Working with Glass

Then the resulting mass is charged in pastry syringe or tube used out of toothpaste, and even squeezed in a roller shape of stained glass. It is important to avoid intersections between lines, as the rollers do not have to run into each other. We recommend that all actions with nitro lacquer in well-ventilated room or open-air, and the epoxy to work in rubber gloves. Solvent for epoxy is gasoline. We proceed to the next, best-known, method of manufacturing psevdovitrazhey. This stained glass from broken glass and silicate glue. Necessary to prepare colored glass size.

Prepare a sketch to full size, are attached to the back side of the glass. Defatted surface with ammonia and cause contour drawing dark marker or paint. Cover the glass layer silicate glue (liquid glass) and the mosaic of colored glass shards in the figure below. 4-6 hours the surface of stained glass is filled with a continuous layer of glue so that it covers all exposed pieces. The adhesive does not flow along the edges you can set time-frame of wooden slats. In addition to silicate glue is used epoxy or polyester resin / You can make stained glass from colored glass Tselikov the following technologies. Prepare a sketch and fasten it with the back of the transparent flogged, as in previous cases.

Cut out entire sections of stained glass image of a necessary configuration. On the basis of transparent glass-making 'dry' collection of stained glass. The space between the pieces of colored glass filled with a solution of the following composition: cement – 1 part sand – 3 parts, glue (like PVA) – Part 1. For convenience, this operation can take even the plastic containers of shampoo, in which the plug is inserted into a glass or plastic tube with a diameter of 4-5 mm. Before filling the edges of color glasses at the joints with the silicate glass thoroughly lubricated with a solution with a wooden stick. After drying is the main filling. This treatment solution does not seep under the stained glass, and stained obtained accurate. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right color for the glass timber window. However, due to any deadlock is always possible to find two exits. Clear glass can be painted tsapon varnish. As dye use and aniline dyes: Yellow – auramine, rivanola; Blue – Methylene blue, green – brilliant greens (available at pharmacies), red – rhodamine. To finish was uniform, the surface of the glass pour paint, giving the surplus to drain. If the glass is exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to use for coloring glass gliftalievy varnish. It is a synthetic resin solution (gliftalya) and aniline paint a particular color in a wine alcohol. If tsaponovogo glyptal or no polish, alcohol can be prepared colored lacquer of the following composition: 500 ml ethanol (wine) of alcohol, 1 g of aniline dye, 1 g of shellac.

Really Simple Syndication

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the talk around the net these days because of its many benefits. However many people do not have very clear exactly what is RSS. Here is a definition of what is RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is in the plain English for those of you who are new to it and for those of you who are still a little confused about herself and their uses. RSS is an acronym. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. The RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds. These are simple files structured in a specific manner.

A type of xml The XML file is the format used to distribute news headlines via the Web, which is known as syndication. RSS files (which are also called RSS feeds or channels) are limited to the list of topics. In general, each item contains a title, summary and a link to a URL. RSS files are very much like the HTML code. . It is up to the user use this information in any way that he wants. RSS is simply a technology that distributes your information (whatever that is – articles, special offers, opinions, resources ads) through the transmission on the other side of the network. An RSS feed is the way that your information or content can be delivered instantly to the desktop of a Subscriber, to pass the email and the email filters.

This syndication is where this the true power that it unleashes RSS, do get your message or information through the web in an instant to websites of your subscribers and / or readers. There are two main components of a RSS feed. Channel: A channel is the total collection of items that you want to highlight on your site. It is not exactly a file RSS channel. Topic: The article is one thing that you want to highlight on your site.

White Paper

I.e. in silence! We must remember that our information is floating in the air and all, we and also the neighbours have right and access to the same air. It is important to bear in mind, also, that waves of WIFI, are scattered in a radius of about 50 meters and 100 meters. This will depend on the obstacles and interference see loss of signal in WIFI and WIFI standard that we are using for the connection. The spread will have one wider scope in the very near future with new WIFI IEEE 802. 11n. For all this, and a Despite the convenience that represents arriving at an airport or a hotel, to be able to read our emails, connect to the Organization’s network and our banking transactions, it will have to be taken several security measures and understand all so quiet but as real threats to us be submitted to connect via wireless (wireless). 4.

