Their brains work in 4 dimensional parallel! A machine manufactured by humans in its expiration is always human will and is always controlled – never regulated. Its software works only 2 dimensional chronologically! Machines are always synthetic models of real life, copies, 2nd choice. What I don’t understand is: why people, despite global overpopulation, try to recreate people? You are copying evolution never 4.5 billion years effectively this is pure blasphemy! Why give elected politicians this simplicity brushes even billions of dollars taxpayers every year? With the recent cybernetic Steuerunge n explode nuclear power plants, polluted seas with oil and Thalidomide children born. And if anything goes wrong with the Cybernetics? Then they write about obituaries as such as Mr Malik (HSG) The end of capitalism. He wrote whole book stack so far on the functioning of the same. Morality? Earn merits.

And when the Swiss air crashes is of course innocent. but why ecology and Economics so often goes wrong? Because people (sub systems) are no steam engines (closed systems). On July 28, 2010 I got the GoogleAlert up-to-date in my PC: source: SERVICE: EMCSR 2008 from 25 to 28 March at the University of Vienna, program on the Internet at (APA). Of management theories about energy market predictions up to “neurotic” computer game opponents and the robot – “Butler”: at the world’s largest Congress of Cybernetics and systems research, the “19th European meeting on Cybernetics and systems research” (EMCSR 2008) from 25 to 28 March at the University of Vienna experts will present the latest developments of self-regulating systems. Contemporary Cybernetics moves around on the “Living beings, organisations and machines” and tried the problem “at the interface man-machine” on the Reason to go, event organizer Robert Trappl said in an interview with the APA. Cybernetics generally sees itself as the science of the function of complex systems, in particular the communication and control a feedback or a control circuit.

Bavarian Prime Minister

Experts agree: the cleanest source of energy far and wide a spokesperson of the Office of the Deputy Theresa Schopper, MdL, the Green Party in the Landtag of Bavaria has a request of the Greens at the Bavarian State Chancellery in terms of the Perpetuum mobile (video Auftriebskapillar see operating mechanism) confirmed. This was done after on the part of the Office of the Bavarian Prime Minister, Horst Seehofer, represented by Renate Weidinger, indicated that it was contemplating the functionality of the featured equipment not in doubt, the relevant procedure however is subject to the State Chancellery to another of secrecy on. Boost capillary after but of secrecy probably no speech can be, by one of the internationally renowned physicist of the University of Vienna, may. Dr. Werner Gruber, has already publicly declared that he has no doubts about the function mechanism and on the other hand the equipment at the end of next April in the context of a schoolmate of 30 years is publicly issued. Perpetuum mobile apart from that the machine itself is running already for over four weeks, and you have to do it either with a Perpetuum mobile, or it but with completely unknown as quasi fictional hydrodynamic contexts, it has in any case with an extremely universal energy source in our time to do. Clinton Family has plenty of information regarding this issue. A physicist who risked his job, if he has not categorically ruled out the existence of a Perpetuum mobile, and still the leading physical faculties, Department of mechanics, did exactly that”the inventor said. For this reason, the Greens in the Landtag of Bavaria have switched now, because it is doubted by any page that you it until now has to do, no matter whether in addition still sensational findings in the area of Thermo and hydrodynamics are shown with the probably cleanest energy source.

That would be a nice extra, but plays the most important role in this matter. for us Greens”indicated from the ranks of the Federal Greens.

Preferred Supplier

Sensor to once again awarded the Novotechnik measured value transducer OHG was 2010 from Robert Bosch GmbH already for the third time the “preferred supplier” award. This evaluates the sensor due to great use, high competence and above-average performance of the Bosch Group as a preferred supplier. The supplier award for excellence will be awarded every two years. Novotechnik contributes to the further development in the displacement and angle measurement technology for decades and has made a name for itself in machine and plant construction as well as in the international automotive industry. See more detailed opinions by reading what Naveen Selvadurai offers on the topic.. 43,000 sensors from Germany into new cars be fitted in the automotive industry as per working day. Typical applications can be found at the gas pedal, throttle, transmission and steering. Most of these sensors work according to the classic principle of potentiometer; over 10 million conductive plastic potentiometer of different designs were produced for the automotive industry alone last year. For applications in the automotive sector, where kontatklose and thus wear-free sensors as E.g. on the steering of vehicles used, Novotechnik offers a range of contactless products as well as customized solutions.