For The Future Of Social News Portal

Today, in times of huge information flow, it is difficult to navigate in the vast expanses of the Internet. Of course, to find the specific information you can use the top search engines such as Yandex or Google. But what if you do not have the specific purpose of finding information? If you just want to entertain themselves, and at the same time learn something new from the world of politics, music, sports, science, show business, as well as to explore any other useful and interesting information. Someone might say that there are many news sites, which shows all the information … and it's true. However, not all information and news sites covering a full range of news. A main drawback of traditional news sites is that all news, reviews and articles are generally formed by one person – the administrator. Today a new era …

The era of social news portals. What are the social news portal? What advantages over conventional news sites? That is what we'll find out. To date, there are several in runet PSP. For our review, we take a young but very dynamic social news portal first impression of the site is very nice. Beautiful, Intuitive website design, made from special hard, in our opinion portal will satisfy any user. Home "feature" is that after a simple registration, each user has the opportunity to add news. All news ratings are generated by voting, which is attended by visitors.

People will add the best, the latest news in twenty categories. That is why, a news database can cater to almost any visitor to the portal. Now anyone can become a real newsmaker! Adding the most interesting news to the site, especially very useful for website owners and webmasters. For each news item is added to a picture, brief description and links to source site, and the database link will remain forever. This means that your site will additional traffic, plus indexing of links by search engines. In the future, the administration plans to stimulate the action, consequence of which the best authors will receive a monetary reward. – an excellent example of social news portal of new generation. Traditional news sites eventually become extinct, the future – for social news portals.

FOB Seller

Other innovations that attract attention are: on the one hand, the regulation of sharing costs, between seller and buyer, which based its base to avoid the (THC) cargo terminal handling charges are supported by duplicate; and on the other hand, the concern for security in the transfer of merchandise, establishing reciprocal obligations of information, if the parties request it. 4 Choose the INCOTERM suitable at the time of Choose the appropriate INCOTERM, must take into account certain details, which at first glance may seem irrelevant, but which in practice result in an assumption of expenses and unforeseen risks in advance, for example: FOB now the ship’s rail, not will mark with the delivery obligation transferred once but nowThis will be satisfied, once the goods leave aboard the ship. Will the risk in the stowage buyer, support it albeit seller who assume the cost of cargo to the ship, where is also included in the cost of stowage in the CFR download will be borne by the buyer, unless Covenant to the contrary in the CIF the moment of passing of risk occurs with delivery on Board of the ship in the CPT download will be borne by the buyer, except that you have to be borne by the seller according to the contract of carriage an EXW is not the most advisable for the seller, nor a DAP for the buyer, when the payment method is by credit in certain importing countries are not allowed to pay VAT to foreign companies, so the case agree on DDP terms, excluding VAT must be when there is obligation to take out insurance by the seller, this must sign the policy on behalf of the purchaser and not to their own, or otherwise intended to INCOTERM will be undermined. 5. Two new additions and finally, a few brushstrokes on the new DATS and DAP that the ITC has included in this 2010 version: DAT (Delivered at Terminal) replaced, in maritime, to the old DES and DEQ. Conditions DAT seller assumes the costs of transport and the risk until the unloaded goods at the terminal designated by both parties.

Terminal means any place, covered or not, as a wharf, warehouse, container station or terminal road, rail or air. This INCOTERM not permitted delivery anywhere else other than a terminal, such as they could be the premises of the buyer. That is why that It seems to not be very viable for road transport, except that you have to do manipulations on any terminal of discharge. DAP (Delivered at Place) for its part, replaced the old DAF, DES and DDU. In conditions DAP seller assumes the costs of transport and the risk until the goods, without downloading, in the exact place agreed between the parties and is responsible for the clearance of export.

New Technology Part One

New technologies in the market promotion of sites, like the week to promote a site, go to the top on all search engines. Five years ago I came upon a magazine about the laptop, which I found an article on popularity of sites. In this journal provides a method of promotion of sites. Now I will outline the methods that worked five years ago. To promote a site in two thousand and fifth year, it was necessary to place a description of your site in all known directories site.

Listed the main directories of sites, such as Yandex, Google release dmoz, and so on. What has changed today. Top directory sites, such as holding leadership and continue to detain him. Nothing for today compared to two thousand fifth year, has not changed. As before you had to pay for the appearance of the site in Yandex and now have to fork out. By the way, if you are already talking about Yandex, a good idea to sue by Yandex. That provide the court with by Yandex.

