For The Future Of Social News Portal

Today, in times of huge information flow, it is difficult to navigate in the vast expanses of the Internet. Of course, to find the specific information you can use the top search engines such as Yandex or Google. But what if you do not have the specific purpose of finding information? If you just want to entertain themselves, and at the same time learn something new from the world of politics, music, sports, science, show business, as well as to explore any other useful and interesting information. Someone might say that there are many news sites, which shows all the information … and it's true. However, not all information and news sites covering a full range of news. A main drawback of traditional news sites is that all news, reviews and articles are generally formed by one person – the administrator. Today a new era …

The era of social news portals. What are the social news portal? What advantages over conventional news sites? That is what we'll find out. To date, there are several in runet PSP. For our review, we take a young but very dynamic social news portal first impression of the site is very nice. Beautiful, Intuitive website design, made from special hard, in our opinion portal will satisfy any user. Home "feature" is that after a simple registration, each user has the opportunity to add news. All news ratings are generated by voting, which is attended by visitors.

People will add the best, the latest news in twenty categories. That is why, a news database can cater to almost any visitor to the portal. Now anyone can become a real newsmaker! Adding the most interesting news to the site, especially very useful for website owners and webmasters. For each news item is added to a picture, brief description and links to source site, and the database link will remain forever. This means that your site will additional traffic, plus indexing of links by search engines. In the future, the administration plans to stimulate the action, consequence of which the best authors will receive a monetary reward. – an excellent example of social news portal of new generation. Traditional news sites eventually become extinct, the future – for social news portals.