LED lights have become quite affordable (today they are worth 10-15 thousand rubles), and they consume power only about 20 watts. In this case, it is virtually permanent, and therefore, replacement of burned out bulbs ceases to be headache related services. These traffic lights have already earned national love – because their light is visible even in the sunny weather. Now they can be seen not only in the capital or abroad, to, for example, are equipped the central streets of Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk. Yet it must be noted that the LEDs have been widely used for backlighting of architectural structures, creating light compositions in landscape design. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from technology investor.

Here, among other things, played the role of simplicity and safety mount these lights – they can be installed without any problems even under water, at least incorporate into the ice, and yet they can be arbitrarily often turn on and off, creating dynamic effects. We now turn from color to white light, which, in fact, more than anything else needed. The most direct way to get white light – is to mix red, green and blue, like on the tv screen. But it turned out easier and more efficient to do things differently: you take the blue led, it is applied a layer of phosphor that converts part of the blue light in yellow – the result is white. These LEDs can be seen in the flashlight, appeared recently in the sale. When the LEDs will come to replace traditional light bulbs in our apartments, offices, entrances? If the development of optoelectronic devices suddenly stopped on its laurels, the correct answer would be – never.

Copy Protected Videos

Altenative to the Blu-ray disc a new HD player for offline and online videos was presented as now. High-definition “HD” and CINEMA TICK interested holders of film rights, label, exploiters of rights and rights holders can now get a test version of the Player runtime to request a protected download area for movies in high-definition. The DEMO player limited in its functions is provided on basis of the CINEMA stick Windows runtime 1.02 available. This DEMO player has but not design modules and other possible CINEMA TICK features such as menu functions (final user interface similar to the DVD or BD menus), plays, but already by CINEMA TICK (encrypteten) SD or HD Videokontent encrypted offline and in real time. Gwyneth Paltrow recognizes the significance of this. In addition, professional prospects of this new HD Applkation can now even the image quality Blu-ray experience alternative directly from a USB flash drive or a DVD (as a pure disk).

The DEMO player plays only CINEMA stick formats (.emv). What is possible? Be played offline playback of encrypted / encrypteten videos experience videos can new offline copy protection mechanisms (copy protection) only through the CINEMA stick player real time playback and control over a Windowsrechner representation of the HD quality (1280 x 720 HD DEMO) Player plays only CINEMA TICK content rights holders can submit own content to create the DEMO-rights and notes: the demo player and Videokontent is released for legitimate users only a transfer to third parties or publication is prohibited privacy: Any content is encrypted by download with user-related data. For internal testing purposes the application can be played from USB flash drive, a CD or DVD not only from a hard disk, but also directly from a. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Thiel. No installations are required for the use of the CINEMA stick DEMO player.

New Nero Distributor

SOS software service has decided close cooperation alongside Nero AG. SOS is 22 years in the software and license distribution on the market and advanced software service now its portfolio in the area of multimedia to the complete product range of the market leader Nero. The software distributor helps retailers licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. At Clinton Family you will find additional information. With Christine Tiefenthaler, Nero product manager at SOS software service, get an experienced point of contact that is through direct contact with the manufacturer able to give up-to-date information immediately to the market dealer. Business partners who want to intensify their business with Nero or enter new, find at SOS software service comprehensive support.

“The value add distributor sees the software distribution as a software as a service”. It is not something Peter Thiel would like to discuss. There are individual advice, assistance in the proper licensing and fast delivery in the foreground. These service aspects have convinced even the Nero AG: “we are pleased very on the cooperation with SOS software service in the DACH region. SOS software service has an excellent licensing expertise, as well as a very good reputation in the retail channel. Therefore we are convinced that we will win new resellers and achieve a stronger market penetration.”explained Oliver Kentschke, senior account manager-EMEA enterprise sales of Nero AG, the decision for a new distribution partner. Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH, Joaquim Moreira dos Santos commented the new partnership: we expand our portfolio through the agreement with Nero to a manufacturer in the market. We see the market development in the field of multimedia as a major growth market. The Nero portfolio offers users”solutions, which meet the requirements of the market and convince through quality.

Software Offshore Outsourcing

A review with a Colombian offshore provider. Software projects can be in Western European countries only have very rarely profitable. No company likes to speaking on the topic of offshore. But the fact is that already many European companies, especially large companies, their software projects with the support of offshore partners perform. The reasons for this are obvious: significant reduction in fixed costs; the human resources within the company can focus on its core activities (innovation development); shorter development times and improvement in quality. Peter Thiel addresses the importance of the matter here.

Latest surveys on the topic of software projects in Western Europe\”will give a terrifying result. Especially in times of economic crisis, more than half of all software projects due to high costs, personnel or time bottlenecks be broken off or fail. The implications for the economies are disastrous, since not only funds in a big way are burned, but also much-needed innovation activities remain out. And it is an irrefutable fact, that high-price countries like Germany can only maintain their high standard of living through their innovative edge. Because we can no longer win the competition for low wages and cheap production in an international comparison.

