Computer Games For Women

Computer games – one of the exciting ways to spend your time. Naturally, the game for a fine half have their own characteristics and you are not disappointed in the computer games I advise to use my experience in this area. For starters I recommend to play in the so-called mini-games. They are a fun, dynamic toys, which usually resolves within one to two days. Occupy a special place simulators farm, which you will of small and unprofitable farms to a thriving economy (Required you'll like 'Farm Frenzy', 'Ranch Rush', 'Miracle Farm', 'Green Valley Farm "and many others). Also, try to play simulators cafe (you will not disappoint 'Turbo Pizza', 'Gold Heart Cafe', 'Snowball. Diner Dash: Flo '), simulators store (' Ice Cream Shop Anna ',' Supermarket Mania ',' Yuvelirmaniya ',' Your pet shop '). In these games you have to maximize quick serve visitors to buy new equipment, make repairs at the restaurant / store.

Women will appreciate the game of the genre quest. Absolutely all advise to play 'under the yellow press Masyanya', which combines wonderful sense of humor and a fascinating plot. Two levels of difficulty and regular tooltips will pass this fascinating game even for beginners. Logic games addicted women often enough. Perhaps, it is difficult imagine someone who does not know what patience. Variations of solitaire games very much and my favorite, no doubt, 'Spider', 'Solitaire'. Do not forget also puzzles, puzzle, mahjong and marbles. For more advanced users video games suggest to discover the economic strategy.

For example, I really like these toys as the 'tropics', 'Tropiko2: Pirate Island', 'Zeus'. 'Caesar' and 'War and Peace'. For example, in the 'tropics', you'll just elected governor of the island and you have to solve the following problem – to provide food and vsoih poddanyh housing, industry and tourism to develop, establish political relations with its neighbors. One of the best games for the women is a universe with its varieties Sims University, starting a business, Night Life, House 2 'How to build a love of' Charmed … In these games you have to create virtual people (Sims) with unique characteristics (appearance, character and needs) to go to college, earn money, start dating and even organize your personal life. Hopefully, now you, dear women, no matter how nice spend their free time. If you liked this article, we recommend you go to this site, where you'll find lots of interesting information about music software.

Gamers GTA

Rockstar Games released information about the upcoming release of the first add-on for gta iv or the first episode, as you wish. Finally became known release date it will be February 17, 2009. Time left is not enough, but the developers Grand Theft Auto iv already please us the first screenshots from Grand Theft Auto IV: the Lost and Damned. Screenshots, by the way bikers that leads to certain thoughts about the plot of a new episode. Sources:, known gaming site Kikizo has published yesterday a major preview of the pc version of Grand Theft Auto iv, a version that continues the series of releases of gta. Let me remind you that the release has once again been postponed now on 2 December 2008.

Previews from Kikizo, unfortunately, contains no new screenshots, but in the same article, in addition to known facts, there is a couple of interesting points. You can read the full article or review the most interesting detail: The game has a very wide possibilities to customize the graphics, the selection of quality textures, shadows. There is also a filter texture resolution setting and adjustment of display quality of the water – all of these settings can be adjusted from low to very high. View distance, detail, density traffic flow, the form of shadows and light are set in the settings from 1 to 100 (in this example, the density of transport on the console versions of not more than 33). Due to better textures in the pc version, unlike the PS3 and Xbox360, you can see more details, for example to read all the ads in the subway.