority, he bezlimiten without any restrictions. That is -FLAT 250/500 unlimited rate speeds up to 256 kbps. Monthly payment 1890 flat 500/1000 – unlimited rate speeds up to 512 kbps. 3700 rubles per month, flat 1000/2000 – unlimited rate speeds up to 1 Mbps. 7200 rubles monthly payment flat 2000/4000 – unlimited rate speeds up to 2 Mbps. Monthly payment 17,700


Using descriptive words, not just the technical terms may have a greater impact. Hidden contact information consumers want to know what they are dealing with real companies, when they transmit their data, especially when it comes to your credit card. They want to know that if they have problems, they will have the opportunity to talk to a real person and get help. If your site does not provide any contact information or the consumer can not to find quickly and easily find it, he is less trusted site, and therefore less sure about whether to work with him Vami.Chto to do with it Make it so a visitor could easily find your phone numbers and addresses for each page. It is best to place your contact information in the header at the top of the sidebar or footer. Ensure the availability of various means of communication, if possible. Brad Pitt: the source for more info. Contact form, address e-mail address, phone number and mailing address – it all adds customers trust your site.

Also, remember that the more expensive or complicated product you sell, the more likely that consumers will want to contact vami.3. Long enough or clear ordering process is one of the biggest mistakes that can be tolerated in the development of an online store. You have to make the process of transferring their customer details, choice of convenient payment method and complete checkout as easy as possible. The more steps you make to user from the moment when the product was in the basket, until payment, the more opportunities you give it to leave your site without making a purchase. Perfect verification process includes one page for consumers, where they can check your order and enter the address and billing information, and page order confirmation. Everything else will only interfere with the design zakaza.Chto to do with it Follow the above model, as far as possible.

Google Adsense

Today, with the growth of the Internet is growing and the attendance of various saytov.Sayty appear and disappear, the information is updated and ustarevaet.I sometimes happens – when I want to find or to withdraw from his favorite material, he is overdue or the site is already vanished into bottomless space of our Ineta. Brad Pitt is open to suggestions. A blog where you are now, not my first draft, so when I opened it, the first question was his promotion. Many make the site or blog, just start looking for different affiliate programs, of which a bottomless space set for today, forgetting to start earning above all, we have worked hard. To date, Famous Five basic models of earnings on websites or blogs: 1.Elektronny shop with direct sales of goods; 2.Razmeschenie content (this is, of course, Yandex Direct, Begun, Google Adsense) 3. advertising space ( banner advertising, the sale of articles, links); 4. goods or services pratnera with payment for the purchase or CPC; 5. different services (from the host to a variety of opportunities for your account at social networking sites). The natural choice remains for you that you have more than acceptable.

But installing various programs, it is unlikely you will immediately become a rich, well, non-poor, it is more convenient epithet. To own approach to sustainable earnings, we must invest in yourself considerable amount of znaniy.I me no one can dissuade it is not so. What can be ready to take advice be caught in the same Internet and on someone else's experiences to start making money. .

Usenet Technology

The Usenet is touted by many as revolutionary new technology and invention, especially in the area of downloads and file sharing. However, the Usenet is really so revolutionary, unique and special? In fact, Usenet is not a new invention. The origin goes back to the year 1971. The three technology enthusiasts Truscott, Bollovin and Ellis created the first trains of the Usenet in the United States. At that time there was a connection between two computers were able to communicate over existing phone lines to each other and share data, used. Those days were over quickly and the Usenet has developed into a big black board on which men met millions of people who exchanged their knowledge with each other and discussed with each other.

With these things it is not until today. Usenet is one of the largest networks with an even larger database. These data and the knowledge of how the access is easy to deploy on these make themselves new Usenet provider, eg Alphaload or Usenext to your advantage. On the part of providers have been programmed easy to use news reader, which is the basis for access to Usenet are. This software makes it easy to find in the vast jungle of the Usenet data to right – simple and understandable. In addition to the provider and the News Reader an existing Internet connection, an additional condition for access to Usenet. Do you have a connection to the Internet at a speed of only one Mbit or less, you can purchase only at that speed data from the Usenet.

Do you have a faster connection, but of several Mbps, so the download speed from the Usenet is also faster and time saving.

A common mistake occurs with respect to the legality of the Usenet. The Usenet is just as legal as the Internet, too. The Usenet providers are also as legal as your Internet provider. Critically it will when you stock up on copyright protected material, which is most certainly on Usenet, and download. This is illegal, even if you for your Pay for access to Usenet. Have the right provider of Usenet access, when they say the access is anonymous.

