TeamLab 3.0 With New Module For Document Editing Published intra-company save documents directly to the portal, edit and release Ascensio system SIA, the developer of solutions to Riga, Latvia, March 22, 2011 -, announces the availability of a document module on TeamLab platform for collaboration within a company. The new function that is integrated directly into the interface of the platform offers users special tools to manage the flow of file, share, edit, and import the documents. With the aim of a single and convenient Virtual Office for a company to develop TeamLab, Ascensio system SIA has included the documents module directly into the platform. The new module is a combination of a storage for files, the tools for document management and a word processor. The storage and management options allow to organize not only their personal files, the employees, but also documents for their colleagues to share and corporate data for all team members to publish. Basic editing functions are implemented in the module using the built-in OpenOffice. The users can create their documents, tables, and presentations, edit, and save all changes to the files in TeamLab. Thanks to the virtualization technology, which was developed by Ascensio system SIA, the word processor directly within the control area of the portal without installing additional software is running.

The functioning of OpenOffice is made possible by the Ascensio system plugin, that needs to be installed only once on the first use of the document module. At the moment the word processor only on Windows operating systems might work, but in the future, other systems are supported. “We do our best to meet the requirements of a modern enterprise, us and we couldn’t let such an important component of every business transaction such as the management of document flow not neglect. The creation and sharing of content within a company to simplify and speed up, we have made the decision to develop the document module in the context of TeamLab. Because we understand that our users probably already have placed their documents in similar file management systems, the module enables them to import their database started. The import can be done from three major engines: Google Docs, Zoho, box.NET”, so Viktoria Bramnik, product manager at Ascensio system SIA. About TeamLab TeamLab is a free platform for the project management and business collaboration. TeamLab includes a number of online tools that help employees organize, share news, their business tasks to manage internal documents and communicate in real time.

TeamLab is offered in three solutions: as free cloud-based SaS application, open source software and Amazon machine image (TeamLab-AMI) for the Amazon EC2 service. About Ascensio system SIA Ascensio system SIA is a rapidly growing IT company, the different projects developed for business collaboration. All projects by Ascensio system SIA can be found at. For more information contact: Tatyana danilova, PR Manager at Ascensio system SIA E-Mail: