Literature in Colombia is going through an acute stage of vertiginous changes, this situation extends to its derivatives and other fields of the art to the craft of writing, narrating and the same processes of debrisan of the Colombian. Everything indicates that there is a perfect match, a precise harmony between Colombian readers and contemporary writers. In fact, coexists a low better with the dye of a syndrome of reading Out of the current concept. However, the publishing industry today has growing trend in selling books and every day more are flying and newest best seller in the country, the highest point in the last ten years has developed a neo-literatura Boom which has an accurate harmony with the reader market. This positive result economically in the publishing industry reflects its high profitability and success of demand growing to more than one ploy, aggressive and advertising for editorial marketing of this neo-concepto, the excessive promotion of the contents and authors has a mysterious ingredient that encourages the public.

In fact the formula magica who found publishers are here, in the relationship content-author. The content of these texts are vivid testimony from ex – drug traffickers, ex-guerrillas and former paramilitaries, these former, authors of such texts are the magic wand that publishers use to attract the population. However, the formula has its cause in other fields, in television, the traditional novel of Cinderella script is replaced by story of the wife of the boss, Heartthrob is replaced by narco and family and everyone happy by posters and all killed. This paradoxical system as a tool for attention produces a change in the literature and collaterally in entertainment. It in fact has a huge influence on the perception of the population and an abuse to art, transforming the entire context. With the use of this formula, an editorial considered more profitable print the memories of a real criminal, that imagination and fiction of a wildlife writer, the life and work of an artist is less attractive than the resume of a former farc whose ink of that curriculum is the blood of the homeland, without fees are the efforts of a writer front to its famous page blankthe story of the one who sold the white Quilmes is best for the current entertainment industry.