SEO Text

According to the professionals – SEO-optimized text should have a few essential characteristics, so let's say, it is important to take into account its quality and uniqueness. In connection with this demand are two types of such Services – Writing and rewriting. Writing – this is directly the establishment of professional texts. This text will be 100% unique. Through copywriting can be promoted in the modern Internet products and services – it will be most effective tool for promotion. For more information see this site: Peter Thiel.

Additional direction – rewriting. The transformation process is called article rewriting. The objective of this process lies in the fact that the author of the text visually and structurally different from the original, but bears the same essence and meaning of the original article. There are three primary requirements that must respond to any text placed on the portal: reproduction, refinement and ranking – just such requirements must be met in order to search engine can determine the degree of uniqueness of the text. Speaking candidly Don Brownstein told us the story. Technology lsi (Latent Semantic Indexing), which stands for Latent Semantic indexing ", helps to solve these problems. But the same technology used is not always, but the main thing – is that the most popular search engine google.

com is focused directly on this version of the definition of relevance information. It was necessary to note that the search engines use such technology, there is a certain "quality" system. A quality system provides the ranking of pages and then gives them visitors who typed your query in the search engine. The better your text, so it has priority in a database search engine. At the end of this article I would like to say that SEO-optimized site will require a high theoretical and practical skills. Professionals often need more than one year to master these skills and learn how to use them. A combination of measures to optimize – optimize text, code optimization web page optimization headlines, up to writing articles in order – will be the most effective option to promote any portal in search engines.

For The Future Of Social News Portal

Today, in times of huge information flow, it is difficult to navigate in the vast expanses of the Internet. Of course, to find the specific information you can use the top search engines such as Yandex or Google. But what if you do not have the specific purpose of finding information? If you just want to entertain themselves, and at the same time learn something new from the world of politics, music, sports, science, show business, as well as to explore any other useful and interesting information. Someone might say that there are many news sites, which shows all the information … and it's true. However, not all information and news sites covering a full range of news. A main drawback of traditional news sites is that all news, reviews and articles are generally formed by one person – the administrator. Today a new era …

The era of social news portals. What are the social news portal? What advantages over conventional news sites? That is what we'll find out. To date, there are several in runet PSP. For our review, we take a young but very dynamic social news portal first impression of the site is very nice. Beautiful, Intuitive website design, made from special hard, in our opinion portal will satisfy any user. Home "feature" is that after a simple registration, each user has the opportunity to add news. All news ratings are generated by voting, which is attended by visitors.

People will add the best, the latest news in twenty categories. That is why, a news database can cater to almost any visitor to the portal. Now anyone can become a real newsmaker! Adding the most interesting news to the site, especially very useful for website owners and webmasters. For each news item is added to a picture, brief description and links to source site, and the database link will remain forever. This means that your site will additional traffic, plus indexing of links by search engines. In the future, the administration plans to stimulate the action, consequence of which the best authors will receive a monetary reward. – an excellent example of social news portal of new generation. Traditional news sites eventually become extinct, the future – for social news portals.

New Technology Part One

New technologies in the market promotion of sites, like the week to promote a site, go to the top on all search engines. Five years ago I came upon a magazine about the laptop, which I found an article on popularity of sites. In this journal provides a method of promotion of sites. Now I will outline the methods that worked five years ago. To promote a site in two thousand and fifth year, it was necessary to place a description of your site in all known directories site.

Listed the main directories of sites, such as Yandex, Google release dmoz, and so on. What has changed today. Top directory sites, such as holding leadership and continue to detain him. Nothing for today compared to two thousand fifth year, has not changed. As before you had to pay for the appearance of the site in Yandex and now have to fork out. By the way, if you are already talking about Yandex, a good idea to sue by Yandex. That provide the court with by Yandex.

Good promotion of your site. Assume in all print media, television, internet and radio news is information that Yandex is suing such a company. Great advertising must be used. Subject or causal court can choose a lot of reasons. First obtain advice from an experienced lawyer, to collect the necessary documents and evidence, to pay a good advakatu, and in front. Okay, we go further, by new technologies of promotion of sites. Next , then you are, no matter under what conditions, exchange links with the main page of your site from other sites. There are methods of the star, triangle, and so on. Exchange references. What worked five years ago, the same techniques work today. Only if the earlier segment of the Internet was little more than a few tens of millions, but now those numbers much higher. And in Yandex, as was the first page of the ten sites, so it remains, ten sites on the first page. And it's simple math. If you previously had no competitors in the Internet, now everyone has a web page that will try to get on the first page of Yandex. You understand where I am. Yes, all right, this method is still the same, only the technology took a step forward. Not all of course, Internet Explorer, it does not correctly read the html code and continues to read it incorrect, see our friend Bill says that we must adapt to him, but he is not under us. As a result of such policies on the first place borauzery that before we even knew the names.

