November Damage

Motor fleet insurance – contribution increase to the 1.1.11? Car fleets insurers increase the contributions to the 1.1.11.? Some responsible for the fleets of company cars have a turbulent time when E.g. loss ratio (post/damage ratio) in almost last year has grown close to the 100% in the area of insurance your fleet in November/December. Possibly the car framework agreement was terminated as a precaution or agreed period shortened to a few days at 31 December, to gain time. Time to find new insurance partner or to negotiate new post models. Deal from our point of view, you should closer using the internal risks”of the fleet. What are the real causes for excessive quantities of damage? Due to lack of time at the current tasks around the fleet, remained in many fleets in 2010 no resource left for strategic analyse more, Act and / or implement to innovations. Often, fleet managers are already in the critical light of the workforce, are so meaningful damage-reducing measures in the drawer will remain and be ultimately paid with a higher post, due to high claims costs. “Here we are with our special RiskAdvise methodology” to and interact with the staff far before entry of the claim together with the fleet management “, Managing Director of RiskAdvise Karsten Walker says.

Our service has positioned itself so all processes before damage occurred”. The transactions and processes after a time, handled already top notch by numerous service providers (E.g., assistance services, workshop and repair processes). Here we see many good concepts and products on the market, which not hindered by RiskAdvise to be be further integrated”so Walker, founder of RiskAdvise, in an interview. Combine some insurers and insurance brokers, use of our concepts with a waiver or reduction of additional contributions to the 1.1.11, as is to be expected with a reduction in damage costs by RiskAdvise and thus, the premiums are again sufficient or can be reduced”, Walker describes the current solutions in the fleet market. RiskAdvise RiskAdvise as a neutral and independent service provider, deals with holistic, preventative fleet / vehicle damage issues and analyzes all the setting of the employees to the corporate vehicle”relevant procedures and processes, identify causes and types, developed an individual action plan and actively supported the implementation from a single source. Focus of activity of the Munich-based company is to reduce damage in vehicle fleets from 25 vehicles, by means of influence on the driver and or procedures.

RiskAdvise is a win-win situation through the significant reduction of risks and damage figures for fleet operators such as insurers and brokers, as well as for leasing companies,”her. It can come to post reductions for fleet insurance and further cost reductions, for example in “Uninsured damage costs”. Our team and our network partners can look back on a more than 20-year-old know how in the fleet and the insurance industry. RiskAdvise, December 2010