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Journal chip BitDefender records Internet Security 2011 software top from Holzwickede, 06th December 2010 the renowned trade magazine chip has the software Internet Security 2011 virus protection expert BitDefender ( with the predicate awarded top-class. Total tested eleven safety solutions of known anti virus manufacturer in a large comparative test through its paces. BitDefender finished an excellent 2nd place here. This result obtained the software in particular due to their high performance, a superior malware protection, as well as their very clear and user friendly user interfaces. The chip Tester once more put the bar compared to the investigation of last year. Especially in the detection of unknown or potentially dangerous viruses, individual software products have been subjected to comprehensive tests. Here, particularly the heuristic was called which parses the malicious code on similarities to known cyber threats. BitDefender Internet Security 2011 realized very solid 98,42% of all viruses, worms, backdoors, and bots in this test area.

Overall the software called once only a false alarm. BitDefender a perfect 100% detection rate reached at already known malware. Only BitDefender top in terms of performance the malware protection was the most important criterion in the test according to own the journal. But make even the safest PC no fun anymore”, if the applicable security software influence the performance of the computer. Therefore, the testers rated strongly also this discipline. “The result in terms of performance” in the wording: the only good result achieved the BitDefender suite, which quickly completed the scanning of the system partition and never fell off at other values. ” It was also examined whether remember already parsed files the scanner. Because only new or modified files are checked for subsequent scans, this saves system resources in addition. According to chip here are a few products needed up to three times as much time as the BitDefender software.

Even Software Users

Terms and conditions copyright undergoing Aachen, June 2013 – also in the software industry happen it occasionally, that a company enforces clauses in the market that this will be dominant in the market can be. Medium-sized companies can respond with legal tests of the supposedly illegal terms and conditions clause. It is important, however, to meet exact rules in AGB law, to allow this protection. Incyte pursues this goal as well. General terms and conditions are pre-formulated contract terms, which facilitate the commerce between similar business processes and involve recurring agreements in the contract. Used for a variety of contracts, involving agreements that differ from regulations.

To the protection of consumers against the superior negotiating positions of companies, since the consumer has no influence on predefined policies, the rights of the consumer in GTC law 305 were anchored ff BGB. Therefore they must be understandable and the entrepreneur has the obligation to explicitly indicate in its policies. No surprising clauses must contain the general terms and conditions and in doubt their interpretations these shall be borne by the contractor. Individual agreements always have precedence over the general terms and conditions. In the entrepreneurial business similar schemes, which, however, exclude some of the legal requirements apply. Specific liability issues can be narrowed from the outset or excluded, the warranty rights between contractor contracts are therefore limited.

In competing companies, however, the possibility of controversial formulations of a competitor by a court have to check. This instrument is intended to prevent that economically superior companies are dominant in the market and at the same time cause that the policies are subject to a special control. The general terms and conditions law prevents the legal advantage of dominant companies over their weaker partners. Small and medium-sized enterprises are therefore against the dictates of large corporations protected. However, there are some gaps, where the individual negotiated contracts control are subject to not the fairness in this legislation.

Costs Via

Monitoring around the clock and secure a reliable access to a virtual infrastructure many companies alarm is sent to the right people providing alerting solution from Dolphin systems AG in Wollerau, successfully to minimize operational disruptions. The system decides the maximum availability of technical systems for all important messages about the economic success and the corporate existence of many companies. Crises and incidents are not predictable and often cause sensitive degradation in operational activities. Technical systems must be protected and monitored, to running the business processes in the production of market services does not significantly affect or even compromise. Add to your understanding with Hillary Clinton. Established, reliable service solution from Dolphin systems, building control systems and the manufacturing facilities are protected and monitored – and around the clock. The cost – and time-saving solution with sikado? Tech-alarm monitoring company technical alarm contacts, by fire, temperature, Moisture, access control and other sensors transmitted.

This, important error messages are automatically redirected to the correct staff or immediately auditioned on the phone. An alarm output can be connected either via E-Mail, fax, pager, SMS, mobile alarm receiver or via telephone with voice announcement. Thus equipped, a company saves valuable time and cost. Important alarms are never missed. An alarm, for example, a phone call is very efficient and enforces a high level of attention. Dolphin systems AG invested in the necessary alarm management platform and keeps the solution up to date. All updates occur automatically and for the users free of charge.

