FOB Seller

Other innovations that attract attention are: on the one hand, the regulation of sharing costs, between seller and buyer, which based its base to avoid the (THC) cargo terminal handling charges are supported by duplicate; and on the other hand, the concern for security in the transfer of merchandise, establishing reciprocal obligations of information, if the parties request it. 4 Choose the INCOTERM suitable at the time of Choose the appropriate INCOTERM, must take into account certain details, which at first glance may seem irrelevant, but which in practice result in an assumption of expenses and unforeseen risks in advance, for example: FOB now the ship’s rail, not will mark with the delivery obligation transferred once but nowThis will be satisfied, once the goods leave aboard the ship. Will the risk in the stowage buyer, support it albeit seller who assume the cost of cargo to the ship, where is also included in the cost of stowage in the CFR download will be borne by the buyer, unless Covenant to the contrary in the CIF the moment of passing of risk occurs with delivery on Board of the ship in the CPT download will be borne by the buyer, except that you have to be borne by the seller according to the contract of carriage an EXW is not the most advisable for the seller, nor a DAP for the buyer, when the payment method is by credit in certain importing countries are not allowed to pay VAT to foreign companies, so the case agree on DDP terms, excluding VAT must be when there is obligation to take out insurance by the seller, this must sign the policy on behalf of the purchaser and not to their own, or otherwise intended to INCOTERM will be undermined. 5. Two new additions and finally, a few brushstrokes on the new DATS and DAP that the ITC has included in this 2010 version: DAT (Delivered at Terminal) replaced, in maritime, to the old DES and DEQ. Conditions DAT seller assumes the costs of transport and the risk until the unloaded goods at the terminal designated by both parties.

Terminal means any place, covered or not, as a wharf, warehouse, container station or terminal road, rail or air. This INCOTERM not permitted delivery anywhere else other than a terminal, such as they could be the premises of the buyer. That is why that It seems to not be very viable for road transport, except that you have to do manipulations on any terminal of discharge. DAP (Delivered at Place) for its part, replaced the old DAF, DES and DDU. In conditions DAP seller assumes the costs of transport and the risk until the goods, without downloading, in the exact place agreed between the parties and is responsible for the clearance of export.