Idea Process Scenario Analysis

Implementing creative exchange processes depending on the developments in the environment are dynamic, the more support the company with the acquisition of relevant factors including all associated risks. Multi-dimensional thinking in alternatives is promoted degradation of one-dimensional inevitability of the future; Robustness and probability of possible future paths can be better assessed. Great advantage is that creative idea and experience sharing processes be used with the scenario technique between all those involved. It is evident that a viable development path in the real future is predictable within the defined range of future possibilities. This developed scenarios set up no irrefutable predictions of the future: rather they provide coherent pictures of possibilities on the basis of the collected impact forces: i.e. mutual interactions between factors are clear. To see basic action potentials etc. Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 trend breaks, revolutionary progress, change in social values and behavior changes can be considered as well as internal influences about offering philosophy and customer binding potential.

In addition global and company-specific scenarios can be distinguished: global scenarios, at the same time deal with cross-company issues for an entire industry or for several sectors. These scenarios must be developed on the basis of far abstracting data. Company-specific scenarios are developed as a Massanazug and assume specific strengths-weaknesses-target analyses of their company. See to basic decision-making techniques including Jorg Becker: decision techniques as crisis protection success = sum real decisions, ISBN 978-3-8391-2906-7. Feasible scenario techniques benefits include: reduction of complexity, scenarios support the target Essence of non-essentials to separate, more decision-making ability can be made by reducing the variety of information on relevant scenarios, clarification of relationships and relationships, the company learns to better understand the causes of his future, integration of quantitative and qualitative types of information, developments of weak signals that can elude a quantification may be listed in scenario mental models, certain scenarios even verifiability whether due to event probabilities are regarded as relevant, Monitoring scenarios that allow monitoring of early warning indicators and signals. CF. to strategic perspectives among others Jorg Becker: strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-7305-8: Jorg Becker

TeamLab 3.0 With New Module For Document Editing Published intra-company save documents directly to the portal, edit and release Ascensio system SIA, the developer of solutions to Riga, Latvia, March 22, 2011 -, announces the availability of a document module on TeamLab platform for collaboration within a company. The new function that is integrated directly into the interface of the platform offers users special tools to manage the flow of file, share, edit, and import the documents. With the aim of a single and convenient Virtual Office for a company to develop TeamLab, Ascensio system SIA has included the documents module directly into the platform. The new module is a combination of a storage for files, the tools for document management and a word processor. The storage and management options allow to organize not only their personal files, the employees, but also documents for their colleagues to share and corporate data for all team members to publish. Basic editing functions are implemented in the module using the built-in OpenOffice. The users can create their documents, tables, and presentations, edit, and save all changes to the files in TeamLab. Thanks to the virtualization technology, which was developed by Ascensio system SIA, the word processor directly within the control area of the portal without installing additional software is running.

The functioning of OpenOffice is made possible by the Ascensio system plugin, that needs to be installed only once on the first use of the document module. At the moment the word processor only on Windows operating systems might work, but in the future, other systems are supported. “We do our best to meet the requirements of a modern enterprise, us and we couldn’t let such an important component of every business transaction such as the management of document flow not neglect. The creation and sharing of content within a company to simplify and speed up, we have made the decision to develop the document module in the context of TeamLab. Because we understand that our users probably already have placed their documents in similar file management systems, the module enables them to import their database started. The import can be done from three major engines: Google Docs, Zoho, box.NET”, so Viktoria Bramnik, product manager at Ascensio system SIA. About TeamLab TeamLab is a free platform for the project management and business collaboration. TeamLab includes a number of online tools that help employees organize, share news, their business tasks to manage internal documents and communicate in real time.

TeamLab is offered in three solutions: as free cloud-based SaS application, open source software and Amazon machine image (TeamLab-AMI) for the Amazon EC2 service. About Ascensio system SIA Ascensio system SIA is a rapidly growing IT company, the different projects developed for business collaboration. All projects by Ascensio system SIA can be found at. For more information contact: Tatyana danilova, PR Manager at Ascensio system SIA E-Mail:

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In more than 20 years of empirical research, found the correct dosage between the methodological integration of short training sessions and their immediate successful and measurable implementation in practice. We are pleased about the successful cooperation with the evolution plan GmbH. We are sure that our proven training methods in system and software houses, consultancies and IT service providers will lead to above-average increased business success”, says Helmut Sessler, founder and CEO of INtem group. Through evolution plan GmbH: The evolution plan GmbH provides you with a lead company growth. The focus is on measures to the simple and measurable increase in sales and earnings.

