Macdonald Prize

Can we learn at the Kita planning of the Scandinavian countries? Norbert Blum remains rather the most people as a former Federal Minister in connection with the pension in memory. Since he left the political daily business behind, Norbert Blum fight intensively for the family, for the children and the cohesion of the people in our society. Hard he enters the Court with the so-called modern people. So also in his current post in the Suddeutsche Zeitung, where he points out, that in the modern world of work time is more for love. Children are perceived more and more as an obstacle in the reconciliation of work and family.

“We are pleased that we have found a worthy Prize for the year’s Matjcek prize with Dr. Norbert Blum” as Maria Steuer, Chairman of the family network e.V. and thus organiser of the Congress what occurs when family goes? “on May 25 at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. This attitude has children opposite consequences for living together in society. The experiences from the Scandinavian countries could give us clues to solve the compatibility problems.” The Scandinavian experiences with the children’s day care are at the heart of the Congress “What happens when family comes?” with renowned speakers from northern European countries.

During the Conference, what comes when family goes”is presented 2013 price at 16:00 in a ceremony of the Macdonald Minister a.D. Dr. Norbert Blum. The prize is awarded periodically to public figures committed in particular to take account of the needs of children. The eulogy thinks Dr. Christean Wagner, Chief of the Bundestag group of the CDU in the Hessian Landtag. Information and registration for the Congress at: Tagung2013 the current Conference programme you will find under: Tagung2013/program / the family network e.V. The family network is a nationwide Federation of associations, institutions, families and scientists. The family network is composed among others for this one, that the needs of children in the reconciliation debate and financial justice for families is made.