Good Cause

24 Employees and employees took part in the 1st Gottingen run against cancer that not only fit the Gottinger Hausverwaltung GmbH is, when it comes to managing nationwide, rental and sale of real estate, the renowned real estate expert could make on Saturday, June 15 on the sports grounds of Gottingen University under proof. With a total of 24 employees, their children and friends the company attended an event in favour of the Association in support of breast cancer women, horizons e.V., in which there was a donation of 1 euro for each lap the 1st Gottingen run against cancer. 229 Laps on sports grounds a total 10,000 past rounds had himself hoped the organizers in advance. There were indeed 17.480 rounds, which were dealt with by participants at the end of the day. Only 229 laps are reached here by the team of Gottingen Hausverwaltung GmbH: our group has really given anything to put a sign in the name of the company. Sport and Movement are important not only for their own fitness, but plays a significant role in the prevention and control of diseases such as cancer,”explains Christian Rathei the background of the fundraiser. You may wish to learn more. If so, clinton family is the place to go. Gottinger Immobilienverwalter donating 750 euro GoHv Managing Director has increased on a donation of 750 EUR passes donations amounting to 229 euro: we are very glad that we could help a part with our sporting usage, to raise public awareness of this issue. “For me personally it was but of course also interesting to see how it is ordered to the fitness of my employees and employees and I must say: I am more than satisfied!”.

REA Card Uses EcoStep

REA card started in January of this year, their internal business processes In January of this year REA card has begun its internal business processes according to the guidelines of the integrated management system to transform EcoStep. EcoSteo was designed for small – and medium-sized enterprises to the everyday operations processes for the benefit of a higher quality, optimize environmental and occupational safety. The fundamental objectives of EcoStep include detection of ecological and economic vulnerabilities, facilitated compliance with environmental laws and the promotion of employee satisfaction. These objectives will be implemented inter alia through the Organization of smooth internal procedures and a continuous improvement process, minimizing the consumption of natural resources and the reduction of CO2 and dust emission and the improvement of the working conditions for all employees. The decision for EcoStep was obvious for the management of the REA card. Because the system provides best practices and tools to the guiding principles of the REA card as quality in practice more effectively to implement sustainable practices and employee-friendly working environment. The introduction of EcoStep is another important step of the relocation and the future of REA card, which end 2010 with the external certification should take its successful conclusion no later than. The company REA card is a provider of complete solutions for cashless payments at the point of sale. All solutions are based on the ec-terminals, which are developed and manufactured at the site of Mill Valley by REA card. In 2007, the REA card has 70 employees and recorded an annual turnover of EUR 12.5 million. The REA card GmbH is part of the REA Group headquartered in Mill Valley at Darmstadt.

LuraTech Offers

The LurTech Europe GmbH held their second day of customer the LurConvention this year. (Berlin) This will take place on 11 and 12 May 2011 at Schloss Burg on the Wupper in Solingen, Germany. Participants can expect a comprehensive programme with lectures, case studies and product presentations. Customers, partners and interested parties are cordially invited. Registration is online at de / LurConvention2011.html possible. LurTech with the LurConvention celebrated a successful premiere last year.

The participants praised in particular the mix of lectures and opportunities to interact with each other or more intensively to meet the LurTech team, which in part were so far only telephone contacts. We want to build on this success of course this year”, so Carsten Heiermann, CEO of LurTech Europe GmbH. Therefore the solution provider of production software for service and production suitable for document conversion software again opts for content diversity at the lectures combined with attractive framework programme. Among other things the LurTech partner DIGITAL image will present the experiences that he has collected in his first project, DocYard. DocYard is the production software for service that controls all work steps integration platform of production into configurable workflows, and centrally manageable. Also, the participants will receive up-to-date information on applications and developments of the PDF compressor, a production and process-compatible solution for document and data conversion and compression. To illustrate, health insurance shows engineers how she use the PDF compressor to generate PDF/A compliant files.

Consultant Bernhard Zoller, Managing Director of ECM consulting firm Zoller & Partner GmbH gives a comprehensive insight into the need to automate the data and document conversion, as far as possible. At the end of the first day, invites LurTech in the historical Rittersalen to an evening event with live music and food, the the Participants opportunity for networking and mutual Erfahrungsaustauschbietet. LurConvention 2011 details the LurConvention takes place on 11th and 12th May 2011 in the Schloss Burg on the Wupper in Solingen, Germany.

