Good Brick House

Modern technology allows the construction to build houses using a variety of materials. Among the most common construction materials worth noting sandwich panels (Prefabricated house), wooden beams, concrete blocks and bricks. Let us dwell on the traditional and proven over the years the material – brick. You can build a brick building of any complexity and architecture. Strength and durability of this material has long been recognized throughout the world, so it is used in the construction of both residential and industrial buildings. Erection of brick houses involves as a basis for a lasting and profound foundation, which in turn requires an examination of ground space development.

Exploration space development should be made mandatory, otherwise there is a drawdown risk of future home. Despite the seemingly unpretentious, Brick offers great opportunities for creativity. Use it to build houses of various architectural shapes and configurations. If the construction of the walls was used decorative brick facing, the subsequent treatment of the facade is not required. But do not forget about the special hydrophobic compounds, which should cover the facade of the building. Despite its strength characteristics, brick – still not an ideal material. For example, its main drawback – the low heat-saving properties.

In order for the house was warm outside air temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the thickness of the walls should be 1.6 meters. Of course, to spread such thick wall makes no sense, so erect houses with thick walls just 50 centimeters, that is two bricks, insulated with the facade. In order to increase heat-saving properties of the cottage and used hollow brick. Air spaces in it does not allow heat to go beyond the walls. However, this brick less durable than, say, an ordinary red brick, so the wall thickness should be increased by 1.5 – 2 times, and it uneconomical. But the brick cottage is slowly heated and cooled slowly, that is has a thermal inertia. The most modern and practical option – the so-called efficient brick. It differs high voiding and porosity. The more there like cracks and pores, the heat will be a cottage. Construction of cottages with brick effectively – almost ideal, but such material is poorly opposed to rainfall, so you should always oblitsevat facade. Despite the fact that brick homes have a number of major drawbacks, the advantages still outweigh.

Likonda. Chemical Reagents For Your Business .

Various chemical reagents have for a long time been an important aspect of each industrial production process. They provide the opportunity not just to donate goods in general is much more attractive appearance, and In addition, and are used in numerous industrial processes. With such a different type of chemical reagents used in the production process, exhibited very severe requirements. For this reason, to find Russian producers, who would sell considerable quantities of chemical reagents essential quality for a satisfactory price for today is not easy. But, without doubt, is possible. So, to solve a variety technological problems in the manufacturing process used bleskoobrazuyuschie supplements likonda A, B and C. Specialized bleskoobrazuyuschie likonda mixture used for additives in the electrolyte during the works weak acid bleskovogo formation of zinc coating.

With the help of generators of brilliance, which include likonda, you can reach the magnificent appearance of any product without further treatment with using a mechanical impact. Use of generators glitter of likonda allows you to get spare parts and different-sized elements with a shiny outer shell. While details are not exclusively more attractive, and in addition, and a stronger, more immune to corrosion and other types of external influence. In addition, frequently used in the manufacture of various tools to facilitate polishing. In order to achieve really high quality results in finishing products made from metal objects for engineering and other branches of industry, the best solution – it goi polishing paste to buy. Excellent results allowed to reach at goi polishing paste products as from a variety of ferrous and light metal.

To process different types of parts used polishing paste three different consistencies – soft, medium and hard. Polishing paste can be applied not only to polish, but also to correct and facilitate the interaction of different parts. Used a chemical composition not only in industry engineering, and in addition, and in instrument making, machine-tool industry and other sectors of industrial activity. Also required to note that one of a number of valuable chemicals, which are used in a rather various branches of industry – from machine tools to the release of perfumes and cosmetics – is sodium chloride. But until recently, Russian manufacturers have created sufficient sodium chloride Purity in very small quantities, and only produced in advance booking. To date, sodium chloride, in which the presence of a particular chemical is not less than 99, 9% open for the purchase of firms different types of property. While the volumes of purchased chemicals depends on their prices: How big a volume, the lower the cost. Purchasing Russian-made chemicals, you get real quality of reasonable rates.

Windows 7 – First Look

User Interface: 1) As you have probably noticed, the logo for the first time I actually staring at him and nearly fell into a trance, that’s what you have done the same pulsating signs;)) 2) The taskbar – now it seems to many Ie more higher than before. On that application shortcuts in the form of pop-up menu with a picture of a page or application. If you click on the program right mouse button, you will be a unique menu for each program with possible actions. Of course you need to get used to this innovation, but in my opinion it is able to increase the comfort level 3) The windows are now more intelligent – if to drag a window to the top of the screen, it automatically thrown open to full screen, but if the same move it to the right or left corner, it will fill half the screen. If the window is “shake”, all open windows rolled up to the task bar;)) just like on the iPhone turns out, the second trayaska returns all back.

4) The mechanism of User Account Control system displays notification (Vista and the annoying screen dimming with problems) so now there can be all set. 5) Internet explorer seems even began to work faster;))) 6) The new Windows Media Player 7) General setup computer and networks has become even closer and more understandable, in contrast, again, as vista Yes, now when you double click on ISOshnike system will ask you to burn it to disc 9) appeared PowerShell 10) Wordpad is now similar to the word 2007 11) There were scissors – can cut out a picture as any of the screen and then edit it in any image editor 12) Changes in encryption technology, BitLocker 13) and desktop themes: wallpaper now support avtosmenu 14) Gadgets: sidebar has been removed, (…. but Now you can use them anywhere on your desktop. And of all sizes! Official output is scheduled for May 5e, put and enjoy the charms. I do that test to the compatibility with other programs I needed for a complete relocation.

New Ideas In Textile Design

Interior designers have always think up to the last detail. They combine everything and everyone – decor, furniture, textiles, colors, lighting. And of course one of the main points that create mood and atmosphere in the room – design curtains. It should be noted that with the development progress and the direction it has never stood still. Designers long ago moved away from older, traditional curtains on the windows – now customers are offered not only blind but also different pelmets, curtains, sewing curtains on the deed was the creative people. Many of today's producers applied materials for curtains today are making all their efforts to create new technological materials, using them can be will create a non-standard products, application to tissues, as well as the texture of fabric.

Most often like to experiment with the technology by German manufacturers. For example, the company has created Do'fiz polymer film, which combined with the fabric and ironed with steam pressure. Thus, depending on how much impact a ferry on the fabric appears chaotic or directional pleating. These fabrics are used for production spectacular hard swags (gang). The same German company offers a wide array of special materials, take the example of two-sided adhesive tape to create applications, which helps a lot to do colorful appliques of various shapes on the curtains and swags with complex shaped bottom, using several different tissues. Americans and Britons, produce special tools, patterns, to make for example: smad and perekidov to help make details of the exact same proportions and forms, templates, scriber, for making swags under the multilayered 'braided pigtail. " Textile companies are not lagging behind and from the fashionable today themes of ecology, Italy has launched a line of special decorative fabrics that protect against environmental influences.

Previously, these fabrics are produced exclusively for technical purposes and does not bore design function. The same fabric composed of fibers which includes activated charcoal, protects the window from harmful impurities and carbon monoxide in a room with people, and they even neutralize the smoke, there are still protecting the building from harmful low-frequency and microwave radiation. Over all common and already found in the collections of tissue with a special anti-dust film (impregnated) – Teflon (for asthmatics good thing). Can be done conclusion, textile designers (our time), offer us many creative, unconventional ideas that can be successfully used in the design of a personal interior. Most importantly – do not fixate on old ones, traditional and rather mundane options and try to create space as an interesting and comfortable for you.