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Rockstar Games released information about the upcoming release of the first add-on for gta iv or the first episode, as you wish. Finally became known release date it will be February 17, 2009. Time left is not enough, but the developers Grand Theft Auto iv already please us the first screenshots from Grand Theft Auto IV: the Lost and Damned. Screenshots, by the way bikers that leads to certain thoughts about the plot of a new episode. Sources:, known gaming site Kikizo has published yesterday a major preview of the pc version of Grand Theft Auto iv, a version that continues the series of releases of gta. Let me remind you that the release has once again been postponed now on 2 December 2008.

Previews from Kikizo, unfortunately, contains no new screenshots, but in the same article, in addition to known facts, there is a couple of interesting points. You can read the full article or review the most interesting detail: The game has a very wide possibilities to customize the graphics, the selection of quality textures, shadows. There is also a filter texture resolution setting and adjustment of display quality of the water – all of these settings can be adjusted from low to very high. View distance, detail, density traffic flow, the form of shadows and light are set in the settings from 1 to 100 (in this example, the density of transport on the console versions of not more than 33). Due to better textures in the pc version, unlike the PS3 and Xbox360, you can see more details, for example to read all the ads in the subway.

Work In A Graphics Editor GIMP

Those with simple besplatnoGIMP with simple operations can transform even the most successful photography. Historically, that bitmap graphic editors can be divided into a family of Photoshop and all others. Photoshop is costly and contains a large number of instruments is not needed for ordinary users. Instead fits easily and gracefully alternative – gimp. Admission number 1 is recovered 'littered horizon' 'Horizon swamped' – this phrase popular with all the photographers, but fear it is not necessary. It means that when taking a picture twisted cell, because of what the objects in the image drifted away. Corrected easily! In the editor, gimp just select the Toolbar tools button 'Spin' and hold the left mouse button to rotate the image to full alignment.

When aligning the image can be set specific values of the angle of rotation. If you are not sure of eye, then set the line for an ideal horizon. For this -click on the top line and hold the button, draw a line to the desired level. After that, rotate the image, hold the left mouse button until the until it is properly oriented, or until you get the original effect. Admission number 2 Cut the excess sometimes fall into the frame quite unnecessary items. It's also pretty easy to fix.

For this the editor provides a tool 'Crop' from the menu 'Image'. Here, foursquare expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Fragment that wish to retain select any tool or rectangle or lasso tool, any tool that allows you to select an area of arbitrary configuration. As a result, the selection will turn the rectangular piece. To make an avatar for the forum you can do in two ways. First: select the toolbar button 'Rectangular Marquee', select square element and specify in 'image' function 'in the crop the selection. " Second: the selected area is copied to the clipboard, and then from the buffer creates a new image (Edit – Paste Special – new image). To adjust the size of the print image is not everything, but we must use a separate piece in the same rectangular selection and mark the desired area, roughly corresponding proportions for future photos. Then the image is cropped in the selection (how to make written above) and it can be sent to the printer. Read additional details here: Essex Financial. Receiving 3 Correction Not all Automatic camera to cope with accurate color. As a result, complete with photos distortion is not accurate colors. Caught overexposed images, or worse still shots taken against the sun. To save these images of a menu of 'Color', where the submenu "Brightness-Contrast 'sliders all corrected. When will remove the frame from the rays of sunlight, you get a preponderance or lack of one of the primary colors. Picture is too 'hot', with a predominance of yellow or red, or 'cold'. Saving the image is in the the same menu, 'Color', but now select the item 'Color Balance'. Moving the sliders you are seeking, depending on the purpose, or natural color, or artistic effect. The graphical editor, the gimp does not limited.

MetCreations Free

To this there are many objective reasons. Therefore, the product was and remains the subject of personal use. It is good as hobby as a hobby, and as a first acquaintance with the programs of this type. Naturally acquired while working there and skills useful for creativity in the future, if any, will follow. Certainly, the program has found its niche, and succeeding host with MetCreations at Curious Labs was only better.

Number of models has increased considerably. But the thing, the best model is not free. Therefore, to get interested in the model is not always possible. Go to Naveen Selvadurai for more information. However, anyone it's frightening, is not it? For those who are frightened, said that a free demo version can be downloaded from the site of MetCreations, and it weighs something around 30 mb with the hook. At one time I did so. A simple model is available free of charge. So, what is good 'Poser' to newbie? 'Poser' – it's constructor.

Aliens uncle created everything you need for your creativity. Your task is to add cubes of finished his masterpiece. If you are ready cubes you do not like you can nalepit own. But this issue for quite another article. What is this designer? Most interesting are the models people. The essence and purpose of the product in question, work with models of two-legged, in this skate program. They are many and they are different. As a female, so and male. From real and does not differ from the present to the unusual and amusing.

Computer Software

With the development of computers began to grow and the gaming industry. A host of games of various genres. More and more people are drawn into the virtual gaming world. With the development and proliferation of Internet start develop not only a personal game, but also the network. People are playing online games, combined, creating a community and found not only in the virtual world, but in the real. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Thiel.

And these people have their needs – to pump character, to buy gold, go to the next level. At present a large spread among gamers get to play World of Warcraft. In her play, thousands of people in different corners of the globe. Age is not restricted, and children play, and already held people. For some, it's just a game to occupy their free time. For others, it has become almost the real world in which they live day by day. For users of the game there are plenty of servers: one are official and to register for them to make a certain amount, others – informal, free to all comers.

Servers integrate both players in one region and worldwide. World of Warcraft is your world populated by characters and heroes. In this world, like any other, has its own currency – gold. This currency is the conductor of the real world and virtual, as you can buy gold for real money. You can buy gold for money, using specific servers hosted in the Internet. In order to buy gold, to transfer an amount to the seller's electronic wallet. When buying gold you must also specify the name of your guild and character. After that, bought gold transferred to the buyer in the game and in the future they can use to level your character. To master the currency is not only one way – to buy gold for real money. Only after this You can use it. You can collect gold in the game, but it takes quite some time. Having bought gold, you will be able to move much faster in the game, flush your character to the highest level. On the Internet there is many sites offering to buy gold for the game. But before you buy gold is to validate the site, as you list your real money for this service. World of World of Warcraft is diverse and colorful. Its own heroes, currency and Characters bring it to reality.

City Engineering Networks

4. Ignoring industry-specific engineering network is fundamentally different from any other spatially distributed systems in that it describes a special concept – "Mathematics graph. This is A network of nodes and connecting branches, rather than a set of isolated objects. Most of the information-computing tasks for network engineering can be solved without special tools mathematical description of the graph. A vivid example of neglect of this circumstance is use of so-called "geographic information systems (GIS) utility to create a graphical representation of the network and related databases. gis utility, as a rule, do not contain a "built" a special instrument for solving problems on graphs, and therefore the possibility of beneficial use is severely restricted.

Omission this circumstance, the purchase and implementation of very expensive gis subsequently leads to an almost insoluble contradiction between the principle laid down in the gis – the picture to the content, and the principle of construction of the majority of applications industry, which is the exact opposite – "from the process description – a graphical representation. * On the sectoral specificity of information technology for the utilities we a lot and wrote at length, beginning in 1997, the key of these publications – 'AR Eksaev. City Engineering Networks and problems of information, or to co-create Hottabych phone ', August 2000 – is absolutely relevant in its core today. addressing company itc 'Flow' offers technology to consistently eliminate these problems and obtain direct and synergistic effect of integrated solutions operational objectives of enterprises utilities – heating systems, water utilities, gas distribution networks, electricity grids.