The symbology of the airplane that the hero later goes to project and to construct symbolizes this libertarian and uneasy spirit clearly, always in search of new challenges for creative its dom, for its joy to create; as it describes Nietzsche: … the joy to create, that the artist characterizes, serenity during the productive activity who seems to defy all misfortune, is only a luminous blue sky image and that if it reflects in the shady plaza of the sadness. it still was there per more two years Always a free man although the slavery the gratings, the cold, but new projects Between them an airplane Another tragic element who we would like to point in the sung narrative, studied in this article, is the exemplary character of the hero while rise parameter human being. The affirmation that follows confirms such characteristic: … tragic heroes resurge, in the direction of whom, in general, they live in the souvenir of the survivors, those for who had given the life. Its life leaves the precarious sphere of daily and the handle the heroic myth condition, as it is, for example, today, Ernest Che Guevara. In our narrative, such souvenir appears in the tickets: Here in this hour it is that it was born According to that All had counted pra me spoke and all knew When the face prepared plus one All spoke and all knew That the face if did not deliver the verbs spoke and knew in the third person of the plural one, that they denounce undetermination of the citizen, more the demonstrative all, reiterates the collective character of the narrative, showing that the same one inhabits the imaginary one of a collective for the largeness that the hero possesss before the society. We go, now, to give a jump for the moment of bigger tension, since an analysis of all the narrative would surpass the limits that an article imposes.

8 Robots That Can Kill Us

How much do you think we have to live up to the point where computers will understand that the people they are no longer needed?) Do you think this is unrealistic? Then look! They walk among us! True brains they have yet not enough, but as soon as any mad scientist invents artificial intelligence, your 'clever' vacuum cleaner or a toaster pounce on you to spare no electricity. But as they say forewarned – is forearmed! That's really the potential of existing machines murder, the most advanced to date, capable of threatening the life of mankind. How much do you think we have to live up to the point where computers will understand that the people they are no longer needed?) Do you think this is unrealistic? Then look! They walk among us! True brains they have yet not enough, but as soon as some mad scientist invents artificial intelligence, your 'clever' vacuum cleaner or a toaster pounce on you to spare no electricity. But as they say warned – is forearmed! That's really existing potential killing machines, the most advanced to date, capable of threatening the life of mankind. 1.

Carnivorous robot-trap (The Flesh-Eating Robo-Fly Catcher) horrific brainchild of two scientists from the uk. Originally conceived as a trap for bats and various insects. Consumes the flesh of his iron jaws. One has only to them mad and they will live exactly as long as the planet does not remain nothing alive. Yes, robots eat meat, but you did not know? 2. Robo-bloodsucking eel you still here?) Then what you say about the blood-sucking cyborg? Of course, it is used solely for research purposes. But soon the day when the robot brain break free.

Massachusetts Institute

Experts notice that the Spanish universities sufficiently do not take care of the technological progresses in relation to the medicine. They plead to modify the present system so that " the Medicine faculties distribute a formation able to confront the challenges of today and, coverall, the future ". Doctor Alejando Pazos, of the University of A Corunna, coordinator of days on biomedical computer science and customized medicine that have been celebrated in the coruesa locality of Register, warned of the deficient formation in new technologies of the Medicine students in Spain. In Spain " the suitable formation is not being offered to the doctors to the future confront the needs of the practice of the present medicine and " , it indicated Pazos in a telephone interview agreeing with the celebration of IV the Symposium the International on Biomedical Computer science in Europe.To that meeting they go expert of diverse European countries, mainly of the Iberian Peninsula, and the United States. " Any medical one happens hours and hours before the computer " , it indicated Pazos, that was sorry that the Spanish universities sufficiently do not take care of the progresses and &quot technological; desafos" that they suppose the future for exercise of that profession. Some studies put of relief " inadequate formation tecnolgica" of the Medicine students and " important deficiencies in knowledge of genomic, legislation or ethics " , it said Pazos, university professor of Computer science and Artificial intelligence and director of the department of Technologies of the Information and the Communications of the University of A Corunna. " The challenges of today and the future " It emphasized that &quot is necessary; concienciar" to the public opinion and the authorities to modify the present system so that " the Medicine faculties distribute a formation able to confront the challenges of today and, coverall, the future ".

It emphasized that some great American universities have established " alianzas" , between that of Technology emphasized those of Harvard with the Massachusetts Institute, both with it soothes in the city of Boston. Commercial results For this reason, pleaded for " to give a turn towards that new medicina" of the future that requires one more a more open preparation to other scopes in which the new diagnoses, treatments, drugs or therapies will be developed. Pazos observed that in Spain, like in the set of Europe, there are investigation groups, that tell on aid of public institutions, but lamented that lack the last link of the chain, that allows to patent and to reap the commercial results of those discoveries. " There is a very good scientific production in Europe, but it prevails paradoja" of which " there is no an enterprise sector ready to assume risk, neither in Galicia nor in Espaa" in order to commercialize and to patent, it indicated. Source of the news: Experts warn of the deficient formation in new technologies of the doctors

New Crisis New Concepts

New technologies, including internet, globalization, new consumer society, the exaltation of the aesthetics and his media bombardment, crises and other herbs; they are the new, new trend, new fashion, new style. And they are so installed between us that even a child knows that I’m talking about. All these new trends or new guidelines, are not more than new tax changes, and more than wish it or not, we have had to digest and learn to cope with. They are new modalities or circumstances of this modern era. These changes have been proposed new terms that has been established between us. The best-known is the Stress that has been discovered not long ago and today we all know what it is, broadly speaking, of a physiological response of the body before any dangerous situation, but there is a new term established for a few years, thirty and both, to be precise.

