Michael Killian Wagner

Art exhibition September 2-16th September 2011 Berlin 22nd, 2011 – September 2, 2011 opens in the Michaela Helfrich gallery the exhibition love-poetry revolution ‘. ” On this topic, the artists present their individual work. In addition to abstract and figurative paintings and installations and sculptures can be seen. The oil painting by Oliver Dehn shows a separate game type of realism. Christina Gay kidnapped in their abstract world. Emel Geris combines topics in their picturesque, virtuoso images and puts the viewer in a day dream of different worlds and cultures.

The paintings and installations by Bjorn Paulissen have variants of the constructivism and minimalism and present cosy industrial fabric in a color collage. Credit: Naveen Selvadurai-2011. -Photos by Ralf Rose show the lyrical romantic intimacy. The shimmery sculptures by Stefan Seitz are a strange mixture of symbolism and witty figurative representation, animal sculptures with a circular saw in wood rustic. Nanako Shikata’s color very are paintings and sculptures restrained and open up a new space of speed and movement. With his small, erotic portraits, Thomas Juptner brings us to dream.

The women’s faces and author presentations by Michael Killian Wagner touch in such a delicate and sensitive way and impress with their reduced design motifs. The manner of Thomas Koch puts people in groups in a picturesque landscape, encourage thinking about sociology, space and time. Sybilla Weisweiler divides the world into pointillist structures in her acrylic paintings. The cube images composed of multiple parts of Elvin Karasslan offer, viewed from all sides – a different, interesting perception. Depending on the position this is new for every viewer. UTA Zeidler allows us to think through the ubereinanderschichtung of paint on the dialectic of becoming and passing of own emotions, people and landscapes. The classic Division of the oil paintings by Gerard Waskievitz, which determines of Existentialist themes seem to suggest in their colour restraint employment with old masters.