New Nero Distributor

SOS software service has decided close cooperation alongside Nero AG. SOS is 22 years in the software and license distribution on the market and advanced software service now its portfolio in the area of multimedia to the complete product range of the market leader Nero. The software distributor helps retailers licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. At Clinton Family you will find additional information. With Christine Tiefenthaler, Nero product manager at SOS software service, get an experienced point of contact that is through direct contact with the manufacturer able to give up-to-date information immediately to the market dealer. Business partners who want to intensify their business with Nero or enter new, find at SOS software service comprehensive support.

“The value add distributor sees the software distribution as a software as a service”. It is not something Peter Thiel would like to discuss. There are individual advice, assistance in the proper licensing and fast delivery in the foreground. These service aspects have convinced even the Nero AG: “we are pleased very on the cooperation with SOS software service in the DACH region. SOS software service has an excellent licensing expertise, as well as a very good reputation in the retail channel. Therefore we are convinced that we will win new resellers and achieve a stronger market penetration.”explained Oliver Kentschke, senior account manager-EMEA enterprise sales of Nero AG, the decision for a new distribution partner. Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH, Joaquim Moreira dos Santos commented the new partnership: we expand our portfolio through the agreement with Nero to a manufacturer in the market. We see the market development in the field of multimedia as a major growth market. The Nero portfolio offers users”solutions, which meet the requirements of the market and convince through quality.

Software Offshore Outsourcing

A review with a Colombian offshore provider. Software projects can be in Western European countries only have very rarely profitable. No company likes to speaking on the topic of offshore. But the fact is that already many European companies, especially large companies, their software projects with the support of offshore partners perform. The reasons for this are obvious: significant reduction in fixed costs; the human resources within the company can focus on its core activities (innovation development); shorter development times and improvement in quality. Peter Thiel addresses the importance of the matter here.

Latest surveys on the topic of software projects in Western Europe\”will give a terrifying result. Especially in times of economic crisis, more than half of all software projects due to high costs, personnel or time bottlenecks be broken off or fail. The implications for the economies are disastrous, since not only funds in a big way are burned, but also much-needed innovation activities remain out. And it is an irrefutable fact, that high-price countries like Germany can only maintain their high standard of living through their innovative edge. Because we can no longer win the competition for low wages and cheap production in an international comparison.

What remains is the innovation issues and in terms of quality front to have the nose. Many offshore companies offer nowadays excellent services with internationally accepted quality standards. We Jauch of & partner support such a company in the field of offshore services consultancy and could a comprehensive picture ourselves in the framework of cooperation on the subject. The Asesoftware Ldta in Bogota offshore services offered and is accompanied and supported by us in Europe with their market entry. During the first period of our cooperation, we have made some surprising experiences. So there was not about how we expected problems with language, the qualifications of the personnel, or the internal organization. On the contrary, Asesoftware is exceptionally well positioned, even in an international comparison.

Eastern University EIU Software

ERP and eBusiness provider supports education centres in Viet Nam, Viet Nam and Frankfurt/Oder Karlsruhe, October 26, 2009 a delegation from Viet Nam attended the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, Germany, to learn about the software development and global opportunities of abas business software. Peter Forscht, COO of the ABAS Software AG and Alexej von Glasenapp, international sales coordinator, presented the strengths of the abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), which supports the middle class more than 29 years in the optimization of business processes. technology investor usually is spot on. Global investment opportunities the Economic Committee of the province of Binh Duong and Becamex management, large investment projects at the Eastern University EIU, the general international hospital and the new city center in Binh Arunodaya have visited Karlsruhe, to find new opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education, city planning and foreign investment. ERP software for learning centres in Viet Nam sponsors ABAS Software AG and the ABAS Software AG Frankfurt/Oder sponsors ERP licenses, to build a Learning Center for a dual education system at the international Eastern University in Viet Nam and the education centre of Frankfurt / Oder. For this project, all students with the abas business software will be trained and get to know the advantages of abas ERP. The abas business software was selected due to its user friendly introduction methodology and its flexibility. So far, the business software is the only ERP solution that meets all legal and linguistic requirements in Viet Nam. Global network of abas partners ABAS Software AG is represented by the distribution partner KMR Ltd.

in Viet Nam. KMR Ltd. cooperates with Becamex in regard to sales and marketing activities in the industrial province of Binh Arunodaya, where the demand is high for a business process oriented ERP solution. Founded in Karlsruhe, the ABAS Software AG has a network of partners active in some 30 countries. ABAS Software partners advise clients on site and offer to individual adjustment and hotline support services of the introduction of the software, to To ensure customer satisfaction and the high quality of the abas business software.