The term is: RESILIENCY. As always the first let’s see what it means. The word resilience has its origin in the latin language, the term resilio which means go back, returning from a jump, highlight, bounce. The term was adapted to social sciences to characterise those people who, despite being born and living in high risk situations, develop psychologically healthy and successful (Rutter, 1993). Michael Rutter (Sir Michael, since 1992) born in the Lebanon, the son of English parents, is Professor of child psychiatry of the Institute of Psychiatry of the University of London and was who introduced the concept of resilience by the 1970s.

The term not yet contained in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, but is already widely known in the areas of the business. Employers, advisors and consultants know what it is and apply it regularly since the beginning of 2001 when came the famous crisis. Basically it’s the person who has the ability to overcome adversity or periods of emotional pain; a likeness of Phoenix. Perhaps not this clear even to the researchers, that makes that these persons, who they pass for desperate situations, they exceed them, and not only they manage to overcome, but that often, they escalated to a higher level. We can cite as examples, in the world of business, a bankruptcy that ends up leaving the person without assets, or losing a very well-paid job and in daily life we can add the death of loved ones, the loss of the couple, stories of children of drug addicts parents, knockers or alcoholics, and similar situations. Those who are dedicated to the formation of business leadership and consultancy claim having similarity and affinity with the success in business. They mention that the characteristics of these people in these times, like the present where approaching a new crisis that produces greater uncertainty, manage to maintain calm, expectantly, attentive and especially predisposed to change you’re predisposed to change?. If your answer is Yes surely this renowned crisis that both mention won’t be a problem to which you do not find solution. Finally: what I want to express is that beyond the crisis or not crisis, difficult times always manage to cross. No matter the black that will see the sky, always leave the Sun and the sky turns blue and clean. If you’re in times of bad and everything comes from singing, is just a matter of being patient, be attentive and PREDISPOSED to what is needed. Who knows if when you get a very difficult time which you have faced terminas proving you’re a real resilient.


There are a lot of blogs with your own server as the free blogs like or wordpress and for this talk on how to create a blog much more professional with the model of the free blogs from believe me with these templates or templates that I’m going to recommend to leave both impacted your visitors and give a very good impression to your friends from social networks. How to improve your blog to make it look professional for what are the free blogs as only blogger has some core subjects and that we could use other themes and they are free to improve the look of our blog and you look more professional and at the same time impacting the visitor. Some websites have free themes as those who are Btemplates qui will find a huge amount of topics for your free blog can find blogs of 2 columns 3 columns and select that mas te guste, when selections that you like you can give the demo option and shows you as is veria your blog before trying to install and it is advisable to use a theme that has a background in white in the text and in the sidebars because less tired the view and can be seen better, once you have selected the template or theme now have to download it to the computer it should be noted that the file download template compressed in Zip as bearing the zip file on your computer the following is unzip it with a decompressor program already this uncompressed zip file select the XML file and open it with a blog of notes or the notpad you will appear as a file with many codes and codes you record to have it back, now let’s go to blog and we go to the layout tab in the section of html editing and now we are going to upload the template of our hard drive of our computer now we put search and we go in where this uncompressed the template file and select it and give you lift file blogNow you’ve installed the template for your blog and now looks much more professional as it would have with the templates that blogger has base and will give more impact to visitors with a blog much more professional, you can follow the steps above to find another that you like or want to change future already with this your blog looked much better as a professional blog.

Essential Tips

Laptop theft is a big problem, it is common today to use a laptop for work away from the home or Office. Unfortunately, mobility and technology that handle make laptops objects of value and therefore target of robberies around the world. If your laptop is stolen, the information of your company may be exposed, also your personal information and this can lead to identity theft. In this article we give you 5 tips essential for to keep your laptop safe. #1 Tip: Never leave any of your passwords in the box/suitcase where you store the laptop.

If you save your passwords with your laptop, it is like leaving the keys taped to the truck. Remember that without your password, it will be harder to open your computer and have access to your personal information. Tip #2: A laptop theft is a crime of opportunity (dar papaya). Always take your computer with you, take a look regularly. For example, if these in meeting with someone, you leave your laptop in a safe place and out of sight. More far better, they try to not leave your laptop in an accessible area, such as a desk of a hotel.

If you have a safe deposit box or a security cable, use it. #3 Tip: Have sensitive data? Encrypt them. If someone gets your laptop computer and access your files, the encryption can give you an extra layer of protection. Programs such as TrueCrypt, Steganos Safe, do the easy job. Windows users can use encrypted file system (EFS) to encrypt files and folders. Tip #4: Password protect your systems. Each user of the laptop must protect your portable computer with passwords of launch. Put a BIOS password to lock the system before the OS even start. Windows users can set a password to start Windows. Remember passwords launching shall prohibit any access to the computer at all (in theory). Choose a good password uses letters, numbers and ASCII characters. Difficult to guess only so you will avoid the thieves to guess your password. If your laptop has biometric authentication, you should use your fingerprint instead of a password. #5 Tip: If the worst happens and your laptop was stolen not it great to recover it? There are companies that offer this service via software, allowing the stolen laptop to send its location (for example, LaptopLock, Security Suite). Unfortunately, these programs work only when the laptop connects to the Internet. Please note: these 5 tips essential to increase security on your laptop when you’re on the road and in the home or at work.