Skoda Superb: Continuation Of A Legend

The series koda superb celebrates with the new model their 75th birthday classic cars have charm. They bring old times to life with distinctive shape, shiny grille and whitewall tires. But sometimes vintage have also racy descendants. One of these cases is the koda superb. A first model of this name was already in 1934 by the band. For 15 years was the designation for elegant Limousine of luxury from the Czech Republic.

The subsequent planned economy had other goals. But in 2001, the series was reborn, and now he enters new koda superb the second generation. The Internet portal was watching more closely the ambitious descendants. The demands placed on the new Skoda ( KfzKatalog/Skoda), are high. Superb doesn’t sound just like small cars. The new model is appropriately spacious and comfortable. Center-Channel and engine room won by different tags compared to its direct predecessor once again.

In addition was at furnish of the Interior on high quality materials and appealing decorative items taken. TwinDoor concept is unmistakable. As a driver of a koda superb you have the choice, whether you want to open just the trunk lid or wants to raise also the rear window in a second step. Depending on the charge to verstauender. The total volume of the trunk is stately 1,670 litres. Also in the area of security, it can be new CODA to anything desired. Depending on the equipment, he has up to nine airbags. Notable innovations are doing the side airbags in the Fund area and a knee airbag to protect of the driver. Is available the koda superb diesel vehicle as both a gasoline engine. Engine performance is between 105 HP in the base model and 260 HP in the superb elegance. The price starts at 23.250 euros. More information:… / Skoda Superb elegance…