UTI Patients

Among the observed difficulties, stood out: information: inadequate, disorganized, confused and sometimes contradictory. Inpatient without identification. Filed under: Naveen Selvadurai. Family travel by various hospitals to find their loved ones, in the uncertainty of finding them without life. Long hours of waiting in the Judicial Morgue to carry out recognitions. This situation occurred between families and loved ones: expressions of bewilderment, anxiety, helplessness, guilt, sensation of lack of resources to respond to address these difficulties, and contain the emotional impact, the following actions were performed: accompaniment and guidance to relatives in search of information accompanying relatives and loved ones to the Judicial Morgue for identification of corpses guidance and advice to administrative personnel (guard) period of hospitalization: main actions developed in assistance to their family in order to contain the emotional impact of hospitalized patients and their families during the period of hospitalization in intensive care, and inpatient focused actions in family members and medical teams, given that the gravity of the boxes, most of the patients were in pharmacological coma. Main actions: facilitation of information accompaniment during visiting hours orientation to relatives about: communication of facts, resolution of everyday situations, family functioning in relation to what happened orientation team physician with regard to manifestations and modalities for coping individual and family to articulate the psychological assistance services clinicosse had considered patterns of family functioning, and tambienla presence of persons and organizations not authorized (who even with the noble intention of providing helpthey generated confusion in the family). Joined the socio-economic difficulties for an accompaniment sustained patients, due to problems of jobs and housing, given that many families had their housing and work far away from the place of internment. Between family members, it was noted it difficult to tolerate the uncertainty of the evolution, because coexisted with slow and uncertain developments successful evolutions. Actions with patients, family members and team physician during hospitalization in UTI to hospitalized patients were recovering consciousness, daily conducted a review of psychic functions and registration of the emotional impact.

Flash Technology In Web Development

Flash – a rather popular technique for many years is widely used for creating websites. Compared with the rest of the site done in Flash can contain much more animation and even video clips. Flash – a multimedia technology by which a developer can create a much richer site than using the classic HTML. Flash allows you to bring to the design of lightness perception, dynamics and interactivity. Bright site better stored by the visitor. Complement the site can be sound, but you have to have a sense of proportion and not perenasytit design.

Before beginning work on the site the customer should always articulate their requirements and wishes. For this to be clearly defined set of tasks that must be addressed through the site. It is in line with these objectives and should be chosen technology for creating the site. Flash technology to create a promo for various activities and events, but to build enterprise information portals and the use of Flash is not recommended due to certain restrictions, which carries the technology. First, Flash site may not be available some users, since not all browsers have extensions to view Flash. Second, some Flash sites much worse indexed by search engines, which can create problems when the search progress. Third, Flash can be much slower to boot and run over with a site created based on HTML. Fourth, users can not change the font size on this site completely on the technology of Flash.

Fifthly, it is problematic to maintain and printout of information from such sites. And to complete it should be noted that a Flash sites much more difficult to update the information. As we see, a website created in Flash can create many problems to the owner, but that does not mean that the sites on this technology have no right to exist. Area of application – the sites that should impress the user, and sink into the mind. For information on the possibilities of technology is recommended read a collection of Flash templates. Get acquainted with them you are likely to be able to select and buy appropriate for your site. In addition, the purchase of a template allows you to save considerably on development.

Web Programs

While there are web designers is extremely popular use of flash-animation, often the constantly changing animation is irritating site visitors. At the same time perfectly motionless content Web pages also Like many people. Best of all, if changes occur during the initial page load and in response to some user actions. Most often, changing the appearance of the menu when the user brings to them pointer. Such changes are easily done through style sheets CSS, although in some instances, and the program in JavScript. However, more significant changes in the fragments of Web pages can sometimes be significantly their decorate, and then, without quite powerful programs written in the programming language JavScript, can not do.

Today it is very rare in the development of programs, all written from beginning to end. More commonly used standard libraries, many of which are distributed free of charge. One of these libraries provide a powerful and highly effective, is a MooTools. With small programs, causing resources MooTools, you can easily change the content and design web pages, making them more interactive and easy to use. Also, using this library is easy to implement asynchronous communication with the server technology AJAX. Tooltips, the effect of the accordion hiding some parts of this document, changing the design, unusual visualization of images and many other effects greatly improve the site, and to realize all these special effects is simple enough, if we use MooTools. Although the load time is slightly increased, as the library takes a few tens of kilobytes received little effect justifies the loss of time.