Ludwig Erhard

Already in 1958, he warned against the evil consequences of uncontrolled economic growth for the environment. Demand theory, SPD Ludwig Erhard (1897-1977): Co-founder of the concept of the social market economy. He is regarded as representative of the Ordo liberalism… In the Ordo liberalism comes to the State the task to create a regulatory framework for free competition, in which the freedom of all economic entities is protected (even each other). Restricted free play of market forces CDU Friedrich von Hayek (1899-1992): Due to voluntary saving, the demand decreases after consumer products. Decreases the relative price of consumer goods. The rate of capital formation rises, reducing the cash rate. The capital costs, the investment in richer means of production is more rewarding.

As long as this is based on voluntary savings, the economy seeks a balance against. Milton Friedman (1912-2006): Benefits of a free market and disadvantages of government intervention, monetary theory monetarism. Offer theory, CDU Capitalism models is a collective term for those in the social, political and economic sciences, particularly in the disciplines of comparative political economy and comparative industrial relations research, constructed and discussed ideal and real types of capitalist forms Economic systems. The term varieties of capitalism has in the Anglo-Saxon discussion”naturalized. Increased competition from economies in the process of globalization has created a strong interest in comparative efficiency analysis of socio economic systems by nation or geographical regions. Source:, score, author note to the better understanding of the world-economy: the Nobel Prize for Economics of the Bank of Sweden in memory of Alfred Nobel went to 2008 exclusively on men.

The clear majority of the winners comes from the United States (44), followed by Germany (1), Sweden (2), Norway (3), Great Britain (8). Source:, score, author up here they know is still very good! You already know why Malawi is poor! But they know still don’t why Germany is rich. See article 45 for more information! See also: Capitalism: Cybernetics for the production of 80 percent poverty. (T. 2, 45) Wolfgang Schwalm ())

United States

A consistent demand contrary to the reduced production of consumer goods. The consumer unemployed lead to forced savings”, which corresponds to the resources held by the investors. With the price increase caused the economic high reaches a critical point: consumer prices rise for now increasing interest. The only solutions are further credit expansion, to prevent the decline in the demand for capital goods, or painful, but unavoidable permanently the recession inflation, deflation process for von Hayek. In the recession, the inter-sectoral imbalance in the actual structure of the demand adjusts again…

In contrast to monetarism, von Hayek is the cause for the emergence of recessions in the interplay of the monetary phenomena and the real production structure. Capitalism vs. Continue to learn more with: Peter Thiel. socialism is a widely used term that referred to above all economic and social systems democracy, based on private ownership of the means of production, as well as decentralized private entrepreneurial planning of economic processes, which are co-ordinated through the market mechanism. Practice: supply and demand are massive interests controlled (Cybernetics) with subsidies () and political or legal () interventions tampered with! The decisive market forces of the world 10-20 %tigen elite going out, the horizontal inter acts. The planning of the economy such as via the Nobel Prize (only men: 48 United States until 2008) and in the international higher education! Thus the economy of IDE(e)ll turns to commercially, from the trade to the production line.

Often, the pursuit of profit, as well as the contrast between entrepreneurs, shareholders and salary workers are considered more characteristic features. We think the creators of the values (38%, workers, and so on), to the supplying parts of a society (62%, State (mercantilism), administrations, compulsory organisations etc. from the primary sector to the tertiary sector of the economic value-creation chain). Capitalism is differentiated from the feudalism and mercantilism as a period of economic history.

Thilo Reichenbach

Social projects meet on social action Germany help, the Alliance of charities, future cooperates with Germany’s largest network, to help people in need together faster. VZ networks, thousands of people support the help Alliance already after a short time. Given of the severe earthquakes in Indonesia and the typhoons in South-East Asia it is necessary to reach many people in order to raise donations for disaster relief through modern communication Berlin / Bonn, 10. This involved action Germany help and the VZ-networks with studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinVZ future together in a new cooperation. The VZ-Netzwerke shut on Thursday for the first time on the home page of advertising for the humanitarian action Germany help and drew the attention of the users on the plight of the people after the devastating earthquake on Sumatra. On the so-called noble profile of action Germany help could to inform the user about the situation on the Indonesian island and quickly spendino SMS help.

Already several thousand people supported only 15 hours on studiVZ and meinVZ action Germany help; many of them made a small donation. Action Germany will help the first point of contact in Germany for rapid, coordinated and effective emergency response is now also in Germany’s largest network worldwide. We are grateful to help with the VZ-networks together faster and forward to an open dialogue with the VZ users, Thilo Reichenbach says, which helps the online space action Germany looked after. The cooperation was inspired by the spendino, the text messages and WEB 2.0 fundraising specialist who specializes in the support of non-profit organisations: we communicate consistently on par with the young generation, with the involvement of spendino-SMS says Florian Noll, co-founder of spendino. studiVZ, schulerVZ and meinvz have more than 15 million members include. The goal of the VZ-networks and action Germany helps, is the largest group on the topic Disaster relief network to create and maintain an open dialogue with dedicated young people, to help in case of disaster with VZ users together faster.

Macdonald Prize

Can we learn at the Kita planning of the Scandinavian countries? Norbert Blum remains rather the most people as a former Federal Minister in connection with the pension in memory. Since he left the political daily business behind, Norbert Blum fight intensively for the family, for the children and the cohesion of the people in our society. Hard he enters the Court with the so-called modern people. So also in his current post in the Suddeutsche Zeitung, where he points out, that in the modern world of work time is more for love. Children are perceived more and more as an obstacle in the reconciliation of work and family.

“We are pleased that we have found a worthy Prize for the year’s Matjcek prize with Dr. Norbert Blum” as Maria Steuer, Chairman of the family network e.V. and thus organiser of the Congress what occurs when family goes? “on May 25 at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. This attitude has children opposite consequences for living together in society. The experiences from the Scandinavian countries could give us clues to solve the compatibility problems.” The Scandinavian experiences with the children’s day care are at the heart of the Congress “What happens when family comes?” with renowned speakers from northern European countries.

During the Conference, what comes when family goes”is presented 2013 price at 16:00 in a ceremony of the Macdonald Minister a.D. Dr. Norbert Blum. The prize is awarded periodically to public figures committed in particular to take account of the needs of children. The eulogy thinks Dr. Christean Wagner, Chief of the Bundestag group of the CDU in the Hessian Landtag. Information and registration for the Congress at: Tagung2013 the current Conference programme you will find under: Tagung2013/program / the family network e.V. The family network is a nationwide Federation of associations, institutions, families and scientists. The family network is composed among others for this one, that the needs of children in the reconciliation debate and financial justice for families is made.