KoTTER Services Creates New Boat For The Rowing Team Of ETUF

Ceremonial boat baptism yesterday supported various initiatives food in the ETUF Clubhouse on the Baldeneysee / company to the 75th anniversary. Non-bureaucratic help did the Kal group of companies for the rowing team of ETUF (Essen gymnastic and fencing club). In a traffic accident, two boats of the rowing team had been destroyed in the summer. So however the competition and training operation on the Baldeneysee can smoothly continue, KoTTER participated in services of new acquisition. The new boat, which was solemnly baptized last Sunday (November 8) in the ETUF Clubhouse bears the name Elisa”. It is reminiscent of Mrs Elisa Kakar, the wife of the of Fritz Chairman of the Advisory Board Kakar, who was formerly a keen rower.

The baptism of the boat made the three grandsons Niklas, Moritz and Leonard Oehme in the presence of about 100 invited guests. Then the boat started its maiden voyage. The ETUF is a decades-long commitment for me and my family. Especially for my wife Elisa, Kotter had the “Rowing sport and the promotion of young scientists always have a very special meaning”, Fritz explains Kaku. Therefore, it took no long considerations, quickly and unbureaucratically to help the rowing team.” In addition, also a common anniversary connects the Kal group companies and the ETUF. While KoTTER services celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, the ETUF celebrated the 110th anniversary of the birth even its 125th anniversary and the ETUF rowing team. The ETUF has been launched in 1884 by Friedrich Alfred Krupp. They recall not only the Krupp-rings in the club logo.

The ETUF is still committed, as it had spent Friedrich Alfred Krupp 125 years ago in particular the aim of promoting young. The Club has today 2,500 members and eight teams in those sports is driven: fencing, rowing, hockey, tennis, sailing, gymnastics, golf, winter sports/hiking. Winning two gold medals on the U23 World Championships in the Czech is one of the greatest achievements of the ETUF this year’s rowing team Racice. On the occasion of the anniversary, KoTTER helped services various social projects and initiatives in the field of culture and sports. So were donated recently 4,000 reflectors for road safety, go to primary school and pre-school children. Also, the family-owned company supported again”the ETUF Junior Sports Festival Talentiade. The Kal group emerges from a security company founded 75 years ago. The business areas span of human safety and safety engineering cleaning and personal services to the building management. If individual services or services as complex system solutions for customers are provided: Kal services stands for quality of service. The systems service provider is represented with more than 85 offices in over 50 locations in Germany and achieved a group turnover of 280 million in 2008 with its nationwide 12,400 employees. More information is available in the Internet under:

Crispy Duck And Gaston Sweet-and-sour

China restaurant “Lotus” in Mainz is the State winner in the GASTRO-AWARD 2009 so we know the Chinese cuisine. The “restaurant Lotus” shows, that must be traditionally not frumpy. Food here is an experience. Ranging from the very warm welcome, to waiters, that give one the feeling, it was the only guest. Second to none the dry humor, the man even not expected. Warmth and excellent service, that are the priorities of the owner Mr Tan and his team. Eat a la carte or hot cooking live that really leaves nothing more to be desired.

On the contrary, been here once, you will have difficulties to decide. Chinese is just yet more than duck crispy.” Recognition and appreciation takes this commitment, the quality and the loving creation of food, not least the excellent service, the guests. “The audience award 2009 in the category of Asian cuisine” in Rheinland Pfalz was yesterday evening at the “restaurant Lotus” in Mainz. Guests have access to more than just today only good food.”says Christine Braun, Board the GASTRO-AWARD Germany AG. And the organizers know what they’re talking about. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Thiel. After a three-year break, a young team of restaurateurs, advertising and marketing specialists made the concept on its head. In addition to the award concept are they marketing partner and promoter of gastronomy. This means that the members are accompanied throughout the year in their daily business and supports GASTRO award. Unprecedented in the restaurants and hotels, and the now nationwide.

