Viet Nam

DB ticket 2nd class 59,-to the airport and back, including IC – and ICE use offer – Cambodia & Viet Nam temple culture 16-days adventure tour highlights two countries including bathing experience you highlights of Cambodia & Viet Nam. First, visit the Khmer Temple of Angkor Wat, one of the most impressive sights of Southeast Asia. It continues to Viet Nam, which can look back on an over-4,000-year-old culture. The Chinese and French influences are visible everywhere. Her itinerary offer Cambodia & Viet Nam: offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 1 day: arrival – Viet Nam flight Airlines (or equivalent) from Frankfurt to Siem Reap with stopover in economy class. Offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 2.

day: arrival Siem Reap – after a stay in Viet Nam onward flight to Siem Reap. Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel. The rest of the day is free of charge. Offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 3. day: Siem Reap visit Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm – visit today the fortified Royal City of Angkor Thom. The main temples such as the elephant terrace and the former Royal Palace is located in the Centre. See also one of the main attractions of Angkor, the natural, overgrown by the jungle temples of Ta Prohm.

(F) offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 4. day: Siem Reap tour of Angkor Wat in Ho Chi Minh City – tour of Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat was declared by UNESCO a world heritage in 1992. After a detailed tour transfer to the airport and flight to Ho Chi Minh City in economy class. Arrival in the evening. Reception at the airport and transfer to your hotel. (F) offer Cambodia & Viet Nam 5 day: Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi Tunnel tour Ho Chi Minh City in the morning visit the Cu Chi tunnels, which an important Viet Cong war base during the Viet Nam.

Food Above The Clouds

Extra wishes usually in addition cost for years the airlines economy class tighten the belt. This applies especially to the low-cost airlines inflight catering. If anything, the stewardesses served a sandwich and a small soft drink. At the same time, awards for various airlines testifies to increased quality of the food on board. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. The online portal reported how the food above the clouds differs from flight to flight.

Travelers on long-haul flights can usually enjoy of several meals. By the same author: Michelle Smith Source Financial. Before departure, they often have the ability to order special meals. Vegetarian, vegan, or prepared according to religious regulations – ever more expensive the flight, the more is usually possible. An airline often for their good food excellent is the Arab Emirates. Even passengers in the economy class enjoy a three-course menus are on long flights.

The food at departures in Dubai are very fresh. The flight catering Centre of the airline is located there. Flights with Emirates after Asia or Africa is indeed not uncommon a stopover in Dubai. Travellers should take the opportunity to get a picture of the airline and its excellent catering. Passengers on short-haul routes was, however, are advised to take care of themselves to food and drink. Otherwise, a hole in the wallet gapes at the start to the holiday. So, already, some Lowcoster for a little water was require three, for a sandwich even five euros. Positive is worth mentioning at this point airberlin. The low cost airline offers free on short haul routes drinks and a snack. More information:…

Hoteliers Are Particularly Endangered

Checklist for safety of guests and employees the swine flu is long. Every day increases the number of those infected who bring the virus from the holiday. Even if most cases are bitch, health experts fear the rapid spread of influenza among others about the hospitality industry. At the occurrence of a pandemic flu, the hotels will play a key role in protecting the health and safety of employees and also limit the damage to economy and society. A sustainable influenza pandemic planning is crucial for this, says Ulrich Jander, security expert for the hospitality industry. The first major case of swine flu in the EuroHotel Excelsior Ludwigshafen is enough”warning, so j.

Early July US guests, which had infected, was isolated in the hotel with significant consequences and costs for the staff and other guests. Several public by realms had to be quarantined and disinfected rooms elaborately. Check list for downloading: Downloads/..Schweinegrippe.pdf the checklist of the Robert-Koch Institute, so the hotel security expert Ulrich Jander, is used as a basis to assess the health situation in own hotel to manage. The corporate pandemic Notfallpan of the Federal Office for civil protection can be downloaded on the website. Ulrich Jander is a security consultant and consultant for fire protection and risk management. Together with his wife Martina, he manages the company GQH society for quality assurance in the hotel and ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service. The trained banker and management engineer is expert in occupational safety and fire risk management.

The 51 lives in Russelsheim near Frankfurt. More information: contact: Ulrich Jander destance, ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service Russelsheim GmbH Odenwald str.

Sri Lanka Beaches

Website of the rest in the Dominican Republic from a travel agency Lucky Trevel. Complete information about the country, a list of all hotels in the Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic in order rounds. Photos and travel reviews for vacation in the Dominican Republic. Tourist Site Company Lucky Trevel about holidays in the Dominican Republic. Holidays in the Dominican Republic is notable for the beautiful white beaches and clear water, luxurious hotels and a favorite system of all-inclusive food. In the Dominican Republic tourists will find interesting and varied excursions. Tours in the Dominican Republic are not expensive but an unforgettable vacation in an exotic paradise, you are guaranteed! More information about the benefits of rest in the Dominican Republic set out on our dedicated website.