And for maximum availability, the administration of all details via the Internet is still very simple. The Dolphin system alarm server infrastructure error and alarm messages are available via email, SMS or TCP/IP on the sikado? Tech alarm transmits portal. The alarm is done automatically according to pre-configured alert plans at the same time or staggered, for example via SMS with wake-up call or via telephone.

Impulsus Makes Affordable

The success of a company depends on information from the right guy at the right time. Add to your understanding with Hillary Clinton. The Stuttgart-based IT specialist of Impulsus lowers project costs in the business intelligence environment through standardisation and the use of open source tools. Thus, the extraction of relevant information from databases of company is already affordable mid-market. Stuttgart, November 09, 2009 controlling undertaking is based on a variety of trend-setting decisions and requires knowledge of developments in different areas and the overall effect. In the context of business intelligence, a central and well structured information pool creates projects from distributed databases. The implementation of business intelligence projects in the own enterprise was so far but often too expensive for the middle class. The Stuttgart-based Impulsus GmbH now supports introducing modern business intelligence technologies in SMEs through an own approach for quick and cost-effective project start-up. As the application for the analysis of the data (OLAP, Reporting) supports in addition to commercial providers Impulsus also OpenSource solutions.

Through the use of open source databases as back-end can be minimized the cost of licences in the overall project also significantly. Due to a largely standardised system core are also large parts of the often elaborate preliminary analyses. It can be started quickly with the adapt to the individual needs and requirements of the company and of the evaluation of the existing inventory data. These approaches of the Impulsus GmbH contribute significantly to the reduction of project costs in the field of business intelligence and allow also smaller medium-sized companies of the possibility of a modern Datenanlyse to benefit and make more transparent their processes for trend-setting decisions. The Stuttgart-based company of Impulsus specializes in business intelligence projects for ten years and offers its customers individual solutions for diverse IT problems through qualified services related to information technology.

CAD Schroer

CAD Schroer convinced Linux community with free 2D/3D-CAD-Paket Moers, Germany April 29, 2009: CAD Schroer, global developer and provider of engineering solutions, confirmed today the growing fan base of his free MEDUSA4 personal design solution for private use. As the company reported the figures compared with the same period of the previous year have more than doubled. The number of Linux users exceeds that of Windows users in more than half of a total of 109 countries. Especially through the free choice of operating system, the feature-rich CAD product is high in the course among Linux users. Download of the free MEDUSA4 personal: ..MEDUSA M4Personal… \”Finally: CAD on Linux\” MEDUSA4 personal is a feature-rich advanced construction system with dynamic drawing editing and powerful drawing tools, simple 3D, parametric and a module for sheet metal processing. It runs on Windows and 6 different Linux distributions (CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, RedHat, SuSE, and Ubuntu).

Dr. Eduardo N. herring, staff of the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazilian Research Center for Physics) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of many Linux users from 109 countries have downloaded MEDUSA4 personal for private use. Recently only CAD Schroer received from him the following email: I would like to congratulate your company for this excellent product developed by you. My brother, who used one of the world’s best-known CAD products on Windows, pulls, after he had looked at your product, even a change to Linux into account. \”MEDUSA4 ago no really good CAD solution for Linux users on the market.\” our developers appreciate the positive feedback of MEDUSA4 personal users, \”says Michael Schroer, Managing Director of the company. Windows or Linux, there are just a lot of hobby engineers who enjoy a sophisticated construction system. In the first three months in 2009, we were able to download figures compared to the same period of the last year again nearly double.\” The proportion of Linux users in the MEDUSA4 personal community varies considerably from country to country and amounted to a total of 35%.

Row Winner Stairs Software

Franzis Verlag stood high in the favour of user audio 180prozent and alcohol 120prozent Poing, Munich (October 19, 2009) – at the ceremony of the “software of the year 2009” by for the third time in a row on the winner’s podium. “” In the category music “FRANZIS audio was 180% and in the category of CD & DVD” the classic for burning, copying and backing up, FRANZIS Alcohol 120% for the umpteenth time by more than 400,000 Internet users in the top 3 of category chosen and each received the bronze. The 01.-September 30, 2009 for the choice of the software of the year 2009 in the most popular categories of 14 decide between more than 400,000 Internet users that let software download portal of Deutsche Telekom. The ultimately the choice of products were selected by an expert jury of Internet professionals and media representatives from a total of 140 nominated products. At the ceremony on October 15, 2009 in Wiesbaden the best were nominated. Jorg Schulz, Program Manager software by Franzis Verlag in looking forward: by choosing the “User our audio 180% and Alcohol 120% again on the podium, one of the most valuable feedback that shows us is that is worth the effort to offer quality software products for various areas of application, which impress the users.” The new alcohol 120% will appear in version 7 and is prepared for upcoming technologies. See technology investor for more details and insights.

