New Distribution Partner

Portfolio enhancement: sysob provides authentication solution, PINsafe of swivel Schorndorf, 30 June 2009 verifying the identity of users in security environments represents a vulnerability for many businesses. In particular by keys entered passwords and PINs can be intercepted by malicious software in different ways or directly with. This high risk remedy appropriate authentication systems. The VAD sysob therefore starting immediately his portfolio to the network security solutions of the manufacturer of swivel secure has expanded and thus helps its reseller partners to open up new areas of business. With Swivel, sysob being a pioneer in the field of network security on board. The 2005 introduced system swivel PINsafe is a patented multi-factor authentication solution, which is used all over the world. This provides tight control functions for all sizes and types of businesses to ensure a risk-free sign in online security environments.

PINsafe: Flexible and secure logon process without hardware tokens core of the solution is the swivel Protocol, which consists of a registered 4 up 10-digit PIN and a 10-digit security string. As proof of its access, the user uses a 4-digit one-time code (OTC). The OTC can be extended from 4 to 10 points. \”This is individually every time you sign newly generated by read only digits in the security string received E.g. via SMS\”, correspond to the PIN. This has the advantage that the user must remember only the 4-digit PIN, which is never directly entered, but used only for the generation of the OTC. PINsafe is software – both as to integrated appliance solution available and flexible in any environment. Thereby, it is fully compatible to Windows and Linux operating systems.

Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, welcomes the cooperation with Swivel secure: password theft and observation represent enormous security risks within any company. With the Multi factor authentication system PINsafe we can offer an effective solution the market, which combines safety, user friendliness and flexibility.