El Hombre Del Madero

You are now infamous hanging from the tree, injured and abused. I can not see your eyes, because you raise your head to the sky What do you look naive? A cloud passes, a flock of crows. Someone picks up the flight of his cloak and returned to the city tired. Leaves behind a trail of dust. The hill where you have led is arid and gray. Some men whisper while your body is nailed to the cross. They seem to be behind a canvas.

The soldiers say holding their spears into the ground, while the populace takes root on the esplanade and laughs at you, yeah, you. Your dark side is now down on his chest. A ring of haze encircles your forehead pierced by the thorns. Blood clots in your beard and flowing like a snake through your body. A fly buzzing around your eyes.

Can you see it? What thought of repentance swift and elusive cross through your head? What vision of infamy shakes you while you strike the air with your terrible voice? What invisible point sinks into your quivering flesh until you find your heart? Hallucinate, cry out for presence of the envoys of the fire, by the telluric forces of your non-existent heaven. I can hear you call the scarecrows who bury their hooks diamond in the rocks bristling on the hill where you vanish. Do you think that crowd down there is mercy for you? Do you think that will rise against the empire to prevent death? You can not move, the nails pierce your flesh and you cling to the wood.

Flash Technology In Web Development

Flash – a rather popular technique for many years is widely used for creating websites. Compared with the rest of the site done in Flash can contain much more animation and even video clips. Flash – a multimedia technology by which a developer can create a much richer site than using the classic HTML. Flash allows you to bring to the design of lightness perception, dynamics and interactivity. Bright site better stored by the visitor. Complement the site can be sound, but you have to have a sense of proportion and not perenasytit design.

Before beginning work on the site the customer should always articulate their requirements and wishes. For this to be clearly defined set of tasks that must be addressed through the site. It is in line with these objectives and should be chosen technology for creating the site. Flash technology to create a promo for various activities and events, but to build enterprise information portals and the use of Flash is not recommended due to certain restrictions, which carries the technology. First, Flash site may not be available some users, since not all browsers have extensions to view Flash. Second, some Flash sites much worse indexed by search engines, which can create problems when the search progress. Third, Flash can be much slower to boot and run over with a site created based on HTML. Fourth, users can not change the font size on this site completely on the technology of Flash.

Fifthly, it is problematic to maintain and printout of information from such sites. And to complete it should be noted that a Flash sites much more difficult to update the information. As we see, a website created in Flash can create many problems to the owner, but that does not mean that the sites on this technology have no right to exist. Area of application – the sites that should impress the user, and sink into the mind. For information on the possibilities of technology is recommended read a collection of Flash templates. Get acquainted with them you are likely to be able to select and buy appropriate for your site. In addition, the purchase of a template allows you to save considerably on development.

Avaya DevConnect Program

TELES offers solutions for least cost routing, last mile connections via mobile phone and backup solutions at fixed mains Berlin, 12.01.2012. TELES is a technology partner in the Avaya DevConnect Program now. Thus TELES meets the stringent requirements set by Avaya customer satisfaction, product support, marketing and sales terms. TELES access gateway complement the portfolio of Avaya solutions for least cost routing, last mile connections via mobile and fallback solutions at fixed mains. With the DevConnect Program Avaya provides member companies support in the development and marketing of products that have been tested for compatibility with Avaya solutions. TELES provides solutions that can be smoothly integrated with the unified communications offering from Avaya.

Members of the Avaya DevConnect Program have expertise in a variety of technologies. These technologies help companies to increase the value of their networks consisting of components of from different manufacturers. In this way they make a smart voice communication Business application, which contributes to the success of the company. Addition to the portfolio of Avaya TELES access gateway costs for connections between fixed and mobile communications and allow low-cost dialing from your mobile communication technology solutions company. In this way, you can provide, without incurring any additional costs advanced features on the phone with access gateways from TELES.

Furthermore TELES access gateways provide back-up solutions via the mobile network at a fixed mains. In addition SMS communication integrates easily into existing infrastructures. Depending on the model, TELES access gateways have four to 32 mobile radio channels, up to 30 voice channels and multiple E1/T1 interfaces. Seamless integration of technology partners like TELES communication solutions help our customers to make better use the investment in their infrastructures by integrating additional functions into existing communication solutions”, says Eric Rossman, Vice President, Developer relations, Avaya. This gives our customers more flexibility and increases the reliability of their networks.” Access gateway solutions from TELES company for example mobile phones of their employees integrate into Avaya FMC (fixed mobile convergence) and UC (unified communications) solutions, to reduce connection costs. Support provides advanced technical support, compliance testing and marketing measures for developer Avaya”TELES, says Oliver Olbricht, Chief Operating Officer of TELES. In this way we can ensure the compatibility of our products with solutions from Avaya and optimally appeal to our joint customers.” The Avaya DevConnect Program supports companies to develop products that are compliant with Avaya communication solutions. The members have already developed a variety of solutions that have been tested for compatibility with Avaya. Applications include wireless applications, special solutions for computer speech recognition Telephony integration (CTI) and reports, as well as industry-specific applications.