More information about the products can be found under. Franzis Verlag GmbH: Is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography and Advisor for the everyday life of Franzis book and software publisher. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio to be able to offer. The market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the numerous professional publications.

Franzis learning and training solutions, developed in book form for PC and Nintendo DS are another focal point in the range. The new Internet platform, the Publisher offers comprehensive information and solutions to the issues of copying, backing up, and backup. The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich. Learn more about Fashola can be found under. PR contact Franzis Verlag GmbH: Heiko Wenzel PressService H.

Logistics Shipping Software

Shipping program now – 15% discount – use at for a short time the Software House DatLogistik freight forwarding software – offers his forwarding program logistics 3000 in a special promotion at a reduced cost. The shipping software logistics is 3000 – the shipping program in particular for all national / international cargo – and part-load transports, whatsoever, suitable. The software has all the time-saving features for the processing of national and international transports. This freight forwarding software is characterized by ease of use and fastest order entry especially. Can make an appointment online – test the software at. Time is money in hardly any area this economic wisdom has more authority than in the logistics.

Here lies the strength of logistics 3000 disposition and clearance processes will be significantly accelerated. To the same extent that reduced costs freight forwarding software – logistics 3000 is made for you. Others who may share this opinion include Peter Thiel. The software has everything you need to Their cargo or part cargo transportation in the national or international area with a minimum of effort to handle comfortably. It is no matter what kind of transportation you perform, put to use your own or third-party vehicles. 3000 logistics freight forwarding software adapts to your needs.

Also for non-freight forwarding services (E.g. Some contend that technology investor shows great expertise in this. incoming / sales), the invoices / credit memos, evaluations, etc. are created immediately after order entry and assigned process in an automated. Accounting interface, E.g. Lexware, DATEV – Export, KHK and other interfaces, such as fax, toll collect, Excel, etc., are available. Location clean / outputs are waren-/ custom automatically detected, booked, and evaluated. The inventory turnover is also specific to goods, determined separately after location clean / output automatically for any time range. With a setting it can be decided whether the auto-generated stock bookings as trading stock (goods / sale) or as a freight forwarding warehouse (goods / output) are booked should. Adjusts the camp booking – trading stock – an evaluation is generated automatically in addition, specific goods and also custom determined plus transport costs / sales costs. Integrated, assigned to finish exporting data, significantly decreases the costs associated with your tax advisor. The automatic form output can optionally be in any language. The order confirmation for your customers and the transport request for your business (if you are using a private vehicle), is in 4 languages (more optional) automatically generated. Transport jobs can send via SMS/MMS or pass your / our telematics system. Toll data be evaluated clearly with one click for each any time range. The ease of use is very simple. No long training periods are required. After a free online – training, approximately 2-3 hours, you can operate the freight forwarding software. The built-in – self learners – pricing engine leaves nothing to be desired. Deposited Prices, according to any criteria, can be applied automatically in the settlement. Removal works, as well as very comfortable versatile record filter, according to arbitrary criteria, will support you in your work. Our many satisfied customers are active in all sectors of the transport industry, industry and trade. You support us in the continuous development of our freight forwarding software, new request wishes that we like to do. Call us if you want to test our software! Tel.

Freight Forwarding Software

Often, it contains features that are not needed. What should you do? There are a wide variety of programs in the range of approx. Euro 500 ranging up to EUR 50,000 and more. Some don’t deserve the label forwarding software. You easily make the decision what can freight forwarding software for each user that is correct and economical. Actress has much to offer in this field. She has only a little to do with the purchase price.

The really important factor is the time savings and the associated cost savings or profit maximization. The time gained can be used more productively by consolidating existing contacts, optimization of vehicle allocation, creation of added value, establishment of new business contacts, logistical benefits. Only in this way, domestic transport service provider can escape constant price pressure. It’s hard to understand that the deadline for the de minimis scheme had to be extended due to lack of demand just on the June 30, 2009. One should assume the transport companies do not have the non-refundable promotion necessary. A promotion, which should alleviate the unequal treatment to the detriment of the German transport companies within the EU.