evolution plan in the business-to-business (B2B) specializes in companies, work, often are in highly competitive markets and erklarungsbedu? rftige products, solutions and services offered. The focus is on system and software houses, consultancies and IT service providers. The company combines excellent advisors fu? r sales as well as sales trainer and coaches, the methods pragmatic in addition to their many years of experience in the respective sectors on a wide range of knowledge, and techniques back? ckgreifen. The evolution plan founder Oliver Wegner has worked in the industry for 15 years and has extensive experience in interim management, sales development, new business and sales practice. As a business coach, he advises the management of IT enterprises in the further development of the business. Work results of evolution plan be immediately implemented in practice. Oliver Wegner is e.V. as well as accredited INtem sales trainer certified sales professional of the Q-pool 100, the official community of quality international business trainer and consultant. Contact address: evolution plan GmbH Oliver Wegner Terminal Road mid 18 85356 Munich-Airport Tel.: 089 / 9700-7250 fax: 089 / 9700-7200 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Evolution Plan And INtem Institute: Development Program To The IT Solution Sellers

New six-month development program for the sales based on certified and international German training award winning interval training new six-month development programme for the distribution of software and system houses, consultancies and IT service providers is based on certified and international German training award-winning interval training Munich, 15.03.2011. The evolution plan GmbH, Munich, and the INtem-Institut, Mannheim, have now jointly developed a sustained acting seller training for sales organizations in the IT industry. The new six-month development program to the IT solution sellers is specially offered by evolution plan GmbH. The program is based on the certified and the multiple times with the German training award-winning proven INtem interval training. With the co-ordinated steps participants new and success making sales techniques and behaviors are taught and making sure that learned in the practice also actually applied. Among other things, individual telephone coaching, as well as regular webcasts with the participating Vertrieblern are part of the development program. In a vierzehnmonatigen stage of development have evolution plan and the INtem Institute adapted the new program for the IT market and thereby enriched IT-specific content. Within the program, the participants implement the new intelligence to their specific marketing projects and tasks directly.

As questions arise naturally, such for example as how to sell cloud computing, managed service or a chance request? Also shows among other things, whether and how proof of concept can be sold.’ The development program takes into account the expectations of the participants, as well as decision makers in the IT companies explicitly”emphasizes Oliver Wegner, Managing Director of evolution plan. Already 36 participants from IT companies have completed the program with success in the pilot and development phase and would fully tell a friend about. The INtem-Institut (Institute for training development and method research), a business unit of the Mannheim INtem group, has developed the proven concept of interval for vendor training.

The Availability

One is devoted to intense logistic function areas such as purchasing, MRP, goods receipt, store and control, goods and returns to article handling high-speed, low transport, goods, storage, picking, distribution and disposal costs through simple logistics solutions in the logistics of purchasing, the on and offline point of sale logistics, distribution and disposal logistics to achieve. This enforced stringently, that logistics has always two sides in the Filialhandel: a promotional and a physical. Logistics in chain store companies with multichannel distribution is an also operating as strategic competitive tool. Not only because the linking of off – and online storage-transport logistics has enormous potential for ratio. Accordingly, the development of logistics costs not only on the operative tactical level is analyzed. Individual logistics areas crawl analytically stringently whether their interface problems on friction, level of cost causation and alternatives in each value creation processes, based on consisting of Filialsystemposition / strength, systems and management to develop a comprehensive logistics concept. Then it is implemented in the form of project management. Starting from the distinction who responsibility for the goods locally or centrally in the context of taking delivery, are the various logistics areas ursachen – and effect-transparent.

For example, are in the purchasing logistics segment, in addition to the point of sale, distribution and disposal logistics – areas where the benefits of optimization significantly emerge – the individual variables, such as warehouses, article sites, inventory management, organization, communication, information flows, centralized or decentralized delivery, transport systems etc. qualitative and quantitatively investigated. Goal is to avoid that benefits level of central location not to disadvantage at the point of sale are whether on – or offline. The specialists for chain stores structured approach assumes an overall view of the system from a logistical perspective. Detailed data analysis, interface considerations and simulations as a basis of very fast business processes and Filialgeschaftsentwicklungen stand in the foreground. The experts are ready at times even with the operational responsibility to go, that on the basis of a systemic development from the idea to realization, control and control optimization is sustainable. Take over a project in accordance with the principal of both staff and line managers.

