Good Brick House

Modern technology allows the construction to build houses using a variety of materials. Among the most common construction materials worth noting sandwich panels (Prefabricated house), wooden beams, concrete blocks and bricks. Let us dwell on the traditional and proven over the years the material – brick. You can build a brick building of any complexity and architecture. Strength and durability of this material has long been recognized throughout the world, so it is used in the construction of both residential and industrial buildings. Erection of brick houses involves as a basis for a lasting and profound foundation, which in turn requires an examination of ground space development.

Exploration space development should be made mandatory, otherwise there is a drawdown risk of future home. Despite the seemingly unpretentious, Brick offers great opportunities for creativity. Use it to build houses of various architectural shapes and configurations. If the construction of the walls was used decorative brick facing, the subsequent treatment of the facade is not required. But do not forget about the special hydrophobic compounds, which should cover the facade of the building. Despite its strength characteristics, brick – still not an ideal material. For example, its main drawback – the low heat-saving properties.

In order for the house was warm outside air temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, the thickness of the walls should be 1.6 meters. Of course, to spread such thick wall makes no sense, so erect houses with thick walls just 50 centimeters, that is two bricks, insulated with the facade. In order to increase heat-saving properties of the cottage and used hollow brick. Air spaces in it does not allow heat to go beyond the walls. However, this brick less durable than, say, an ordinary red brick, so the wall thickness should be increased by 1.5 – 2 times, and it uneconomical. But the brick cottage is slowly heated and cooled slowly, that is has a thermal inertia. The most modern and practical option – the so-called efficient brick. It differs high voiding and porosity. The more there like cracks and pores, the heat will be a cottage. Construction of cottages with brick effectively – almost ideal, but such material is poorly opposed to rainfall, so you should always oblitsevat facade. Despite the fact that brick homes have a number of major drawbacks, the advantages still outweigh.