Emerson Network

Liebert CRV saves on electricity costs and simplifying air conditioning infrastructure Munich, July 2009 – Emerson Network power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and world market leader in the field of comprehensive business-critical continuity, the Liebert CRV, provides a new precision air conditioning device for server environments by smaller and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The unit to be installed between the rack requires no special knowledge in the field of cooling and fits into any server room structure desired by the system administrator. Positioned in a special layout (hot aisle cold aisle), covered by the warm range of air the Liebert CRV, filters and prepares them. Then being sent from servers or other IT equipment in the necessary cold areas. Cold air can run at the same time left or both sides using a built-in, adjustable distributor depending on the needs to the right. With the above characteristics, the Liebert CRV as individual air conditioning solution especially for the typical suitable Server rooms from SMEs, which have a size of no more than 100 Quadrtametern and maximum of 30 racks. To any hot spots, caused by high density solutions, eliminate, the cooling unit can be used in larger data centers as well. Also interesting is the ability to adapt to loads.

The cooling capacity, and hence the power consumption of the Liebert CRV, behave always proportional to the actual needs of the server. The Liebert CRV monitors constantly the heat load produced by the IT equipment by means of the integrated Liebert iCOM software as well as the temperature sensors in the racks. The cooling capacity is adjusted automatically, no unnecessary energy. Using these properties, SMEs can achieve a significant increase in energy efficiency and thus a significant reduction in IT operating costs. The savings are in addition by the electronically switched fan as well as a digital scroll technology.