Crossplatform Application Software

Development success in the field of software: the company ETHA electronics GbR Urspringen brings in the near future the first cross-platform commercial solution PHP inventory on the market. Platform independence is the property of a program to be able to run on different computer systems. These differences are E.g. architecture or operating system, which are necessary for the translation or execution. Therefore, these software developments are still a rarity. Because here need the developers programming software either in the form of byte codes (mainly Java programs) or an interpretable, portable source code (PHP, SQL, etc.). Refer to cross-platform software must be according to the standards of the company ETHA if she is not tied to the operating system.

The goods economic program released as demo PHPW of the ETHA is used to the small – and medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region, a powerful application in this area. Allows companies to the organize, manage, and handle comfortable jobs, irrespectively of certain operating systems of the computer complete operating life. That this is a fundamental need for many users, explains Andreas Hoffmann very understandable to one of the managing directors of ETHA GbR: In today’s age of adaptability, companies work well with multiple operating systems. The computer in the Office there runs ever of computers in the Office with Windows, that is with a MacBook laptop with Linux and the representatives on the road. So today barely benefits. an OS-based enterprise software” The great advantage of online-oriented PHPW is its independence from platforms or specific hardware requirements.

Since the program with PHP and MySQL has been implemented, it works both on Windows and on Linux or MAC. The user needs only an installed browser such as Mozilla Firefox, for instance to use. This means that older and low powered computer systems very well cope with PHP-W. The software presents itself with this large and comfortable flexibility as a particularly user friendly, since a costly or retrofitting of existing hardware can be dispensed with. PHP-W also impresses with its quick and easy installation. Setting up a Web server, the software on all computers must be played on. Due to the online capability can be accessed from any computer on the program. This allows the user from home to work or to take advantage of all features of PHPW directly at the customer. This includes also an integrated E-Mail client, which allows the direct sending of invoices and order confirmations as a PDF. Due to the platform and hardware independence, PHPW is suitable for a wide audience. The user is provided with a fast and powerful inventory control, order, accounting and operations management program that will work regardless of personal circumstances or preferences. The flexible and online-enabled implementation of the software also a simple yet extensive operation the user, so that almost all individual needs and interests are taken into account. In the sense of a greatest possible user-friendliness, also the open interfaces are the import of various file formats, (E.g…)xls, .csv, etc.) allow. Problems with the installation or the use of PHPW should occur still once, stands a free support available.

Employment Agency Promotes Training

After the recognition and approval regulation, certified training training (AZWV) get promoted by employment agency between 20-100prozent of the training costs. Within the framework of this short article is addressed the following question: How can you reduce its training costs as ERP/PPS/MES manufacturer? A solution to this burning question is the AZWV Zertifizeriung of training operation. Explains how it works and what services support the software4production GmbH here. Challenge: ERP/PPS/MES software vendors or providers and want / must slash the training / consulting costs for your customers? Were they now often gefargt by your customers whether your training promoted by the employment agency? In the competition, you notice how other ERP/PPS provider with the topic AZWV Sales Act? Solution: Let your training operation certified under the recognition and approval regulation training (AZWV). It is a regulation of the Federal Minister for economy and Work for the recognition (accreditation) of specialized bodies and the authorisation (certification) of educational institutions and education. The employment agencies issue including jobseekers, short and normal employees at the request of education vouchers are redeemed at AZWV certified educational institutions for appropriate educational measures. The education voucher is a training commitment of the employment agency about the costs.

Depending on the individual requirements of the participant (age, qualification/training qualification, etc.), the employment agency will refund 20-100% of the costs. Procedure: a training operation of the software manufacturer must be certified by a competent body (e.g. TuV) according to AZWV. Requires a corresponding Lerninfrastrukur, organization and processes in which the Schulungsstandort(en) in addition to a functioning quality management system for continuing education. After successful audit to obtain a certificate as a certified education provider. In the connection, you must Training or courses are certified. This requires a transparent costing and definition (advertising, expiration, content, etc.) the measure (s). Parallel is a publication of the courses in the training database Kursnet of the employment agency.

After completing this work is obtained after efolgreichen performing of a first training course of a corresponding number of measure of the employment agency. With this number of measure a participant can ask directly his education voucher its competent ARGE. After the training receives the education provider who pay tuition directly from the employment agency. Support by the software4production GmbH: we support and consult with four service packages around the entire AZWV certification: “Round one Los package”: AZWV-Zert. Full (2401) Starter package: AZWV-Zert. Light (2402) individual QM manual creation: AZWV-Zert. Quality manual + (2403) sample quality manual: AZWV-Zert.

Internet Use

The intercultural comes from the local culture and both can pacifically be used. To put occurs many times in such a way the attempt of the intercultural as of the proper local culture to assimilate that is one to want to substitute to another one. is exactly in this point that occurs the shock of cultures. Beyond this cultural question that exists with the cibercultura we also have some points of reflection on the Internet as: Old social matters: How to become the accessible Internet for all? How to educate asparagus use of the Internet? Questions as these we have that to lead in consideration when we speak of Internet therefore great part of the population does not have access the Internet or need to be acquired knowledge on the use of the Internet..

North America

It is point it seats that the preferred sport online of the aficionados ones is the soccer, but starts to notice a relative alteration in the gostos, with the shunting line of the predileces for the automobiles, the pair with the fight and the basketball. It is necessarily in this last one that the biggest aficionados additions have been registado of, over all in the North America, where if they find the nations where ' ' sport rei' ' it is that modality, each time of bigger projeco and with more gotten passionate. They are fans or not of ' ' game of cesto' ' , the practitioners of the broken viciantes of basketball in flash do not leave its credits for other people’s hands, with a good quality, good above average, in such a way that it would not be unjust to affirm, that even so in lesser number, they do not remove to these games of sport carcter of true challenges to the dexterity, good more amused than the basic versions of soccer. The opinion could be had as partial, but who if to attempt against to search games online will see that it is more than what this, it is a reality. The amount of those is lesser, but the quality is sufficiently superior, with a bigger selection of what it leaves contrarily for the public, who more seems to be considered by the creators of the versions of basquete, to the one other sports, with a infindvel number of games, having the majority of which one reduced degree of attributes, that is, ' ' changing the thing for midos' ' , too much bad. Probably the majority of the Portuguese nor knows the great stars world-wide of the basketball, but certainly that with the practical o interest in the modality it will more start to be accented, what it will help you to seleccionar those that better will be able to contribute for the victories of yours equip.