Microsoft Windows Server

Hochheimer it service provider and StorageCraft partner M & H GbR offers immediately an Onlinebestell – and download the software shadow protect comfortable payment through paypal. Shadow protect is an imaging software of the American manufacturer of StorageCraft with complete Windows systems in the operating system images can be created and stored on different disks. In the case of a hardware failure or a virus or Trojan infection, can a secured system with a recovery CD within minutes fully functional will be restored. Since shadow protect supports also incremental backups in addition to full, data loss during system failure by repeated backups of a few can be minutes limited. Shadow protect supported in various Microsoft Windows client of versions of and Microsoft Windows Server operating system, including the new versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and is available in full standisch German language version. The Hanson it service provider M & H GbR, even StorageCraft partner offers “a convenient way one dough version shadow protect desktop” online as electronic download to order, so that the software within a few minutes available stands.

The payment system system known already from ebay auctions can be used as means of payment in addition to advance payment paypal, so that an online purchase can be carried out by the ordering, payment and delivery completely from the local workstation within a few minutes. In addition to the pure software purchase, M & H GbR offers comprehensive consulting, training and support services to StorageCraft products and Microsoft operating systems. The online ordering and more information can be found on the Internet at. Hochheim, October 20, 2009 media contact: M & H GbR Mr Manuel Marsch of Szczecin str. 11 c 65239 high home Tel.: 06146-839-522 fax: 06146-839-542 eMail: about ShadowProtect: shadow protect is an imaging software for Microsoft Windows operating systems of the American manufacturer of StorageCraft ensuring current PCs, notebooks and servers running and in the event of a fault can recover within a few minutes.

Software Translation

Now test SOFTWARE TRANSLATIONS, save 40prozent for projects with more than 500,000 words! Software translations, a highly dynamic company specialised in IT translation, was founded in 1995 by Denis Supersac, a 42 former SAP consultant. Software translations works with the best experts in multilingual project management for SAP and other enterprise resource planning (ERP)-systems together. With 250 translators (for General SAP documentation, training manuals, user-specific programs), who worked directly for SAP or their customers and have knowledge in the different modules, software translations can guarantee flawless quality translations in over 20 languages. The translators translate only into their mother tongue. Also, their work is systematically checked by a second translator. In just eight years, software translations thus built up a worldwide reputation and proved that she can meet the expectations of their customers. Software translations uses all the technological innovations, to fulfill also your greatest expectations. The translation of SAP business processes, translation of training materials, terminology update, SAP R/3 system, online localization (SE68) as well as the translation of the entire documentation is one of the most popular translations of software translations.

Colubris Networks

The solution also ensures that even in cases of disasters, E.g. caused by man or nature, business processes can continue. Array’s secure access and application delivery solutions also increase employee productivity while streamlining of the network management and reduce of costs. The SSL VPN systems allow a universal access and allow IT managers to manage end-user access policies from a central location. Thus, it is no longer necessary to set up ACLs on multiple switches and appliances and maintain.

The TMX series application delivery controller include next-generation load balancing and traffic management appliances with integrated application services (layer 4-7) for Internet and intranet data center into a single powerful system. In conjunction with the universal help access and application delivery product suite of array servers Based computing tools from Ericom customers, an extensive secure application access and delivery architecture to implement, without being tied to a single provider. Visit sysob at CeBIT 2008 on stand K05 in Hall 6! Brief description: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio offers sysob, a leading value-added “distributors (VAD) with over 400 partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions. As a result of the reseller receives clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors.

Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as comprehensive technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob offers a wide range of field-proven products from competent manufacturers like allot communications, alloy software, array networks,

Network Analysis

Eight critical success factors for the review and the management of company networks Dortmund, 08.06.2009 – that most companies can not exactly estimate performance and safety conditions for their internal networks. So the last comprehensive check of the networks is according to a recent survey of COMCO AG over 12 months in four out of five cases, with 42 percent two years or even longer. As a result a potentially significant implications can develop unnoticed in the background\”, COMCO Board Friedhelm Zawatzky Stromberg is problematized. He has therefore developed a best practice guide with the critical success factors for the validation and management of enterprise networks: the network performance requirements define: derived from the business strategies the individual corporate structures and requirements in the network management must be worked out first in detail. This creates not only a secure basis for the conceptual measures, but This is also the precondition for a systematic and efficient methodology of approach to the holistic view of the network.

Find the cost drivers in the infrastructure: the networks have usually a colorful bouquet of technologies and systems of from different manufacturers. Because they are historically grown and therefore often lack a holistic concept, mostly not optimal and economic utilization of network resources is possible. This unused potential for optimisation is to make it visible through a systematic analysis of the infrastructure conditions and to derive the practical needs of the action from the findings. Determine realistic optimization opportunities for the IT services: A high level of network performance demands the close and requirement-oriented interaction of technical systems and services. From the perspective of services, this means that standardised and sufficiently automated IT processes must be based on clear standards. Most significant prospects in an inadequate standardization for optimising both the performance and the economic level. Additional potential can be activated by a dedicated focus on SLAs as a tool for power control.