What remains is the innovation issues and in terms of quality front to have the nose. Many offshore companies offer nowadays excellent services with internationally accepted quality standards. We Jauch of & partner support such a company in the field of offshore services consultancy and could a comprehensive picture ourselves in the framework of cooperation on the subject. The Asesoftware Ldta in Bogota offshore services offered and is accompanied and supported by us in Europe with their market entry. During the first period of our cooperation, we have made some surprising experiences. So there was not about how we expected problems with language, the qualifications of the personnel, or the internal organization. On the contrary, Asesoftware is exceptionally well positioned, even in an international comparison.

Eastern University EIU Software

ERP and eBusiness provider supports education centres in Viet Nam, Viet Nam and Frankfurt/Oder Karlsruhe, October 26, 2009 a delegation from Viet Nam attended the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, Germany, to learn about the software development and global opportunities of abas business software. Peter Forscht, COO of the ABAS Software AG and Alexej von Glasenapp, international sales coordinator, presented the strengths of the abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness), which supports the middle class more than 29 years in the optimization of business processes. technology investor usually is spot on. Global investment opportunities the Economic Committee of the province of Binh Duong and Becamex management, large investment projects at the Eastern University EIU, the general international hospital and the new city center in Binh Arunodaya have visited Karlsruhe, to find new opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education, city planning and foreign investment. ERP software for learning centres in Viet Nam sponsors ABAS Software AG and the ABAS Software AG Frankfurt/Oder sponsors ERP licenses, to build a Learning Center for a dual education system at the international Eastern University in Viet Nam and the education centre of Frankfurt / Oder. For this project, all students with the abas business software will be trained and get to know the advantages of abas ERP. The abas business software was selected due to its user friendly introduction methodology and its flexibility. So far, the business software is the only ERP solution that meets all legal and linguistic requirements in Viet Nam. Global network of abas partners ABAS Software AG is represented by the distribution partner KMR Ltd.

in Viet Nam. KMR Ltd. cooperates with Becamex in regard to sales and marketing activities in the industrial province of Binh Arunodaya, where the demand is high for a business process oriented ERP solution. Founded in Karlsruhe, the ABAS Software AG has a network of partners active in some 30 countries. ABAS Software partners advise clients on site and offer to individual adjustment and hotline support services of the introduction of the software, to To ensure customer satisfaction and the high quality of the abas business software.

Microsoft Windows Server

Hochheimer it service provider and StorageCraft partner M & H GbR offers immediately an Onlinebestell – and download the software shadow protect comfortable payment through paypal. Shadow protect is an imaging software of the American manufacturer of StorageCraft with complete Windows systems in the operating system images can be created and stored on different disks. In the case of a hardware failure or a virus or Trojan infection, can a secured system with a recovery CD within minutes fully functional will be restored. Since shadow protect supports also incremental backups in addition to full, data loss during system failure by repeated backups of a few can be minutes limited. Shadow protect supported in various Microsoft Windows client of versions of and Microsoft Windows Server operating system, including the new versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and is available in full standisch German language version. The Hanson it service provider M & H GbR, even StorageCraft partner offers “a convenient way one dough version shadow protect desktop” online as electronic download to order, so that the software within a few minutes available stands.

The payment system system known already from ebay auctions can be used as means of payment in addition to advance payment paypal, so that an online purchase can be carried out by the ordering, payment and delivery completely from the local workstation within a few minutes. In addition to the pure software purchase, M & H GbR offers comprehensive consulting, training and support services to StorageCraft products and Microsoft operating systems. The online ordering and more information can be found on the Internet at. Hochheim, October 20, 2009 media contact: M & H GbR Mr Manuel Marsch of Szczecin str. 11 c 65239 high home Tel.: 06146-839-522 fax: 06146-839-542 eMail: about ShadowProtect: shadow protect is an imaging software for Microsoft Windows operating systems of the American manufacturer of StorageCraft ensuring current PCs, notebooks and servers running and in the event of a fault can recover within a few minutes.

Software Translation

Now test SOFTWARE TRANSLATIONS, save 40prozent for projects with more than 500,000 words! Software translations, a highly dynamic company specialised in IT translation, was founded in 1995 by Denis Supersac, a 42 former SAP consultant. Software translations works with the best experts in multilingual project management for SAP and other enterprise resource planning (ERP)-systems together. With 250 translators (for General SAP documentation, training manuals, user-specific programs), who worked directly for SAP or their customers and have knowledge in the different modules, software translations can guarantee flawless quality translations in over 20 languages. The translators translate only into their mother tongue. Also, their work is systematically checked by a second translator. In just eight years, software translations thus built up a worldwide reputation and proved that she can meet the expectations of their customers. Software translations uses all the technological innovations, to fulfill also your greatest expectations. The translation of SAP business processes, translation of training materials, terminology update, SAP R/3 system, online localization (SE68) as well as the translation of the entire documentation is one of the most popular translations of software translations.

