Wage Injustice In Germany Is Still A Subject Of

CDA women’s flying visit in Tubingen and the exchange of ideas in the health policy spokesperson of the CDU Bundestag group Annette Widmann-MauzAnnette Widmann-Mauz TuBINGEN. The women of the CDU social committees Baden-Wurttemberg (CDA) stopped their traditional summer meeting, this year in Tubingen. “” You met in the Bundestag Annette Widmann Mauz and the CDA land Chairman Christian Baumler lunch conversation at the Neckar Muller with the Bundestag deputies and health spokesperson of the CDU/CSU “and discussed the topic of women in education and career”. The regional Chair of the CDA women Beate faster introduced the topic and stressed that the realization of opportunity and equal pay for women and the balanced consideration of women in leadership positions central points of the political work of the CDA were women in Baden-Wurttemberg. Annette Widmann-Mauz was clear position and stated that it was committed, that women earn as much as men. That there are today still Wage inequality exist, many wanted to not have it! The difference in Germany is even particularly large: women earn on average 23% less than men.

The causes are often hidden: time-outs and part-time play a role, lower salary demands, but also poorer promotion prospects. Could be here still no talk of equality, emphasized the Bundestag members. She look forward therefore all the more that the women’s and family policy occupies a wide area in the Government’s programme 2009-2013 of the CDU and CSU. In particular the realization of opportunities and equal pay of women is one of the 10 main demands of the CDU of government program. Annette Widmann-Mauz but also considers it necessary that it introduces Wiedereinsteigerprogramme for returners and professional returning after a period of family and new flexible working time models, which ease the transition into professional life. She advocates also, according to the Swiss model to test a voluntary wage in the economy. In the Switzerland company must regularly namely, whether the wages of women and men are equal.

The CDA Chairman Christian Baumler supported the aims and objectives of Anette Widmann-Mauz and stated that it also must be addressed in this topic of children,. He advocated strengthening the promotion of early childhood and advocated actively tackle the implementation of various measures, such as for example compulsory preschool year. CDA Baden-Wurttemberg Dr. Christian Baumler Haji Bergstrasse 49B 70176 Stuttgart