Good promotion of your site. Assume in all print media, television, internet and radio news is information that Yandex is suing such a company. Great advertising must be used. Subject or causal court can choose a lot of reasons. First obtain advice from an experienced lawyer, to collect the necessary documents and evidence, to pay a good advakatu, and in front. Okay, we go further, by new technologies of promotion of sites. Next , then you are, no matter under what conditions, exchange links with the main page of your site from other sites. There are methods of the star, triangle, and so on. Exchange references. What worked five years ago, the same techniques work today. Only if the earlier segment of the Internet was little more than a few tens of millions, but now those numbers much higher. And in Yandex, as was the first page of the ten sites, so it remains, ten sites on the first page. And it's simple math. If you previously had no competitors in the Internet, now everyone has a web page that will try to get on the first page of Yandex. You understand where I am. Yes, all right, this method is still the same, only the technology took a step forward. Not all of course, Internet Explorer, it does not correctly read the html code and continues to read it incorrect, see our friend Bill says that we must adapt to him, but he is not under us. As a result of such policies on the first place borauzery that before we even knew the names.

Online Auctions

With the right software, every Internet user can theoretically open a private auction house. From the technical requirements, it is not so difficult to publish a private auction house on the Internet. With the right software it is not difficult. But a major challenge is to insist the goal against strong competition as the auction provider. Internet auctions experience a true flowering time for several years and have a still-growing market. The concept was in fact long been successful in the so called web2. 0 transfer. It was very well received by the online community.

Many merchants have made the auction to their preferred distribution method. And the Internet lends itself to do so, it calls on the privacy of users who can perform the entire transaction in this way, without having to rise only. In times of online banking, which is accessible to the general public, many traders of different goods and services think about it after their own Auction House to publish on the Internet. Buyers are bargain hunters like to and enjoy the charm, brings the auction mode. But anyone who thinks he can tinker times just as an auction house with his rudimentary knowledge of HTML”, which will certainly experience his blue wonder. It’s not quite as simple as auction software is highly complex and must satisfy also high safety standards. Finally, the auctions should also seriously expire. There is hardly anything that repels a buyer more than an opaque or unreliable organized sale.

Therefore, dealers or others who play with the idea of opening an own auction house, are well advised to leave the development of the software of real professionals. The market has been aware of this need and there are excellent providers of such software packages that you can buy and customize its own Internet presence. Also you can buy a frequently with technical support. It is therefore advisable, because of course when one such Internet-based auction house a legal contract is concluded, which brings many duties with. Auctions are regulated in Germany. Therefore, virtual auction houses should meet the high demands. The auction theory also deals with the mechanisms that access this, as well as the circumstances in the field of microeconomics. Andreas Mettler


Meeting in the HDT on 22-23 May, 2012 for all who work at her job or future tasks involving hazardous substances. Almost every German company operates with hazardous substances. The resulting risks to safety, health, fire and environment, representing an often underrated, but existentially important part of your company. Most of the nearly 100,000 reported occupational diseases – suspicions, due to hazardous activities but also a part of the 200 major loss events are in German companies each year. Also in your company, therefore a prudent and effective management of hazardous substances, taking into account technical, constructional and organisational measures is essential, but also encouraged. More info: Peter Thiel. 2nd Essen hazardous substance days on 22-23 May, 2012 in the Essen Haus der Technik are conducted in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers (including practice posts by authorities, professional associations, University and big companies such as BASF, EVONIK and VW). On two days is designed the goal of Essen’s hazardous substance days to offer comprehensive information and suggestions for professionals and other interested parties on the current issues of hazardous substance management.

The Conference will be accompanied by a comprehensive accompanying exhibition on the manufacturers and service providers present their latest products. 13 current lectures are planned with subsequent discussion and will give practical and comprehensible aid for implementation in your company. In two additional practice sessions the dangers that arise when activities involving hazardous substances, discusses you with trials. On the current events and industry claims is also entered. It be solicited contributions on the following topic areas: successful implementation of risk assessment from work a risk material officer in large enterprises the lecture suggestions, please experience reports REACH practical implementation of hazardous substance management in operation with name and title of the author, title of the lecture as well as a Short description or the content in bullet points, up to November 30, 2011 please to to: Mr. Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man under E-Mail further information under Dipl.-ing. Kai banks man