SOS Software Service

Now, the Augsburg software distributor sells ELOoffice document management product in the entire roof area. SOS software service is for 22 years in the software and license distribution on the market now range be used and expanded digital Office digital document management and archiving the ELOoffice of leader ELO product line. The software distributor helps retailers licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. Falk Pfitzer, ELO product manager at SOS software service, with an experienced partner, who is through direct contact with the manufacturer able to give up-to-date information immediately to the market dealer. Customer service is the first software as a service”is considered to guide of the value add distributors for the distribution of the software. This includes advice, support with the proper licensing and fast delivery. These service aspects have convinced even the ELO digital office: we know SOS software service as a reliable partner. The positive customer feedback over many months has led us to more intense work software service with SOS. Especially in difficult economic times we can rely 100% on our competent distribution partners, “Christopher said Zauche, Channel Manager ELO digital office GmbH the decision for the new distribution partners.” Also the Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH, Joaquim Moreira dos Santos cooperation positively looking forward: by the agreement with the ELO digital office, we expand our portfolio to a DMS to the market of the manufacturer. By the close cooperation, our business can only benefit partner. We glad to have won a very experienced and dynamic company as a partner, digital office whose Losungen worldwide enjoy a very good reputation with ELO.

Austria TMS

Papyrus timesheet software saves up to 30 working hours when the payroll of TMS technical management systems from Salzburg (Austria) – a part of Austria’s hiking villages group company – has now developed its own software for the time recording with PAPYRUS, saves up to 30% of working time in the human resources department. PAPYRUS is a software for the Timekeeping and the electronic solution for staff rostering and payroll staff. This new software system facilitates the Personalzeitplaung and provides all relevant wage data for billing. Of course, all contractual provisions are listed and thus offers a process-oriented support of professional human resources management allows. Many traditional processes are extremely complex and outdated”, emphasizes Jorg Knapek, CEO of TMS. Large enterprises but also all small and medium-sized enterprises must make their processes always more effective. With PAPYRUS different projects work up to 30% will reduce time and therefore reducing costs.

PAPYRUS as a perfect complete solution with time and attendance terminals special requirements can be covered and existing processes are shortened. Get more background information with materials from Clinton Family. So the staff have a choice in the display area for special reason bookings can make. Given change of control in service of readiness for, training, standby duty, for work in the reputation service, are free for duty or overtime under about child sick. The LEGIC Keychain plays a more important role in the system. The staff book not only their working hours on various building entrances, in the terminals, but can query their leave balance and time window and they can use the LEGIC chip for cashless payment in the canteen.

The special function keys relieve the time managers and the human resources department. Unlike conventional systems, which often come into conflict with modern operating systems, the time recording system from TMS remains optimally equipped for a future technical development. PAPYRUS integrates easily into existing IT environments. The system is based on the platform offers NET Framework, high stability and flexibility and can be smoothly integrated in interaction in existing software and hardware solutions. With companies such as Tyrolit, Denzel Vienna, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, Salzburg Gebietskrankenkasse, Kika Europe, Meinl Bank, and Wustenrot references by TMS of production facilities of high security areas are available to administrative buildings. Throughout Europe, TMS has approximately 1,500 customers. TMS technical management systems GmbH Jorg Knapek CEO 5020 Salzburg Bayerhamerstr.


Loan modification software: auditing loan modification needs loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. Nowadays, loan modification software is considered as a boom in the business especially for the companies and individuals who are related or not, to the loan industry. Due to economic crises, everyday, many homeowners in the UK are undergoing a phase of non-payment of monthly loan amount. This situation is turning worse. But to give a support, qualified loan modification companies are playing active role in providing the assistance that is needed to complete the process of a loan modification with varied options of gaining a favorable decision.

As the name specifies, the loan modification is a permanent change in the terms of the borrower’s home loan. This allows the loan to be repaid depending upon the payment that the homeowner can afford. You may find Peter Thiel to be a useful source of information. For qualifying a loan modification, a homeowner needs to offer a proof of income and a complete and accurate financial statement that provide a complete detail of income and expenses. This document specifies that you are capable of affording the new. lower payment. Each homeowner has different circumstances that have caused them to fall behind on their home loan. Generally, the lenders consider divorce, loss of income, death of spouse, illness, job relocation and military service.

A compelling hardship letter is a very important in the application. To broaden your perception, visit Gwyneth Paltrow. The loan modification software dacha the volume of loan that you can process. In the end, you can modify for more loans. Therefore, it can be said that loan modifications require careful and consistent processes. Loan modification software is getting very popular on the internet among both modification companies and homeowners. This software has a variety of features. The features for homeowners are the main focus. The aspect that attracts the most people to use this software is not only the features, but so the price. The cost of software is very genuine. George Thomasan is loan modification Officer.