New Distribution Partner

Portfolio enhancement: sysob provides authentication solution, PINsafe of swivel Schorndorf, 30 June 2009 verifying the identity of users in security environments represents a vulnerability for many businesses. In particular by keys entered passwords and PINs can be intercepted by malicious software in different ways or directly with. This high risk remedy appropriate authentication systems. The VAD sysob therefore starting immediately his portfolio to the network security solutions of the manufacturer of swivel secure has expanded and thus helps its reseller partners to open up new areas of business. With Swivel, sysob being a pioneer in the field of network security on board. The 2005 introduced system swivel PINsafe is a patented multi-factor authentication solution, which is used all over the world. This provides tight control functions for all sizes and types of businesses to ensure a risk-free sign in online security environments.

PINsafe: Flexible and secure logon process without hardware tokens core of the solution is the swivel Protocol, which consists of a registered 4 up 10-digit PIN and a 10-digit security string. As proof of its access, the user uses a 4-digit one-time code (OTC). The OTC can be extended from 4 to 10 points. \”This is individually every time you sign newly generated by read only digits in the security string received E.g. via SMS\”, correspond to the PIN. This has the advantage that the user must remember only the 4-digit PIN, which is never directly entered, but used only for the generation of the OTC. PINsafe is software – both as to integrated appliance solution available and flexible in any environment. Thereby, it is fully compatible to Windows and Linux operating systems.

Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, welcomes the cooperation with Swivel secure: password theft and observation represent enormous security risks within any company. With the Multi factor authentication system PINsafe we can offer an effective solution the market, which combines safety, user friendliness and flexibility.

Internet Agency Network

In the course of the brand of relaunch, the website of the Feinwaschmittels from the House of Henkel by the creative agency network movement has been completely revised. The movement took over this role after the successful end of May. The quality product presentation, which elegantly puts in scene the new bottle is at the center of the page. In addition to an optical enhancement was an editorial magazine section deepens the content dimension underlines the competence of the brand for fine textiles in the future. “The focus of form of wash & care advisor”, as well as the heading style & fashion “with a cooperation partner from the shipping trade, future fashion trends are presented on the pages. To the website of Perwoll: power movement Agency for interactive brand experiences: the Internet Agency Network movement develops interactive applications and brand experiences that inspire creative ideas, high quality design and innovative technical solutions. She advises brands and companies such as Haribo Maoam, Perwoll, white Giant, Sun rice, Gubor, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Capri Sun, Prince, tool, Kiri, brother, what is what and Merck self-medication.

The Agency was founded 2000 30 permanent employees. The service portfolio of the Agency includes the realization of interactive brand experience worlds, corporate Web sites, online promotions, online-games, communities, E-shops, online campaigns, multimedia presentations and content management solutions. Press contact: Alwin Roppert power motion GmbH of Pforzheim str. 132 76275 Ettlingen phone: 07243/2159-0 fax: 07243/2159-79 email: Web:

Emerson Network

Liebert CRV saves on electricity costs and simplifying air conditioning infrastructure Munich, July 2009 – Emerson Network power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and world market leader in the field of comprehensive business-critical continuity, the Liebert CRV, provides a new precision air conditioning device for server environments by smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The unit to be installed between the rack requires no special knowledge in the field of cooling and fits into any server room structure desired by the system administrator. Positioned in a special layout (hot aisle cold aisle), covered by the warm range of air the Liebert CRV, filters and prepares them. Then being sent from servers or other IT equipment in the necessary cold areas. Cold air can run at the same time left or both sides using a built-in, adjustable distributor depending on the needs to the right. With the above characteristics, the Liebert CRV as individual air conditioning solution especially for the typical suitable Server rooms from SMEs, which have a size of no more than 100 Quadrtametern and maximum of 30 racks. To any hot spots, caused by high density solutions, eliminate, the cooling unit can be used in larger data centers as well. Also interesting is the ability to adapt to loads.

The cooling capacity, and hence the power consumption of the Liebert CRV, behave always proportional to the actual needs of the server. The Liebert CRV monitors constantly the heat load produced by the IT equipment by means of the integrated Liebert iCOM software as well as the temperature sensors in the racks. The cooling capacity is adjusted automatically, no unnecessary energy. Using these properties, SMEs can achieve a significant increase in energy efficiency and thus a significant reduction in IT operating costs. The savings are in addition by the electronically switched fan as well as a digital scroll technology.