Standardization Technical Committee

This is divided into two equal groups the number of packages to test and each of these groups were subjected to each of the two tests, avoiding matching on the same package the two trials, in order to avoid that for purposes of Fatigue distort the results. Test 1 .- The container is dropped vertically along a surface perpendicular to the shock coincides with its longitudinal axis and the impact produced on its base. Test 2 .- The container is dropped into a horizontal position, producing the impact on the side of his body. The heights of trials 1 and 2 are determined according to the volume of container tested: Package exceeding 1000 ml: 1.5 meters. Exceeding 1,000 ml Bottle: 1 meter.

Containers to be tested in full must withstand the test carried out so that the result is satisfactory. The compressive strength bleach containers are arranged within their respective packing up and submitted to an applied force on its upper surface, equivalent to the total mass of identical packages to two meters tall stack of packages of the same size and capacity. Follow others, such as Jeff Feig New York, and add to your knowledge base. The test duration is at least 24 hours. The packages are filled with their packaging and so much about how others are closed and placed in the same way as if they had to go for the expedition. The standard application is the UNE EN ISO 2234:2003 repealing UNE 49 701 h9 indicated in the Regulations. Leakage test test ground containers are placed in an inverted position, based on closing for two hours, after which there must have been produced or spill fluid loss, repeated twice on each package, opening and closing again container each time. The laboratory of dangerous goods is AIDIMA official laboratory of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade and is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Board) to conduct such trials. The laboratory AIDIMA dangerous goods, has extensive experience of more than 10 years in conducting aptitude tests to obtain the approval of packaging for the transport of dangerous goods and holds the Coordination Working Group.


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