Digital Information Systems

Digital communications in all its facets Stuttgart Hilton Garden Inn and his guests will benefit from immediately offers the many advantages, the digital signage. netvico the comfortable house equipped in behalf of success Hotel Management GmbH now extensive media with digital signage. In the course of the project, digital media have been installed at several locations within the Hilton Garden Inn. The display size in varied between 10 and 55 inches. The different media for example on elevators, are placed there equipped with live media components, such as weather, traffic reports, or exchange rates. Also inform the displays about current day rates, banquet facilities and line items.

In addition, the guests in restaurant and lounge with news and event announcements are entertained. Children can enjoy themselves in the children’s cinema screen matches in the Hilton look touch. By flexibly movable meeting room displays the digital monitors adapt easily to changing spatial situations and get their content thanks to W-LAN in each Site. Digital steles support the communication of the Hilton Garden Inn prior to the Conference rooms. In doing so, all media adapt the appearance of the House and can be conveniently controlled from any Internet-enabled PC and updated.