Managing Director

In may 2013, the Federal Ministry for education and research 2013 published the vocational training report and confirmed that the training market situation is still good. Speyer, the 30.08.2013: may 2013 published 2013 the Federal Ministry of education and research the vocational training report and confirmed that the training market situation is still good. Par excellence for training places, small and medium-sized enterprises are the engine. And the example of H. j. shows that it pays to find suitable trainees.

Dre GmbH, a manufacturer of folding cartons in Speyer. The Speyer company H. j.. Dre GmbH ( is looking for always good young as one of the leading manufacturers of folding cartons. Whatever it is, these days everything is packed. This applies to products such as mobile phones, hand creams or hamburgers at the same time.

Includes folding cartons to our daily life. “, as Jurgen Dres, CEO of H. j.. Dre GmbH. Outstanding are therefore just for trainees in the packaging industry Ways to go immediately into the profession after the training. But that’s not all for the Managing Director. The desire on the part of the entrepreneur training there must be granted. We notice but again and again, that just by the questioning of the trainees come always new momentum in our operating.” Proudly, the business leader, announced that in August 2013 two new trainees to the Pack media technologists, formerly packaging means mechanic, H.-j.. Meet Dre GmbH. It took but a whole lot of patience and talks according to Jurgen Dres, find the right applicant”. Jurgen Dres continued: on the one hand Pack media technologist sounds futuristic and certainly even more attractive for trainees. On the other hand technologist expresses the meaning exactly what is at stake now in our industry: the mastery of and understanding of high technology. With us in processing in the production of folding cartons and cardboard.” Short profile: The H. j. Dre GmbH has more 6 decades manufacturer of folding cartons in all standard formats, as well as challenging, extraordinary special packaging.


With a good supply of clinical cases and much practical information, in addition to conferences, roundtables and workshops, Andalusian radiologists of the SERAM (Spanish society of medical radiology) will meet in Malaga, in the XIV Congress of the Association of Radiologists South, during the 17th and 18th of June. A scientific program that have marked the organizers of this event more practical than theoretical.Radiologists from the South meet in Malaga the SERAM, medical society to which belong the attendees, is a scientific and professional organization dedicated to promoting among its partners the teaching, development, defence and research of all diagnostic and therapeutic aspects related to medical imaging, publicizing its activities to the general population. Likewise, the Spanish Foundation of Radiology, existing since 2002, aims to improve radiology in Spain, in all its aspects. Your accommodation to attend this Congress can do perform in one of the hotels in Malaga with superior 4-star category, our Hotel Monte Malaga, that for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting..

Abdominal Muscles

It is true that this is not an excuse to stop exercising, since throwing him a little imagination and availing ourselves of the closest gadgets we can assemble us our home gym. We are going to present an exercise to work ABS with the help of a simple Chair (exercises for abdominal). For this exercise we will simply need a Chair that is not too high, and on which we can rest your feet without any problem. The Chair will be our place of support and the instrument for carrying out the exercise. Our body will instead be that perform the exercise and that must endure the tension of this routine. In particular the part of the body that will support it will be abdominal to the full (abdomen exercises), as well as waist shoulder girdle, because both the abdomen and arms will be involved in its implementation.Before anything, and to begin to exercise what we will do will be placing the Chair and we posaremos your feet on it, so that our body is a horizontal, parallel to the ground. That Yes, it is important that we support with hands to the ground facing down and outstretched arms. This will be our home position, and she will be which will guide the rest of the exercise which will simply consist in turns of trunk (abdominal exercises) keeping the straight body through the abdominal contraction, which will let us work this part all the time that lasts the activity at all times.

In this posture of home in which we keep both hands resting on the ground, what we will do will be turning the trunk to one side, so that it the hand of that side is elevated with the other glued to the ground. Once we have arrived with the arm above what we will do will be back to the initial position and perform the same movement with the other hand. It is important that long alo of the whole exercise maintain straight trunk (exercises for buttocks) and concentrate on the exercise, specifically in the abdominal wall, which is that will work at all times, as well as the part of the scapulae, than to endure the weight of the body with the arms and perform the lifting motion will succeed in influencing them and strengthen this area.


Obtaining of information Like part of the project, the U.T.E created by Audiotec and CTA will realise the previous compilation of all the necessary information for the development of the noise maps, as well as the development of the methodologies and techniques necessary for the obtaining of the acoustic data necessary to complete them. In this sense, the Council of Environment considers opportune to begin as rapidly as possible with the data summary to paraadecuar the cartographic information and other types of documentation to the needs of the noise maps and, of this form, to obtain that they are available in 2011 and " to be able to develop the maps in 2012, as it indicates the norm of the Comunidad". In addition, the mentioned Council emphasizes that these works require a high degree of specialization and, therefore, " they only can be carried out by people with a suitable formation and who have the average technicians necesarios". They are requisite to that the organizations are not other people’s that form the U.T.E that has gained east contest on watch, since as much its experience of than 25 years in subjects related more to the noise, like the high qualification of its multidisciplinary human equipment, or the facilities that conform their laboratory of acoustics turn to these organizations into the suitable option for carries out the project. The acoustic information for the creation of the noise maps they will be compiled, like " work of campo" , in the railway streets and routes, as well as gaugings of in motion and railway traffic corresponding to the populations study object. In addition, for the effectiveness of the maps one becomes necessary to contribute data of representative hour intensity, speed average and percentage of vehicles (as much for the light vehicles as for the heavy vehicles), differentiating in any case each one of the periods denominated like:Day (7-19h), Behind schedule (19-23h) and Night (23-7h).