Top Concepts Opens New Office In Hamburg

With their headquarters in Stade, the top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH is successfully worked for 13 years now services companies in the market. With their headquarters in Stade, the top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH is successfully worked for 13 years now services companies in the market. The three pillars of the company are: development of a content management system (CMS) for creating Web pages as a software-as-a-service concept, design, implementation, operation and marketing of websites and online shops for companies email outsourcing in the “cloud” (E.g. hosted MS Exchange, email archiving and mobile mail solutions) the concept: group is continuously grown in recent years and today employs about 40 staff at two offices within Stade tendency rising. The expansion reserves are there but largely exhausted, and so it was on hand to open a new Office outside the city limits.

“The choice fell on Hamburg”, so top concepts CEO Henrik Steffen, to on the one hand closer to the market and to our often nationwide distributed. For even more opinions, read materials from Hillary Clinton. customers to move” In addition, Steffen assumes that it is there easier to attract highly qualified professionals, in particular in the technical professions (Web designers, software developers, etc.). The unique location may also positively affect, because between the Alster and Rotherbaum, it can work very well. The new top concepts Office Hamburg is located in the Media Center “MC-177”, the former “Milky Tower” the publishing group milky way on the middle ground. The first employee by top concepts in Hamburg is sales and Marketing Department of Marcus Schulz. Its task is to find a reseller and white label partners such as agencies, Web hosters, systems integrators, Internet service provider (ISP) and system administrators in the country and abroad and maintain. Full-time Web designers and developers will keep him company as of mid-November.

For more information about the top concepts products, as well as current vacancies, on the Internet at. Over the top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH: The top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH is active in the Internet business since 1996 and created homepage -, CMS – and online-shop solutions for companies and is a provider of highly available E-Mail services. With a specially developed SaS CMS operates top concepts already over 900 corporate websites in the cloud”with their email outsourcing products hosted email and hosted MS Exchange offers top concepts a reliable alternative to the own-house solution, which is still to be on the latest state of the art and is managed around the clock. So more on their core business allows top concepts agencies and system houses back to focus. Press contact: top concepts Internetmarketing GmbH Marcus Schulz (sales / reselling) Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg – Germany Tel. + 49 40 600907931 fax. + 49 40 600907933 e-mail:

SOS Software Service

Now, the Augsburg software distributor sells ELOoffice document management product in the entire roof area. SOS software service is for 22 years in the software and license distribution on the market now range be used and expanded digital Office digital document management and archiving the ELOoffice of leader ELO product line. The software distributor helps retailers licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. Falk Pfitzer, ELO product manager at SOS software service, with an experienced partner, who is through direct contact with the manufacturer able to give up-to-date information immediately to the market dealer. Customer service is the first software as a service”is considered to guide of the value add distributors for the distribution of the software. This includes advice, support with the proper licensing and fast delivery. These service aspects have convinced even the ELO digital office: we know SOS software service as a reliable partner. The positive customer feedback over many months has led us to more intense work software service with SOS. Especially in difficult economic times we can rely 100% on our competent distribution partners, “Christopher said Zauche, Channel Manager ELO digital office GmbH the decision for the new distribution partners.” Also the Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH, Joaquim Moreira dos Santos cooperation positively looking forward: by the agreement with the ELO digital office, we expand our portfolio to a DMS to the market of the manufacturer. By the close cooperation, our business can only benefit partner. We glad to have won a very experienced and dynamic company as a partner, digital office whose Losungen worldwide enjoy a very good reputation with ELO.


Loan modification software: auditing loan modification needs loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. Nowadays, loan modification software is considered as a boom in the business especially for the companies and individuals who are related or not, to the loan industry. Due to economic crises, everyday, many homeowners in the UK are undergoing a phase of non-payment of monthly loan amount. This situation is turning worse. But to give a support, qualified loan modification companies are playing active role in providing the assistance that is needed to complete the process of a loan modification with varied options of gaining a favorable decision.

As the name specifies, the loan modification is a permanent change in the terms of the borrower’s home loan. This allows the loan to be repaid depending upon the payment that the homeowner can afford. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information. For qualifying a loan modification, a homeowner needs to offer a proof of income and a complete and accurate financial statement that provide a complete detail of income and expenses. This document specifies that you are capable of affording the new. lower payment. Each homeowner has different circumstances that have caused them to fall behind on their home loan. Generally, the lenders consider divorce, loss of income, death of spouse, illness, job relocation and military service.