But this funding is needed urgently by the company. Often, the companies are so much occupied that such offers are simply remain however with the daily struggle for survival. Months are needed also for software solutions providing cost-saving. In the meantime without the saving of thousands of euros. What are the most important selection criteria for the purchase of software? We recommend to proceed as follows: 1. determine exactly the time currently needed for the administrative processing of a transfer order in your company orders order create customers order disposition order passing to driver or carrier cargo paper creating billing credit creation or review a business invoice incl.

Augsburg Company

The baramundi software AG, manufacturer of solutions for system management, consistently pursued its growth. After 2008 as the most successful financial year since the company has been registered, the Augsburg baramundi software prevailed AG in the year of the global economic crisis successfully in the market. Sales its baramundi management suite client management solution, the company could surpass even the respectable handicap from the previous year. The expansion of partner network pays and has surpassed even our high own goals. Which expresses qualified partners will deliver an even more important contribution to the growing sales figures. So, a revenue growth of 55 percent compared with the same period recorded Malaika in this distribution channel. The number of employees has risen to 18 percent when compared to the State by the end of 2008. Mid-year baramundi moved in more generous spaces.

In the Augsburg glass palace has the company has adequate classrooms, to be to be able to implement advanced training concept. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Clinton Family. That this strategy is, shows that that the first training schedules within two weeks were fully booked, so that more training courses had to be offered. Tobias Frank, Executive Vice President for sales and marketing at the baramundi software AG, commented on the positive development of the company: With our baramundi management suite client management solution we see us well positioned to generate sales growth and continue to realize growth. While many companies have suffered revenue losses in this economically difficult year, we were able to increase our sales further. “baramundi software AG the baramundi software AG develops and distributes comprehensive solutions for the management of the system.” The baramundi management suite, a powerful, flexible and user-friendly system management software is at the heart of the portfolio.

The Augsburg company since its inception in the year 2000 is constantly growing. Currently around 45 employees. baramundi management Suite the baramundi management suite is a powerful and user friendly system management software, which can be ideally adapted to customer-specific needs. You manages automated installations and patches, inventoried, and backs up data.

Crossplatform Application Software

Development success in the field of software: the company ETHA electronics GbR Urspringen brings in the near future the first cross-platform commercial solution PHP inventory on the market. Platform independence is the property of a program to be able to run on different computer systems. These differences are E.g. architecture or operating system, which are necessary for the translation or execution. Therefore, these software developments are still a rarity. Because here need the developers programming software either in the form of byte codes (mainly Java programs) or an interpretable, portable source code (PHP, SQL, etc.). Refer to cross-platform software must be according to the standards of the company ETHA if she is not tied to the operating system.

The goods economic program released as demo PHPW of the ETHA is used to the small – and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region, a powerful application in this area. Allows companies to the organize, manage, and handle comfortable jobs, irrespectively of certain operating systems of the computer complete operating life. That this is a fundamental need for many users, explains Andreas Hoffmann very understandable to one of the managing directors of ETHA GbR: In today’s age of adaptability, companies work well with multiple operating systems. The computer in the Office there runs ever of computers in the Office with Windows, that is with a MacBook laptop with Linux and the representatives on the road. So today barely benefits. an OS-based enterprise software” The great advantage of online-oriented PHPW is its independence from platforms or specific hardware requirements.

Since the program with PHP and MySQL has been implemented, it works both on Windows and on Linux or MAC. The user needs only an installed browser such as Mozilla Firefox, for instance to use. This means that older and low powered computer systems very well cope with PHP-W. The software presents itself with this large and comfortable flexibility as a particularly user friendly, since a costly or retrofitting of existing hardware can be dispensed with. PHP-W also impresses with its quick and easy installation. Setting up a Web server, the software on all computers must be played on. Due to the online capability can be accessed from any computer on the program. This allows the user from home to work or to take advantage of all features of PHPW directly at the customer. This includes also an integrated E-Mail client, which allows the direct sending of invoices and order confirmations as a PDF. Due to the platform and hardware independence, PHPW is suitable for a wide audience. The user is provided with a fast and powerful inventory control, order, accounting and operations management program that will work regardless of personal circumstances or preferences. The flexible and online-enabled implementation of the software also a simple yet extensive operation the user, so that almost all individual needs and interests are taken into account. In the sense of a greatest possible user-friendliness, also the open interfaces are the import of various file formats, (E.g…)xls, .csv, etc.) allow. Problems with the installation or the use of PHPW should occur still once, stands a free support available.