Travel company Lucky Trevel, known for his work on exotic destinations in tourism (Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bali, Seychelles, Hainan) opens a new direction – Caribbean. The first country in the direction chosen Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic was chosen, many tourists choose to vacation with beautiful white sand beaches and clear water can not get a favorite power supply system – all inclusive. Maldives, Seychelles, Bali, Hainan – virtually no work on this system, therefore, guided by the wishes of tourists and meet their demand, we decided to offer them a direction, which is ideal suitable for this holiday – the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, tourists can find white beaches, beautiful ocean and interesting and varied tour, and of course everywhere all-inclusive. More information about the benefits of rest in the Dominican Republic presented on a dedicated website. Come in, call and ask questions to managers come to your office. In any case, we try to realize the maximum Your wishes. Experience with exotic destinations and the number of outgoing tourists can say with certainty – you consult an expert.

Peru Mendoza

The main sources of production of Argentine wines are in Mendoza given to their soils with very low humidity and rich in organic matter. But more cultivation and winemaking, whose process be known touring several wineries, there are tourism, able to satisfy all the recreational and instructional needs on the virtues of wine. And until suite of a hotel in Mendoza, there is accommodation with this theme. Wine production in Argentina begins when Spanish settlers introduced the vitis vinifera in Peru in the 16th century, which are then propagated by Chile. The vitis vinifera joined the Argentina in the year 1551. The cultivation of the vine in Argentina, becomes popular due to the need for calories essential for the soldiers of the time producing wines and raisins. In addition, by that time, Catholic priests were interested in vineyards in order to generate own wine for celebrations of masses.

In order to take advantage of the drylands and the favourable climatic conditions for the cultivation of the Grapevine, between 1569 and 1589 begin to appear in Mendoza important plantations of vineyards, transforming the panoramic view and the aromas of the place. To the silo XVII, Mendoza was very stocked wine production and stop thinking in only the consumption required, deciding to expand its market and distributing such production by different provinces. At the end of the 18th century, due to the proliferation of Spanish settlers in the Mendocino land and constitutional reforms, the production of wine in Mendoza was gradually evolving. From that moment, of Mendoza wine industry has not stopped growing, incorporating new technologies and techniques for the development of the wines than it is today, they compete with the best wines in the world market. You can see the different vineyards and private wine cellars of the place from any road or path that scroll in the province.

From the moment in which vineyards in Mendoza are implemented, have changed their landscapes, their colors, aromas and flavours. Today, there is a tourism very related to the vineyards and the cellars, called wine tourism. A lot of people come to Mendoza in search of tourism wine, able to offer daily tastings from the accommodation in a hotel in Mendoza, adapted to the tourism, tours and activities related to the vineyards, and the learning of the winemaking process from the cultivation of the grape. The vineyards of Mendoza offer besides scenery colorful and enjoyable, the alternative to enjoy wine in all its forms. If you are looking to stay in a suite adapted for the thematic wine, being able to discover and learn the benefits of wine, its history and its elaboration process, don’t hesitate to stay at a hotel in Mendoza, whose rooms meet your requirements. Executive Hotel, makes this possible, thanks to its Winefloors rooms, adapted to the thematic wine. If you liked this article, you can share it. If you have a blog or website, you can bind it or even post it on your own site.

Pineda Airport

Distinguished guests! We offer taxi services at affordable prices, with us you will not feel discomfort, low rates and is served by delivery punktualnost.Vasha Russian-speaking driver for a road vehicle komfortnosti.Vas met at the airport of Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona, railway stations, ports and marine terminal will take you to your destination in hotels, villas, camping, apartments in ski resorts. Our drivers will meet you at the entrance hall of the customs control with a sign and logo of our company, which simply specify your name. Upon completion of your holiday you will deliver and carry out to the reception desk for your flight to airport. We guarantee quality and reliability of our services. IMPORTANT NOTICE All services are paid in cash for the driver. One hour taxi costs 20 euros minimum order is 2 hours. The taxi is indicated in one side.

All expenses for parking and toll roads are included in the cost of trasfera. The price includes 2 hours waiting at the airport in case of delay of your flight. All visitors are met with signs where drivers Your stated (name) when booking a taxi, please specify the number of people, children and baggage depends on the price of your order. Under the laws of Spain, transportation of children should be carried out using child seats. — Kindly requested to report on this when booking and to indicate their age. You can order the transfer as follows using the form below: Enter (name), city of departure, number Flight, terminal, the number of people (children age.) taxi transfer airport Barcelona Girona Tarragona individual travel tours ski resorts Principality Andorra.