A compelling hardship letter is a very important in the application. To broaden your perception, visit Gwyneth Paltrow. The loan modification software dacha the volume of loan that you can process. In the end, you can modify for more loans. Therefore, it can be said that loan modifications require careful and consistent processes. Loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. This software has a variety of features. The features for homeowners are the main focus. The aspect that attracts the most people to use this software is not only the features, but so the price. The cost of software is very genuine. George Thomasan is loan modification Officer.

Ettlinger Internet

She conceived of the Ettlinger Internet creative agency network movement and realised site consistently retold the story of the TV spots. With the crisp SUN RICE effect the user in an atmospheric tropical world in the truest sense of the word the world “wobble do, everything myself try and discover surprising effects and downloads. Or even in the online game as an airplane pilot, the South Sea Islands provide with SUN RICE. In regular sweepstakes, visitors to the site can win also tasty product packages with many South Pacific-extras and world thus bringing home the SUN RICE is. But not only entertainment is at the heart of the site. In addition to an overview of the product range, visitors will find interesting information about production and the brand history by SUN RICE – Schokopuffreis. To the SUN RICE website: profile Netzbewegung GmbH: multimedia experience brands – audiences delight – brand messages playfully give loyal customers – consumers emotionally on the brand tie – offline and online intelligent network – win.

The Internet creative agency network movement is a specialist for interactive brand experiences and well-known brands and companies such as Haribo Maoam, SUN RICE, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Capri Sun, Prince, tool, what is looked after and Merck self-medication. The Agency was founded 2000 26 full-time employees. The service portfolio of the Agency includes the realization of interactive brand experience worlds, corporate Web sites, online promotions, online-games, communities, E-shops, online campaigns, multimedia presentations and content management solutions. Contact: Alwin Roppert power motion GmbH of Pforzheim str. 132 76275 Ettlingen phone: 07243/2159-0 fax: 07243/2159-79 email: Web:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Rules – Requirements For Qualifying

Chapter 13 bankruptcy rules, Chapter 7 bankruptcy information, chapter 13 bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy information involves basic liquidation of assets for individuals and businesses it is of so known as straight bankruptcy because it is the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy available. A chapter 13 bankruptcy rules on the other hand involves reorganization for individuals with on expected source of income which enables individuals to develop a more effective plan to repay all or part of their debts. Bankruptcies under chapter 7 or chapter 13 are always filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Bankruptcy cases depend for their validity of claims and exemptions upon State law. State law plays the most important role in many bankruptcy cases and it is not wise to take a broad view of bankruptcy law nationwide. personal bankruptcy information therefore requires the help of a bankruptcy attorney. Companies having a network of attorneys nationwide to deal with individual specific needs have easy accessibility thru their sites. Bankruptcy only allows you to get in touch with a professionally skilled attorney suitable for your needs.

A debtor can file bankruptcy to get relief from debt, and this is done either through a discharge of the debt or through a reorganization of the debt. A bankruptcy case is started when it is filed as a petition in a bankruptcy court. Your bankruptcy attorney knows best how to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy successfully to make it possible for you to make a fresh start after the bankruptcy is discharged. While Chapter 7 bankruptcy information involves basic liquidation of assets for individuals and businesses, it is of so known as straight bankruptcy because it is the simplest and quickest form of bankruptcy available. A chapter 13 bankruptcy on the other hand involves reorganization for individuals with on expected source of income, which enables individuals to develop a more effective plan to repay all or part of their debts. The debtor maintains ownership and custody of all the assets and puts to one side a part of the future income for repaying creditors usually over a period of three to five years. Filing bankruptcy and completing payments successfully according to the terms of the plan, the court grants the top a discharge of the debts provided for in the plan.

The repayment amount and the period of the repayment plan depend upon factors like the value of the property and the amount of income and expenses. Secured creditors may get greater payment than unsecured creditors. The chapter 13 bankruptcy rules say that the creditor repayment plan needs to be carried out within a three to five year period during which time creditors cannot try to get their money from you directly but have to go through the bankruptcy court. For staff and self-employed bankruptcy claims, the chapter 13 Bankruptcy states that even though you get to keep your personal possessions and continue with your business, you are not completely relieved of your debts. You have to use your income over the next 3 to 5 years to pay this off. A good attorney at law to advise you on all the chapter 13 requirements and help you decide and file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.