This cost savings can succeed equally unconventional realized as a logistics realignment. The key benefit is that you actively work in the companies and extend any improvements to the whole branch system, the Influence of the customer remain still secure. Despite your cross-cutting nature, the objective of able to use Filialhandelslogistik as a competitive strength. The right structures and filialsysteminternen procedures are use-oriented and reorganized from a customer perspective. Holistic planning, processing, design and control, as well as all associated information flows are integrated. These advantages were realized several chains ( > fields of action). Experience shows that through the integrated management of all goods and service / finance including the associated information flows the reaction speed, improved, rising interest in the independent actions, sustainable yields can be achieved. Striking: the availability of the goods on the on – and offline point of sales increases, taking into account the costs and fewer false sales. It can be more intense work on improving the efficiency of logistics. The use of cheaper, because intermeshing analysis methods and planning instruments causes results that more than compensate for the implementation effort.

Michael Zieger Haynauer

The Zain GmbH from Berlin informs its customers In plant and machine construction is a vast amount of electronic items. Complicated to implement, are therefore also experienced engineers and entrepreneurs need often a professional consultancy partners such as the Berliner Zieger GmbH, which informs you about the best components for your project. “The image of the German industry is very good: all over the world, products are made in Germany” for highest reliability and quality, and create a solid economic growth. Especially the products of the plant and mechanical engineering are crucial for the reputation of Germany as an industrial and export nation. Whether auto or chemical plant, equipment and machinery work through the collaboration of countless electronic items. Even small errors can have fatal here. Already in the planning phase it is therefore important, to select individual components, which are not only the most cost effective way, but at the same time easily work together.

The Zain GmbH represents measurement and control technology, drive technology, power transmission, as well as electronic components and components since many years producer of high quality electronics components in the applications and has extensive experience in their compatibility and applicability. It concerns the realisation of highly complex equipment and machinery, it is this experience like in the service of engineers and companies who are facing the challenge to choose exactly those items, which can realize the the desired high-quality end result. In advising business customers the best possible implementation of their projects is one for Zahra GmbH. So, the Berlin company helps ensure that the technically highly complex products of the German plant and machinery meet their reputation through a long-lasting performance, based on a healthy combination of high-quality electronic components. To answer other questions about their professional consulting services assist the Zieger GmbH available.

OMS Substance

International Classification of Illnesses, in its 10. edition aims at to catalogue and to standardize health problems, having as reference International nomenclature of Illnesses, established for the World-wide Organization of Health. The Brazilian government divulged the archive in all domestic territory, by means of the DATASUS. The CID – 10 show criteria to characterize the substance dependence: Picture 5: Criteria of the CID-10 for Substance Dependence. A definitive diagnosis of dependence must usually be made only if the three or more than following requirements have been experienciados or shown at some moment of the previous year. .

A strong desire or sense of compulsion to consume the substance; b. Difficulties in controlling the behavior to consume the substance in terms of its beginning, ending and levels of consumption; c. A physiological state of abstinence when the use of the substance ceased or was reduced, as evidenced for: syndrome of abstinence for the substance or the use of the same substance (or of closely related) with the intention to alliviate or to prevent abstinence symptoms; d. Evidence of tolerance, such form that increasing doses of the psychoactive substance are required to reach effect originally produced by lower doses; e. Gradual abandonment of pleasures and alternative interests for the use of the psychoactive substance, increase of the amount of time necessary to recover of its effect; f. Persistence in the use of the substance, the spite of clear evidence of manifestly harmful consequncias. Clear efforts must be made to determine if the user was really conscientious of the nature and the extension of the damage.

Source: OMS (1997). Visa this, another aid to the prevention to the abuse of the tobacco is the farmacolgica intervention (medicamentosa). The aid of the doctor is very important in prescribing a medicine that will go to minimize the symptoms of abstinence of the patient, facilitating the cognitivo-mannering boarding.

European Furniture

Bathroom furniture bathroom furniture, bathroom plumbing shop VODOPAROFF.RU represents a wide range of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. On the internet shop window is represented as bathroom furniture foreign and domestic manufacturers. The Internet hardware store to buy you can as a complete set of bathroom furniture and separate components: the stone for the bathroom cabinet under the sink, cabinets with sink or a sink, closet in the bathroom, closets pencil boxes, cabinets column, cabinets with laundry basket, podstolya under the sink, mirrors and accessories. Also, in a shop window is presented bathroom furniture made of wood, furniture made of solid natural wood. Presented to the entire furniture warranty, guarantee and service and all the necessary documentation. Here is the: Furniture Bathroom AQUARIUS A +.

The Russian factory producing furniture for bathrooms, which reached a low cost of production, without affecting the quality of materials and workmanship. Italian bathroom furniture Berloni Bagno. Living with a huge selection of collections, style, performance and design. The highest quality materials, assemblies, and accessories. Bathroom furniture buyers and time-tested, winning positive reviews throughout the world. Bathroom Furniture BRIKLAER – Make Russia. Furniture under the brand name BRICKLAER in sets and individual items were voluntary and mandatory product certification in the GOST R certification is obtained conclusion of the SEA.