POPAI Awards Technology

“SmartyMat nominated for the POPAI awards in the category technology and innovation on the MPV in Paris – over 1,500 participants registered for the Conference days during the fair, among them also Romain Baseilhac, country Manager of T-cuento retail intelligence: how to measure marketing activities at the point of sale”. -The intelligent person, floor mat SmartyMat T-cuento was nominated for the POPAI awards in the category of technology and innovation. From 27 to 29 March was the third edition of the fair of MPV for marketing at the point of sale in Paris-Porte de Versailles instead. The half-yearly running event will be at retail by the French branch of the International Association for marketing”POPAI organized, which forgives the POPAI awards also once in a year. The exhibition comprised five Exhibitor categories: commercial furniture, shop design, digital signage and mobile marketing, and marketing materials and marketing services. T Cuento France was as an exhibitor in the category Marketing services with its own stand witnesses to present its products to the present audience.

The concern about the General stagnation of consumption and the triumph of the price as the sole criterion of purchase by the consumer led, that attended the most prestigious retailers interested in the MPV to point-of-sale new and creative solutions to the point to get to know, with the aim to increase the effectiveness of sales and market share. 15,800 people registered for this year’s event and the international participation amounted to 15% with visitors from 66 countries, including Belgium, Spain, Italy, Finland and the United Kingdom. There were a total of 224 exhibitors on-site, with international participation by 22%. Also participating in the 24-conferences and workshops was a resounding success, with over 1,500 registered visitors. In this context, Romain Baseilhac, country Manager of T-cuento France gave a lecture on “retail intelligence: as one marketing activities at the point of” Sale can measure”, which was attended by over 100 people. Baseilhac said at this Conference, using examples and case studies, how important it is, the behavior of the customer traffic (how many pass, how many come in, how long are they and when exactly, where run along, etc) at the point of sale to know, assess results of marketing activities, and perform strategic improvements to a business. A highlight of the fair was to announce of the nominees for the annual POPAI awards by the organizer of POPAI France. The award, divided into 44 categories, won over 300 companies as participants. The award ceremony will take place on June 14 in Paris and the intelligent person, floor mat SmartyMat T-cuento is technology and innovation under the first three nominations in the category.

LTE (long Term Evolution Technology)-the Technology Of Tomorrow

What is the long term evolution technology and what makes this technique from? The mobile Internet has enormously developed in itself in recent years, particularly thanks to smartphones, and has become essential in this day and age for many people. Especially for young people the phone replaced the computer, because the Internet is always available on your mobile phone. However, the mobile Internet is still slower than conventional Internet via an ISP. Another drawback to the mobile Internet is also or especially in rural areas, poor reception with “slow” Internet so wrapped in bandages. What is LTE? LTE is the term for long term evolution. LTE is also often called a “4 G”, because this technology the successor of “3 G” is. This has been the fastest mobile Internet connection. LTE will be up to 10 times faster than a DSL connection.

The maximum download speed with LTE up to 100 MBit/s varies, the upload speed of up to 50 MBit/s advantages of LTE the new long term evolution technology offers in addition to the much higher speed or some other advantages over the older technologies. By the package-oriented data transfer LTE not so burdened the battery of the mobile phone as other transmission facilities. Lower latency from the mobile to the fixed network (less than 5 ms) are a further advantage. Conclusion: LTE is without a doubt the Internet of the future. Due to the incredible speed it will prevail sooner or later against the older technologies. The question will be just when mobile operators have sufficiently expanded the LTE networks. For the rural regions, LTE offers finally faster Internet for the PC. By towers with LTE, this is available in the entire district and can be used to at home. It should be noted, however, that nowadays very few phones possess the technology to use LTE.

Education Technology

To begin, a point that should be obvious: technology education today must respond to the reality of technology in today’s world. It is very important in the field of education, avoid giving a distorted image or idealized nature of technology. In this sense, following authors as Wiebe Bijker and Thomas Hughes, are becoming more numerous voices from the literature, calling for a non-reductionist understanding of the nature of the technology. This can no longer be understood in one way or artifactual intellectualism, ie only as a body of applied scientific knowledge or as a collection of artifacts and technical processes. The technology is not a collection of ideas or the machine itself subject to evolution, which is expressed in terms of increased job search efficiency objectives. All technology is what is under a defining social context, agencies a context that includes producers, users, affected, interested, and so on. It is in that context which defines how efficient or inefficient under which objectives that ultimately respond to non-technical values. Some well known examples are relevant management jobs here. A hand pump not only works well or badly depending on the technical characteristics of the engine, but also the use thereof is made in a particular social context. As noted by Arnold Pacey in culture technology, the large amount of bombs part time that failed in the 70 villages of India, nearly a third of jobs in 150 thousand installed, not only due to structural defects of the artifacts, but mostly the omission of local conditions of use by technical experts of the project. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is has experience as the Secretary of labor and industry to governor Pierre In consultants addition to an engineering problem, development and installation of an artifact is a cultural and administrative problem. Such disregard for non-technical aspects of technological artifacts is what has led to the failure of many technology transfer projects. For example in the attempt to birth control in Bangladesh through the donation and distribution of IUDs, sales jobs where only birth control was achieved at the cost of ending the lives of many women who used them without a proper health culture. In his book The Whale and the Reactor, Langdon Winner provides an even clearer example of how technology is also to do politics, that is, assume values and transform society in accordance with them. Something as simple as a bridge not only is made up of material such as brick, concrete or steel, but of values. For example the bridges can still be found today in the longitudinal boulevards traversed Long Island (New York) before the second world war, were bridges human resources with less than three meters high, built not only to facilitate the movement of vehicles agency but also for prevent the use of these boulevards by bus, so booking the beaches of the area of the upper classes or possessing motor area. These are just some examples of the important social dimension of technology that can not be neglected in the organization of the teaching curriculum of the same. On this staff basis, we believe that technology education must be sensitive to two interrelated features that define the new role of technology in today’s society: the innovation and participation. Educate to innovate The innovation is in principle the part time jobs creation or adaptation of new knowledge and its application to a production process, with impact and acceptance in the market.