Measures of security for a wireless WIFI network as a WiFi wireless network communication can be realized and the traffic can be captured and analyzed by anyone who is within range of the RF waves, will be essential to encrypt information, to strengthen security and avoid make it easily readable for any intruder. To encrypt the information in a wireless network, there are 3 methods that are widely described in the free course of WIFI wireless networks. These are: WEP: it is the weakest of all and try to avoid it. WPA: It is stronger than WEP and currently is the more used, many times due to limitations of equipment and others due to lack of knowledge of the WPA2 user: it is the strongest and the most recommended, but in many cases there is with computers that support it. The old WIFI equipment are not suitable for this type of cryptographic calculations. In addition, to avoid that hacker or hackers entering our server silently, through the WIFI network, it is very important to authenticate and authorize users by means of a RADIUS server and EAP protocols, as required by the standard IEEE 802.

1 x. The EAP protocols most used to authenticate users of WIFI are: EAP-LEAP EAP-TLS EAP-TTLS EAP – PEAP a broader explanation of authentication and authorization of users through RADIUS and the demands of the 802.1 x standard servers can be found in the White Paper basic concepts of security in wireless networks WIFI and several chapters of the free course of wireless networks WIFI: authentication/802. 1 x, RADIUS server, EAP authentication and Suplicantes in the second part of this article will discuss the most common threats that lurk permanently to users of WIFI and the precautions that must be taken to mitigate the insecurity. The author of this article, Eduardo Tabacman, is engineer network wireless WIFI and computer security specialist. On site which is editor and founder, will find many entertaining articles similar to this about computer viruses, network security and Wireless networks. In the free course on WIFI networks, you will discover numerous secrets that aren’t in any book in Spanish. Subscribe free to our newsletter at, and you will receive a gift video.

PDAs Portable Visitors

Automated counters visitors to provide accurate and objective information. They can provide detailed data that allow to calculate the coefficients and determine the impact of advertising. Hit counters also help you better organize the work of its staff, because it could help you be able to determine attendance at certain hours. You can also determine the increase or decrease the number of visitors for marketing promotions and find out which ones work best. And that's all – just the tip of the iceberg! In this technology, there are many more positives.

7. Graphics software Most owners of small and medium-sized businesses tend to get involved in different methods of attracting visitors. Marketing promotions – one of them. Today, using computers and graphics packages, you can save thousands of dollars creating flyers, brochures and ads. One of the most popular programs are Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw and Microsoft Publisher. 8.

Websites and Online Stores Whether you are selling your products online or not, it can be a powerful tool to promote your business trading. For example, you can put the site address on business cards, newspapers, advertisements, etc. This gives you the opportunity to tell about the company, show people what you sell and convince them to come to your shop. Place a newspaper ad all of this information would be quite expensive .. and referring people to your site, you save money. If you are really serious about this technology, place on a site a shopping cart, so that visitors can book and pay for goods without leaving their chairs. 9. The software for payroll This software will allow you to keep internal records of payments and deductions, related to payroll. The program calculates the amount of various deductions and withholding taxes, contributions to the pension fund, etc. And, of course, you can print beautiful settlement sheets, which will reflect all the calculations. 10. Portable data terminals (PDT) and PDAs Portable data terminals are an excellent tool for rapid inventory and easy synchronization with your POS-system. You can just go with the terminal for the warehouse, scan the barcode on the goods and manually enter their number. The technology will allow you to quickly and accurately calculate the product. Currently, more and more popular were pocket computers. They, among other things, also allow you to create orders and perform various tasks on the computer, fits in the palm. Here, I brought only 10 technologies for the retail business just because it's good round number. However, there is much more remarkable technology that can you help out. For example, smart cards, wireless, voice e-mails, etc. I am sure that list continue indefinitely and it entirely depends on the type of your business. I suggest to get acquainted with each of the technologies. Make sure you understand what they are used and why it is so important. After this, we consider the possibility of using a particular technology in your business (if not already done so).