The warranty period for all furniture – 24 months. NOVITA – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer of advanced German technology and standards. An interesting modern design, quality materials, the latest high-quality supplies and equipment, durable coating. LAVACO. Polish furniture for the bathroom, European quality, flexible, affordable prices, availability of stock. Bathroom Furniture from the Polish factory LAVACO is a comprehensive solution for arrangement of your bathroom. SP & A Design – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer. Complex decisions on arrangement of bathroom. You can appreciate, like furniture sets SP & A Design, and some of its items: pencil, tables, cabinets and mirrors. Bathroom Furniture CAPRIGO, producer Russia. Furniture performed in the old classical style, the strict English design. Wide choice of finishes with gilding bronze, the effect of artificial aging. High-quality fabrics and an array of natural precious wood. ORIO – Bathroom Furniture from the Russian manufacturer. The original design and color options create a unique style to your bathroom. Bathroom furniture "LCFAR" can be placed in the bathroom of any size. A huge number of cabinets, shelves and drawers will hold all the necessary items.

Warning Unserosen Exchange Letters And Recommendations For Veagas77

So investors for your money be brought, a small addendum to my last article tell a friend about dubious stock exchange letters values such as Vegas77 even after price falls. Just 4 days ago, I have written about stock market gurus, and incredible exchange letters and newsletters, here mentioned the stock by Vegas77 entertainment SE on the edge. This is a more than questionable plant which was still very aggressively pushed to knew that probably the most professionals, but is always tempting for beginners in the exchange business. Well yesterday was then the expected (if not as quickly expected) Downmove and that even with the largest trade volume. The hot probably anyone (a rogue thinking of it the author of “letters of Exchange” might be having the stock recommended and whose Web site his today are no longer reachable) sold everything at a rate 35 what is there and many people have lost a lot of money. Now it comes but what puts on the Crown the whole, in various forums, write now, which also always motivated. Participants, this was the chance to get super cheap and to participate in the top story (which makes appear more than difficult rechachierbar always any background) and that huge to take the profit potential of the course.

Honestly my grandmother told her mouth with Seige someone of something washed out. I hope that has lost none of the readers of my blog where his money and all hope everyone really, take this example as a warning. You be seduced not by the great greed, learn the basics and multiply your money from solid manner and not me such schwindeligen “recommendations”. Rudiger Dalchow

April 28, 2011 – World Day For Safety At Work

April 28, 2011 – world day for safety and health at work 28 April 2011 is the world day for safety and health at the workplace. The focus is the prevention of work-related accidents and diseases. Accidents and expensive downtime can be avoided through a unique signs of the workplace. The HEIN industrial plates GmbH offers an extensive range of marking the latest regulations and standards – this will for a safe workplace. For each request, HEIN provides the appropriate sign within one day.

The various warning signs, signs and bid signs are suitable as a sticker and plastic plates or aluminum signs available and thus for any surface. When HEIN according to ASR A1 3, BGV A8, DIN 4844 or ISO 7010. specifically for workplaces to get the warning labels, signs and bid signs and public areas the warning notice and conduct of business rules on a single plate offers HEIN security plates according to ISO 3864-1, combine. By using this combination safety signs, employees are warned against dangers and serious accidents can be avoided. Especially the work on tense machines is associated with enormous risks and need to find special attention. These dangers can be reduced to a minimum through the observance of the five safety rules.

Hazardous voltage accidents can also be prevented through the use of the five safety rules. HEIN industrial plates GmbH offers these 5 safety rules in different versions and formats. The security rules are in german, English and French available. Also, it is essential clearly to identify maintenance work on machinery. Man and machine can be protected with maintenance indicator. Also magnetic foil signs, which are specially suitable for the temporary marking of maintenance and maintenance signs related with school chalkboard paint that can be repeatedly labeled can be found in the extensive range of HEIN. Recommended for the safe operation of electrical installations Grove a set of signs in accordance with DIN VDE 0105-100. This signs set made of sturdy plastic consists of seven warning signs and signs: posting VDE regulations for the operation of electrical equipment, posting fact sheet for fire-fighting in the electrical equipment, posting first aid, security shield 5 safety rules, signs not switch are used, warning label caution! Earthed and short-circuited, warning high voltage danger. Learn more about the safety signs and maintenance indicator to avoid accidents include at HEIN store /… to find.