Digital Information Systems

Digital communications in all its facets Stuttgart Hilton Garden Inn and his guests will benefit from immediately offers the many advantages, the digital signage. netvico the comfortable house equipped in behalf of success Hotel Management GmbH now extensive media with digital signage. In the course of the project, digital media have been installed at several locations within the Hilton Garden Inn. The display size in varied between 10 and 55 inches. The different media for example on elevators, are placed there equipped with live media components, such as weather, traffic reports, or exchange rates. Also inform the displays about current day rates, banquet facilities and line items.

In addition, the guests in restaurant and lounge with news and event announcements are entertained. Children can enjoy themselves in the children’s cinema screen matches in the Hilton look touch. By flexibly movable meeting room displays the digital monitors adapt easily to changing spatial situations and get their content thanks to W-LAN in each Site. Digital steles support the communication of the Hilton Garden Inn prior to the Conference rooms. In doing so, all media adapt the appearance of the House and can be conveniently controlled from any Internet-enabled PC and updated.

Translation Bureau

The conclusion came by itself: the company is ready help if the customer just puts a simple problem with one "unknown." In complex matters Translation Bureau prefers to shift their decision on the shoulders of the client, a very simple answer: check, and then come. Therefore, money for their services takes relatively few – 30 uah. in one document, without notarization. Speed of order execution in this case amounts to 5 documents per working day. A similar situation occurred in the company "Mova Service. A pleasant male voice the question of the target language fluently translated into the channel estimation. I was asked to be sent electronically scanned copy of the documents.

And after the assessment to make an advance payment for execution related services that are not more nor less – 50 uah. in one document without notarization. But I have promised to complete the transaction in a shorter time – 2 working days. The second task of translation technology documentation from Ukrainian to English was easier in the decision than the previous one. Although among the companies surveyed there has been a clear gap on key indicators. Excellent offer a solution from bp " Morning" and satisfactory by Antar M. A pleasant female voice consultant in the firm Morning gave me complete information about the problem and solve it, and leading questions were not on my side. I was asked, refined details, and I had to invent the complexity literally on the fly. The whole procedure of translation, given the complexity, would have cost me 55 usd.

CAD Schroer

CAD Schroer convinced Linux community with free 2D/3D-CAD-Paket Moers, Germany April 29, 2009: CAD Schroer, global developer and provider of engineering solutions, confirmed today the growing fan base of his free MEDUSA4 personal design solution for private use. As the company reported the figures compared with the same period of the previous year have more than doubled. The number of Linux users exceeds that of Windows users in more than half of a total of 109 countries. Especially through the free choice of operating system, the feature-rich CAD product is high in the course among Linux users. Download of the free MEDUSA4 personal: ..MEDUSA M4Personal… \”Finally: CAD on Linux\” MEDUSA4 personal is a feature-rich advanced construction system with dynamic drawing editing and powerful drawing tools, simple 3D, parametric and a module for sheet metal processing. It runs on Windows and 6 different Linux distributions (CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, RedHat, SuSE, and Ubuntu).

Dr. Eduardo N. herring, staff of the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (Brazilian Research Center for Physics) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of many Linux users from 109 countries have downloaded MEDUSA4 personal for private use. Recently only CAD Schroer received from him the following email: I would like to congratulate your company for this excellent product developed by you. My brother, who used one of the world’s best-known CAD products on Windows, pulls, after he had looked at your product, even a change to Linux into account. \”MEDUSA4 ago no really good CAD solution for Linux users on the market.\” our developers appreciate the positive feedback of MEDUSA4 personal users, \”says Michael Schroer, Managing Director of the company. Windows or Linux, there are just a lot of hobby engineers who enjoy a sophisticated construction system. In the first three months in 2009, we were able to download figures compared to the same period of the last year again nearly double.\” The proportion of Linux users in the MEDUSA4 personal community varies considerably from country to country and amounted to a total of 35%.

POS Software Box Office Wonder

Up to now nearly 1000 version of POS software sold box office miracles. “Company VARIO Software GmbH has now nearly 1000 versions of POS software box office miracles” sold. “Sascha hens, developers from the House of VARIO: the success speaks for itself” he responds to the question of whether he himself could have imagined that. “The cash register software box office wonder” has started well 10 months ago in Germany and caused a stir even before the sales start. With the new single solution, the box office miracle”, VARIO offers a powerful Fund with an easy to use interface. The POS software has a modular design and allows to everyone to start with the Basic module and depending on demand, at any time to expand its fund. The software POS wonder “already offers all important functions and characterised by ease of use.

As a hardware platform, a commercially available PC is required. The control of POS peripheral is possible (touch screen, scanner, receipt printer, tray, etc.). Especially for small and medium-sized Company provides this a cheap and efficient business solution. The box office miracle is a complete POS software and easy inventory management. It is easy to learn and clearly structured. Including 31. This month is to acquire the POS software at the price of 199,-euros. Thereafter at the regular price of 499,-euro.

“” With our promotion: at the price of 199,-“we are more than satisfied”, Sascha hens continue. Cash, receipts, ordering with order proposal, goods receipt, customer relationship management, supplier management, Import Wizard, export of customers for marketing campaigns and much more. With the box office miracles from the House of VARIO no problem.