Radio Caroline

Were created in Britain in 1967 the local radio stations of the BBC (the State body which until then held the monopoly of the English radio), and the same year were declared illegal pirate radio transmissions. In 1980 the British Government, after winning a court fight, succeeded in sinking the ship from transmitting Radio Caroline. With pirate radio stations, and based on disk-jockeys, rock, and advertising of Coca Cola, the American model of free enterprise radio made irruption in Europe. The first schedules were sustained by multinationals with strong presence of North American capital: Ford, levee, American Tobacco Company, and so on. Later, at the end of the sixties, stations installed in neighbouring countries were born in the old continent, they penetrated the ether of the States that had public monopoly of the radio. These radios had two differences with the pirates, transmitted from the Mainland and had legal permission in the countries where they were installed; and a similarity, all violated the laws of neighbouring countries. The most famous were Radio Montecarlo, Capo d Istria (Yugoslavia), Montecenari (Swiss canton of Ticino) and Radio Luxembourg. These stations were open channels in the languages of the countries they wanted to penetrate.

The formula was the same pirate radio: rock, advertising of products for young people and a disk-jockey dynamic. LibreEntre the sixty and seventy years began a revolt against State monopolies of broadcasting in Europe. Free radios, which subsequently spread throughout almost the entire old continent were born in France and Italy. In Italy, country where he had more boom this phenomenon, prevailed the monopoly on broadcasting in the hands of the State entity Radio Audizione Italiana (RAI). The pro-reform movement put the issue of the democratization of the media in the center of the attention of all sectors of the population and a few days before the end of the State-RAI agreement began broadcasting Radio Bologna per l pubblico, first radio access free of Italy.

Virtual World

The society throughout the times suffered a gradual process from transformations that they had lead the man of the primitive to technological, of the nomad to the social one and at last of the caves to the space trips. All this evolution, would not be possible without the constant perfectioning of the genius human being, as for the domain of more diverse technologies gifts at each time, as example, and to ours to see the most important step of the humanity, the domain of the fire. Action this that, certainly, was a divider d' waters for the existence and development of the race human being in our planet. All this scaling covered a way marked for innumerable transformations: vegetal food extration, the agglomeration of people in social groups in permanent geographic places and the necessity of provision of alimentary supplies they had been determinative for first revolution: the Agriculturist. Plus a revolution if he approached with the man, again, when dominating the existing techniques, identified the necessity to increase the artisan production and manual and using rudimentary mechanisms he organized production of its good in stages. That they gave themselves since the attainment of the raw material to the end item.

We have then the second revolution: the Industrial, moment that he marks, excessively, the technological and economic evolution of the society. Parallel to all these technological changes, also identify the social changes, which had allowed that the man if transformed into a sociable being, with convivncia habits, with papers defined in its mannering relations, identifying the religious rites, as well as the labor relations, the presence of the legal instruments and finally the culture (arts, the language, customs, the laws, the religions, the philosophical and ideological conceptions) that it identifies each social niche. From these technological and mannering revolutions, the man left half empiricist and searched the field tecno-scientific, using each time more the machines and perfecting still more the techniques, and literally, the human being started to dominate its space, the nature.