The new prepaid discounter helloMobil launches in the O2 network almost daily new prepaid provider like mushrooms from the ground shooting. The offer has become nearly unmanageable. There are umpteen vendors with different tariffs, conditions and advantages and disadvantages. Here, mostly just a prepaid comparison help to keep the overview. Now an additional prepaid joined by provider on this huge offer. Compared to other network providers such as Vodafone, Telecom and E-plus, there are still quite a few prepaid provider in the network of O2.

In addition to O2 itself, Fonic, and Discoplus, now also the mobile service provider launches its prepaid helloMobil offer on the O2 network. The O2 network is constantly being expanded. The earlier problems of bad reception of the past seem to belong to. At least in cities and well populated areas, the network coverage seems to be now well. Calls in addition to the favourable and the offer of helloMobil mainly to occasional surfer is text for 8 cents the minute and SMS to all networks,.

Here 2 offers helloMobil optionally add additional flat rate tariffs for the occasional surf with your mobile phone. The 50 MB mobile surfing tariff offers, as the name implies, a monthly data volume of 50 MB and monthly costs 4.95 monthly fee. Exceed the 50MB limit, each additional megabyte costs 19 cents. The fare has a minimum period of 1 month and can be cancelled every day. Speed is surfed with GPRS. 200 MB mobile surf tariff, however, offers a monthly data volume of 200 MB and does cost 9.95 monthly. Be exceeded the 200MB in the current month, so no further costs. The speed is throttled however speed of UMTS GPRS. This fare has a minimum duration of 3 months and can be terminated then every day. International calls at helloMobil are the minute, 1.99, quite expensive. An SMS abroad costs 29 cents. There are however better alternatives such as for example, Otelo. HelloMobil offers the starter for 9.95 incl. 10 starting credit.