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The coating of surfaces with new active nano products for air cleaning, disinfection or odour neutralisation is a huge market. Apply the new technology particularly in schools, kindergartens or open-plan offices. Here, the focus on removing pollutants, viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe. The federal railways and various transport operators already express interest in the new technology, which can be used, for example, in smoking areas also for effective odour neutralisation. The technology is based on the principle of photo-catalysis. So, the coating on the basis of nano-titanium dioxide produces free oxygen radicals, which are able to decompose all organic substances on the surface and the air surrounding them in a very short time with light. The coating of ceilings has proved extremely effective for air cleaning.

Here, completely invisible coating HVLP method is applied. As fast as low-cost measures to improve the air. Pioneer in the field Active nanotechnology”in Germany is NADICO from Langenfeld near Dusseldorf. TitanShield we could establish the first real mark for this new technology in Germany”, reports Branch Manager Axel Schiemann. Because the long fields with your offer can serve only a limited radius, the company is now searching partners in the entire Federal territory. Interested companies for the processing of TitanShield a comprehensive training and certification.

Michael Zieger Haynauer

The Zain GmbH from Berlin informs its customers In plant and machine construction is a vast amount of electronic items. Complicated to implement, are therefore also experienced engineers and entrepreneurs need often a professional consultancy partners such as the Berliner Zieger GmbH, which informs you about the best components for your project. “The image of the German industry is very good: all over the world, products are made in Germany” for highest reliability and quality, and create a solid economic growth. Especially the products of the plant and mechanical engineering are crucial for the reputation of Germany as an industrial and export nation. Whether auto or chemical plant, equipment and machinery work through the collaboration of countless electronic items. Even small errors can have fatal here. Already in the planning phase it is therefore important, to select individual components, which are not only the most cost effective way, but at the same time easily work together.

The Zain GmbH represents measurement and control technology, drive technology, power transmission, as well as electronic components and components since many years producer of high quality electronics components in the applications and has extensive experience in their compatibility and applicability. It concerns the realisation of highly complex equipment and machinery, it is this experience like in the service of engineers and companies who are facing the challenge to choose exactly those items, which can realize the the desired high-quality end result. In advising business customers the best possible implementation of their projects is one for Zahra GmbH. So, the Berlin company helps ensure that the technically highly complex products of the German plant and machinery meet their reputation through a long-lasting performance, based on a healthy combination of high-quality electronic components. To answer other questions about their professional consulting services assist the Zieger GmbH available.