Main Developing Trends

Single roll crusher is actually part of the structure of the jaw crusher and crusher combined roll, and thus has the characteristics of both aircraft types, also known as jaw roll crusher, crusher. Single-roll crusher having a large feed ports, the other surface of the roller equipped with different rack the rack bulk material when the bulk material feed higher crushing, vise, and splitting and shock method be broken, and then drops downward, its progress is crushed to the required size by the smaller teeth. In a crusher there are pre-crushed zone and the secondary crushing zone, and therefore can be used for the coarse material crushed, and crushing the relatively large, up to 15. The broken material block by the teeth on the roller edge toggle and the take-away is mandatory discharge, crushed sticky material will not happen clogging.The crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and many other sectors. Single roll crusher is designed for crushing medium hard or soft materials, such as lime right, hard glue and coal. When the material is relatively sticky wet (such as those containing limestone, etc.), it is a crushing effect than using a jaw crusher and cone crusher are good, especially compared to a broken flake glue the material, with jaw or cone crusher both in performance and body compact square strengths. The specifications of the single-roll crusher is represented by the diameter and length of the roller.

In order to further joint with the market and meet the requirement of customer, Hongxing has paid close attention to the update information of mining industry. Today we will discuss the three major developing trends in the crusher; following is the opinions that Hongxing machinery provided:as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as rotary kiln, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. 1. To further improve the energy efficient of crushing equipment Nowadays, the crusher technology has matured and formed many types of special equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher. In order to meet the requirement of environmental protection of the customer and new standard of energy saving of the state, Hongxing will weitere improve the technology of crusher equipment. 2 To further perfect the operating numerical control of the crusher The innovation of information technology and computer technology makes it possible to further save the human, material and financial resources in the production process.

The future developing of the crusher will realize the perfect combination of engineering machinery equipment and network information technology. The network computer technology has used not only in the research and developing design of the equipment but also in the actual operation of the crusher which greatly improves the operating efficiency and quality. It will be to gradually perfect and mature process. 3 Diversified use of the crusher Crusher in the mining industry has a wide range of applications and successfully exploits the economic value of mining waste; the developing of in new technology was will makes the application of the crusher more diversified. Recently a successful application case is that the crusher turns the concrete waste of construction into peanuts of building material.

Continental Europe

The fact that mobile operators have increased the number of tariff offers flat is one of the causes that most explains this growth. Although the percentage of users that access to the network is higher in other age groups, the youngest are those who have a more intensive with 3.5 hours per week dedicated to browse from your mobile. Most of the users who access the Internet from your mobile phone already has data flat rate. Increasingly young people who want to have a last generation mobile to access the network, in addition the majority of respondents prefer phones with touch screen. Youngsters between 15 and 18 years, enter Internet from mobile phones to access social networking and instant messaging, while the use of electronic mail and information search deals to older.

The percentage of young people claiming to pay for downloading songs from your mobile is already greater than from the computer. In fact, 23% of young Spaniards already access usually Internet access from your mobile phone, which means a similar percentage than in other countries of its environment such as Germany (20%) or Italy (24%), according to the study youth and mobile phone developed by the division online by Nielsen, company specializing in the measurement of audiences. However, this level of access to the network from mobile terminals is located well below the registered in the leading country, China, where more than 73% of users aged 15-24 years routinely used this functionality. For its part, United States occupies second place in this classification, with a degree of implantation of around 48%. The Nielsen report also highlights the high percentage of youth accessing the mobile Internet in United Kingdom (46%) and Russia (39%), while on the side opposite found the case of emerging countries such as India or Brazil, where its use varies between 4% and 5%, respectively. Thus it is evident that Spain, as well as the set of Continental Europe, is still behind the main consumers of this market globally, although it still retains a wide lead against emerging countries which, in the future, could do with an important piece of cake.